For want of a better title: Caving In

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Caving In

Ha ha! So I had to cave in. Everybody else is blogging the hell out here, so I guess I have to. Otherwise I kena called mountain tortise. Damn! That's what I should have used as my .blogspot shit. Crapoola. Wah Lau! I tell you ah... I kept thinking of all sorts of titles but this cannot and that cannot... Sigh sigh..

So finally I chose modernburrow. No one will get this ever. Muahahaha... Damn... got knock on my door.... Hang on...

Dang it. Got to go to the airport... :P Woosh...

Anyway unless you're Jenny [Hi Mom! I'm not gay!] you won't even get it. If you are Jenny, then I say Archigram!!!!! See under: Spray Plastic House.

In case all you gutterminded fools think Jenny is like my girlfriend or something, the answer is NO!!! I'm a lean (lies!), mean (lies!), single (truth, unfortunately) killing (i wish!) machine (lies!).

Oh yeah for all you grammar police out there, eat my F**King ballz. They're quite tasty really (lies, at least I think so, hmmmm....). There is no grammar in a stream of conciousness type up. So there go find another blog to comment on.

No I'm not some sexy girl blogger [Hi Mom!]. And no I don't like pink. I like girls... but then I like boys... I like blue.. and black and all those dark colours. Actually pink scares the hell out of me. It's like the colour of EVIL! Yeah like the Axis of Evil should adopt pink as their colours... That and Barney. That little biatch still owes me like $50. Does Gav have to bitch slap Barney? Stay tuned for more on that...

Back to my comments on little boys and girls [Hi Michael Jackson!]. I want to make clear what I said. I enjoy the company of men, but sex... oooooooo baby that's for me and women. Love u long long time... :P No serious. Come give me a try [Hi Mom! I'm not a manwhore.].

And if you think i'm writing this drunk or high, that answer is NO. Or yes. Or NO! heh... I like a good mindf**k. Think of this as a theatre of pain production. Or blog of pain. But you know you'll keep coming back you little whores. You love the pain... Muahahahahaha...

Ok ok... must go airport in this foreign land... No not afgahnistan, but not singapore either. Go figure where I'm from I give all of you clue... I'm not in Antartica. Ha! Take that bitch (antartica not you my one and only reader).

May the randomness be with me... and the farce be with you!!!!!


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