For want of a better title: Gone in 210 minutes or 12600 seconds

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Gone in 210 minutes or 12600 seconds

Wow! Today I broke my own personal best. Yup. I finished a 12 page paper in less than 4 hours. 3 1/2 in fact. Wow! On a topic I know absolutely nothing about [hi mom. don't you love this brilliant son of yours](ed: sigh... megalomania). I was working on my paper at the library and I had a beautiful view of the greenery outside. I was also blessed with the wonderful scent of a smelly grad student. It seems to me grad students don't shower or keep proper hygene. Yeah Buddy! That'll be me in August. No need to wash clothes. No need to brush teeth. No need to bathe. YES! I believe that contributed to my speedy completion. Maybe in grad school I'll do even better. Yes. Yes. I know some of you f**kers are asking if it's a quality paper. HOW THE F**K WOULD I KNOW? I don't even know the subject well. We'll see when I get it back won't we? Silly rabbits.

So nice Sandra (who is quite attractive I might add) [hi mom. see I like girls] (lies?) somehow found out that I recommended her site to all you 3 readers out there (maybe four, but who's counting?)(ed: I am). HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO THAT? How come I mention Mr.Miyagi and he shows up? This is getting creepy... It really does creep me out. It's like there are people watching me... Anyway Sandra was nice to just drop me a smile. Damn... Now I have to ponder if that was a friendly smile or a come-hither smile or an evil-i'm-going-to-get-you smile. WOMEN!!! AAAARRRGGGHHH!! You guys use your brain and help me figure out the meaning behind :). Yeah that really has me puzzled.

Talking about some of our famous bloggers, I actually have nothing to say about that. Ha! Ha! Led you on didn't I. Suckers!

On another note if anyone knows where to get a DKU-5 cable still let me know. Most Nokia shops in Singapore are out and they don't sell any in the US. HELP! Otherwise I have to carry my camera around and take photos. But sometimes really funny stuff happens while you're just walking along, and only wierdos, my ex-girlfriends, and photographers carry cameras all the time.

Changing topics, I realise that I'm graduating in like 60 seconds. Well not that fast but I'm basically done. One exam on the 11th of May and I'm totally done. And the exam on the 11th of May isn't even a really tough one. Microeconomics. Heh. Hello A Level Economics. Hello easy C. In case you f**kers that's what I'm getting you're dead wrong. I drink alcohol in class, do my weekly wordly reading (FHM, Stuff, Maxim, Harvard International Review, Foreign Policy, the Economist)(truth!), and play games on my super laptop (also called a notepad, the PAPER KIND you tech nerds). And I'm still in line for a B or B+ [hi mom. getting your money's worth]. Heh. Mr. Slacker that's what I should be.

Hmmm... So if i cite you on my site and you get like a spike of 3 (hello my loyal slaves... I mean readers) I guess you've been slackered. Heh... or post-mastered... or bunnied... or rabbited.., burrowed... or moderned... Hmmm...

So what music do I listen to? Some folks have been wondering, and the answer is Jazz, Techno, Trance, Classical, Opera, 70s Rock, Swing and the sound my fart makes on the chair. Yup, all great. Especially the last one. I mean some of the greatest most moving music ever. :P

Hokay... I got to go and watch more ripped or rented movies. What else is a guy to do in the middle of everyone else's busiest weeks? I just have to go entertain myself. Maybe I'll wonder around with my camera and snap pictures of random shit, like people bathing, f**king, driving, dancing, eating, yelling at me, running after me, beating me and so on... That would be fun... Keep me posted folks. Send me your lovely comments. And most importantly ADORE me...

P.S. I miss Vamp jie... she always adored me (lies!)... sob sob...


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