For want of a better title: Dungeons and Dragons

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dungeons and Dragons

Too much time on my hands eh. I decided to IM the Misguided Oracle and give him a telling to, this is how the convo evolved...

Me(12:58:05 PM): got your comment...funny
Oracle (12:58:58 PM): heh
O (12:59:06 PM): forgot what i wrote....
Me(12:59:10 PM): i'll try to get autopsy pics
O (12:59:10 PM): oh yeah.. drunken autopsy
O (12:59:13 PM): lol
O (12:59:21 PM): drunken too i might add
Me (12:59:51 PM): if you do a google image search a picture actually comes up
O (1:00:51 PM): yeah, but no drunken autopsy
Me (1:01:11 PM): ha ha
Me (1:01:38 PM): do a google image search on drunken autopsy
Me (1:01:42 PM): it's funny though
O (1:01:53 PM): +drunken +autopsygets me only 1 pic
Me(1:02:01 PM): yup
Me (1:02:10 PM): it's funny that there even is one pic
O (1:02:13 PM): lol
O (1:03:17 PM): so i leave it unto you to furnish more pics on google via the numerous binge drinking parties within easy access to you
Me (1:03:32 PM): ha ha
Me (1:03:35 PM): not right now
Me (1:03:38 PM): maybe after summer
Me (1:03:45 PM): i hear DC girls are hotter
Me (1:03:52 PM): and hopefully more loose
O (1:04:07 PM): hahaha
O (1:04:18 PM): make sure you have your french cap on
O (1:04:32 PM): who knows where they've been
Me (1:04:44 PM): ha ha
Me (1:04:46 PM): yeah
Me (1:04:50 PM): all those lovely interns
Me (1:05:10 PM): hahah
Me (1:06:57 PM): we'll see
O (1:07:10 PM): lol
Me (1:07:13 PM): how many congressmen can we frame for a disappearance of interns
O (1:07:32 PM): only dissapperance?
O (1:07:43 PM): why not other depraved crimes?
Me (1:07:56 PM): ha ha
Me (1:07:58 PM): we'll see
O (1:08:03 PM): eg, tunnel under their houses and construct a secret dungeon
Me (1:08:06 PM): let me think about this
O (1:08:32 PM): then kidnap their interns and chain them in there... take lots of polaroid shots and scatter them around the secret basement dungeon
O (1:08:57 PM): then tip off the cops... then tip off michael moore to do a spin on it
O (1:09:02 PM): fun fun fun
O (1:09:15 PM): esp the kidnap bit
Me (1:09:32 PM): erm..
Me (1:09:39 PM): i dunno about the whole building thing
Me (1:09:42 PM): great idea
Me (1:09:46 PM): but building a dungeon
Me (1:09:59 PM): are you mad? I don't have the time
O (1:10:11 PM): ok... mini dungeon under the basement
Me (1:10:20 PM): i dun have the time
O (1:10:22 PM): just a 3x3x1.5m room
O (1:10:28 PM): go train an army of moles
Me(1:10:31 PM): and where the fuck am i going to get a dragon?

So there I mentioned dragon. You happy now. Finally one of my stories has dragon in it.


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