For want of a better title: A horse, a horse, my burrow for a horse

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Monday, April 25, 2005

A horse, a horse, my burrow for a horse

So the weather up here has been shitty all weekend and it's going to stay shitty until next weekend. Which is W.I.L.D weekend. It used to be Walk In, Lay Down, where they screened movies at the big quad. But really it was just an excuse for everyone to get drunk and high. Then some bright-eyed little f**kwit decided they'd bring in bands. This of course required more money and so now like half my student activities fees goes to the damn thing. MOVIES BIATCHES! TO make it worst now that my school is like top 15 university in America (who does that damn ranking thing anyway?) and that we're always better than Brown (not Mr.Brown, can u say shit infested Ivy school)[hi mom. aren't u glad I didn't go there] we needed to cut down the alcohol. So when I was a frosh we could register kegs and all that. Now as a senior I can bring in 6 cans of beer between 4 and 6pm. WTF?!? Walk In, Lay Down my shiny white tail. More like Walk In, Get Free Food, Decide Band is Shitty, Pick up (ahem!), Go Back to Room, Get Drunk, Go to Bed, Wake Up, Realise You Slept with a Swamp Donkey or WIGFFDBISPUFGBTRGDGTBWRYSWASD. Or if you're like me, stay at home or head down the road to Saint Louis University. Where the real party at!

What is a swamp donkey you say? My friends at Google Images came up with a few suggestions. Here's one, one more and here's another. You decide. I do believe it was coined some time back amongst my friends and it all originated from the term Salad Dodger. Enough said. Use your imaginations {go on, it won't hurt your brain too much}.

So I actually have fans I do not actually know. That's creepy. I don't even know how Mr. Old Cheena Perv got to know about my site. This is scary. Later they mobilise their forces and try to invade my little home. Last thing I want is the Xiaxue zombies (psychophants if you prefer) invading my home. Then I have to get all Shaun of the Dead on them. Good thing I do play cricket (the ball game not the dart game). Although if you think about it, darts could come in handy. I really want to be your friends... honest.. come a little closer (ed: erm... why are you holding that bat in your hand). It's nice to know that people actually bother to read my drivel. One Malaysian reader thought that it reminded him of the Matrix. F**K the MATRIX. That was one of those bullshit movies. Wasted my time. Tell me something I don't already know you philosophical hacks. The whole stupid convo between Neo and the Architect was retarded. Of course if you belong to a certain group (say the poseur subculture) then you'll rave on and on about how great the philosophical implication are. F**k you. Just open your eyes and live in the world. You see it everyday. We construct our own false realities. We like to see ourselves through our own eyes. It takes a very special few to place themselves outside of their own constructs. And even then not all the time...

Follow the White Rabbit eh... Well remember that he leads you to Wonderland. Not the best of places since it always leaves you wondering. Ever ask yourself what all the characters do before Alice arrives? Do they live their mundane lives anticipating the day (I watched a play by my then girlfriend debating on this), a bit like Waiting for Godot or do they not give two shits about that silly little girl. Seriously this little bunny doesn't give a shit about Alice or anyone else. I want to go about living my pathetic little life until the end of my days. I'm not anti-social but I do hate mamby-pamby bullcrap. If we bounce together, then you got to take me for me. And I do not spend my life holding my breath waiting for that ONE to come bounding along. I'm a rabbit and I'm going to breed like one.

Wow. Look at how long I've gone on and on about nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I need to get more work done on my Turkish paper. Yeah got to love the Turkeys. I mean Turks. What an interesting nation. I love it. Ok until we meet again. Yeah Buddy!


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