For want of a better title: Bin 488

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Bin 488

So this was a fun weekend. My old roommate showed up in town this weekend after a 5 hour drive with another old buddy of mine. It was a pretty wild weekend. We had tons of yummy goodness and last night we did a pub crawl. Super exciting. Ended up at my fav place Churchill's (see earlier posts bitches) and the owner was showing me how he Fed Ex his car from Florida back here. It was amazing. Never seen a f**king car being loaded into a Fed Ex Truck. AMAZING! Plus he was getting a new Ferrari F340. Only 19,000 made and he gets one. The back looks like the Ferrari enzo and has 100 more hp than the F260. The F340 is a beaut. Wish this little bunny cold afford one. Instead I own a 4runner. Yeah I wish I did have the connections and the money to get myself one of these limited ed cars.

Switched up my listening, moved from Jazz to Trance. Oh yeah baby... You know how that is. Need a little music to keep me sane (ed: i do believe he is going insane). My vamp jie has gone to bang cock for some fun, and so I'm left all alone by my lonesome. No one to take care of this little bunny. And now I've gone and soiled my home. F**king A! (ed: this did not happen) (lies!) I need some carrots (in fact I hate those orange pieces of shit).

Anyway I just thought I should post some random shit otherwise everyone would think I'm dead and I don't want people missing me. I tell you what I miss though. Home food. Yeah... Like my mum's chicken curry or my grandma's chicken curry (i actually hate the chicken) (truth!). Man I love dunking my bread in and just eating that delicious curry. None of that Chinese curry shit or that even shittier Japanese curry. Good real Southeast Asian curry. Oh yeah baby...

Talking about Japan and China. What's up with that. And why the f**k is our tiny little piece of crap getting involved in the spat? The Japanese won't say sorry, then go over there and bitch slap them like the $10 whores that they are lah! Why even bother talking so much? Just go outside and settle lah. Shaolin versus Samurai. That's the way baby. Like weeee-men you know. Always bitching. To quote one of the beloved folk who live nearby: "Dun be bitchy hunny!" Yeah be like real bunnies and have at it. Pistols at dawn baby... Oh behave!

Also I think the Chingapore blogadoodang is focused on like some shit about some poor fellah getting action against him. Poor brudder. Too bad this bunny can't help. With the shit I'm spewing I might get arrested sooner or later [hi mom. i try to stay out of trouble] (lies!). Man my buddies are coming to visit my Chingapore. Dunno what to do with them. See how many of them I can get arrested... Now wouldn't that be fun. Over to your right is the prison. To your left is the bus stop you will not get to use until your 20 year sentence is up. Take that biatch!

So anyway I've been f**king playful with my cursh lately leaving her random like playful messages and SMS. And she calls last night and says:"I'm busy this week, but we have to talk." Yeah I know we have to talk. You take me way too seriously. I told you how I felt and now that I got that out of my system (kinda like shitting, love is like shitting)(truth!)(ed:agreed), I can return her to her regualrly scheduled bunny. I mean I do like hanging out with her. But starting shit with like 3 weeks to go. You got to be kidding me. I worry though that it might be a "good" talk. You know the "let's start something" shit. Then this little bunny is stuck between a pile of shit and an even bigger pile of shit. Someone is going to hurt someone in the long run. So I'm hoping it's a "bad" talk. Then at least I can be like: "exactly my idea. Whew. Thank god we got that clear." I hate pussy-footing it. We need to be straight shooters (no offense to my gay readers, this is with regards to dealing with people on an everyday basis, not sexual preference). The one thing I hate about the human mating ritual is that it's f**ked up. I mean all that intricate footwork and the leading on and all that bullshit. Seriously. If you want it just go take it. If it fights back then f**king let it go. Jeez... Not the end of the world. There are other shitty women out there. The problem with women is their big fucking ego. they think just because some guy tells them he likes them, he has to be like chasing her every time he calls her to hang out with him and his buddies. We're hanging with my buddies. If i was wooing you why would I bring all my guy buddies out along for the ride? Mass orgy? Jeez! F**king ego. that's the one thing I hate about women. Fairer sex my shinny white tail. And then they say we have an ego. What's up with that shit. At least we're honest about it. Lousy biatches!

About ready to officially give up on women. Seriously... [hi mom. sorry but blame your own sex](ed:...) If I called my guy friends and left a message on their phone saying like: "hey do you miss me? If you miss me enough give me a call and ask me out on a date saturday." they would laugh, or call and say:"erm... I don't swing that way" A girl gets it and like her damn thought process is like:"man this guy likes me, i think he's cool but I don't want to lead him on. guess i should call him and tell him we need to talk. let him down gently" Just say it over the damn phone baby. Anyway I'll keep you little f**kers updated as to the result of the talk. Ooooo.. I'm looking forward to deflating her damn ego.

Ok got to go and finish my barrel of wine. Talk to you f**kers later. Yeah Buddy!


  • At 4/25/2005 12:25 AM, Blogger Eddie G. said…

    Random train of thought man! Now I know what Neo had to go through when he followed the White Rabbit. Wicked stuff! Keep them posts rolling in man! :)


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