For want of a better title: Flying Circus and the Man of Mystery

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Friday, April 29, 2005

Flying Circus and the Man of Mystery

Hello my little duckies. So I got most definetely miyagi-ed... F**K! Because of that I have an increase of 1 reader (I only count according to comments, not so egotistical to keep a counter)(lies!) (ed: no counter, but ego huge). Must send him like fruit basket or something to thank him for actually thinking my site is good enough for him. Ha ha... After all the shit I give him. And I don't even know the bugger in real life (to be honest I fear growing old into him).

By and by duckies, I am still drunk. Yes I know it's 11am in the morning, but I've been drunk since wednesday 8pm... heh... I think my liver is going to go on strike (cannot, otherwise will crackdown) or will go on holiday to the bahamas or something like that... Ha Ha... I can so see my liver sitting on the beach sipping pina coladas heh... without me... the Biatch!

Yeah so the ed and the (lies/truth) fellahs are all drunk with me (if you haven't figured out, we're one and the same, just different aspects, like the holy trinity, ha ha, come get me Benedict XVI), so dun expect anything from them.

Since I'm drunk enough let me rip on Xiaxue. I mean seriuously... WTF, mate? The whole "let me post my bday party on my blog". Do you really want wierdos like me showing up at your door? Is this a ploy to get more bday presents? Do you really love all that attention? Does me writing about you turn you on? If so, how about you and I get together sometime? (ed:erm... drunk... excuse the author).

By the way my little pets my brithday is in august, and none of you are invited to it. Don't come knocking on my door. I will kill you and make sure you die from it (truth!) (ed: erm... *cough*).

Now I must go and clean myself since I felt like i got jizzed on by mr.miyagi and I also need to go get some weapons before the Xiaxue zombies come and start attacking my nice little home. You know this used to be a nice neighborhood until those zombies moved in.

I am still drunk, and I get to see Sister Hazel for free tonight. Maybe I'll audio blog it for all you retro people out there (i'm thinking of some old folks in the blogadoobie, you know who you are). Sad to think the 90s are already retro. Sigh... Old... Funny how when I was growing up Class 95 would play songs from the 70s, last year they only play songs from the 80s. Singapore needs a 70s station and a jazz station too. I mean seriously, here i get Red104.1 for jazz, and Rams103.3 for retro 70s shit. It's all good here... I wish singapore had some of that.

Ok off to get lunch and more food. Later my minions...


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