For want of a better title: Ha Ha

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Friday, April 29, 2005

Ha Ha

OMG! I get fan mail. I wish it wasn't raining. It's so fucking wet out here. I want to go see sister hazel but it's raining. I wish it wasn't. I really want to do an audio blog. Heh... For 5 minutes at least. Talking about five minutes go check out strangerhood. Make me want to play Sims 2.

My advice is do not do 7 good german double bocks in 2 hours. It will make you inebreiated. I don't even know if I am spelling this write.

Anyway I recieve an email from bryna. I don't get much email (hint hint). First let me say one thing. Hey bryna want to marry me? [hi mom. i really do try] Even if you're a guy.. seriously. Secondly i'm worried about my reader count. I used to be able to trust that I had like one or two dedicated readers. Now I don't know. It seems like my ego my expand too big. I love your comments and emails though. You know I try my best to reply to them on my blog. I mean my pals are beginning to worry that i'll blog everything. Seriously buddies, I wun blog the really secretive stuff like gay aussie dragons (ha ha I mentioned dragon agian. pay up.)

Woah... too drunk to really thing too much. I'm going to do my darnest and get to the sister hazel at the quad. I really want to try this audio blog thing as well as get my loyal followers... *cough* i mean readers to experience something new. Also if I speak in an ang mo accent I ask for your forgiveness, I actually have two accents. One for my lovely and loyal singaporean (first time i spelt it right) and another for my good buddies in america (so at least we dun reveal our cheenapo secrets to them).

Also for all you singaporean girls out there, if you want a date drop me a line. I'm not handosme or buff or have a nice huge monster dick (OMG did I say that?!?) but I promise i'll be nice and we have a good time. =P

Have a wonderful time, as I am. I need to go purchase more beer and alcohol folks.

P.S. Vamp jie why are you not telling me about your bang cock trip? Sigh...

P.P.S. Stay tuned for a black/white/yes/no interview

P.P.P.S in case you're wondering P.S. stands for post script, so it's P.P.S for post post script and not P.S.S. since post script script makes less sense you uneducated fools. So take that to where the sun don't shine and spread my gospel.


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