For want of a better title: Hot Cross Bunnies

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hot Cross Bunnies

This time folks I have a real interview for you. Not some made up shit in the brain. This was an actual conversation and interview, so all the responses were unpredictable (actually talking to myself can also yield unpredictable results) (ed: true that). Well enjoy you vouyers:

Me: so why don't you introduce yourself

Puppet: I am the man from the moon.... as what my profs called me since I am always looked as if I am way distant....heh

Me: interesting... so how is the weather on the moon?

Puppet: pretty much cool as bananas... cos bananas grew from there and somehow, dunno which predeccessor of mine brought it to earth and it became green, then yellow when ripe after that

Me: i see... we learn something new everyday, so what's your day job

Puppet: apart from being a professional day bummer, I have a sideline as a petiton... to the far away galactic council to veto the vote ---not to demolish earth to make way for the new galactic highway, althought I can enlist the new Sith lords that gain in power from the republication to create the death star as a protective anti-missile

Me: ha ha, very interesting job... so why don't we talk about your life philosophy. What are your beliefs?

Puppet says: well, think life is about getting laid... hmm... no... having a good time in cross-examining ourselves with others so to determine our most matched partner... hey, how go the favorite one-night stands syndrome.... promiscuous relationship gives us more option to determine a partner...

Me: i see... again very enlightening beliefs... ok on to a more important question... Who's your daddy? And what does he do?

Puppet: I thought I am the daddy?.... Oops... think wrong frequency... well., my dad came from Plato, friend of plato, and live on plato. Well, u see, my dad helps to provide asylum for Plato during those days when people reject philosophical approach and enjoyed debauchery activities.. so got an star named after him... wanted to bring him back to earth but since earth is on the brink of destruction - i trying my best to let them destroy those pesky martians - make a detour or something... so in the meanwhile... retired and playing chess with Plato. btw, Pluto is Plato but cos don't want the Garmen (government) to know so change one letter on it..

I see... interesting... i didn't know you came from such a humanitarian a family. anyway... as u know i'm a rabbit, so of course i f**k like one. how often do u do the dirty?

Puppet: nay... we got permit to search for planets around.... f**king lisense took eons to get approved... but since outside earth no red-tape... so screw the pple in charge back here on earth...

Me: i see i see

Puppet: everyday man... ink from my pen keep dripping like mad... change pen, put protective cover also no use... the smooth paper just keeps getting layered by my carelessness but i do make up for waxing abit of lyrical on it... let it feel good and then give it a bit of unevenness for artistic effect

Me: well... i guess we should move on to your preferences: man, women or animals? Inanimate objects are out, becuase i believe in animate sex

Puppet: nowdays the mind can be controlled so we usually (the galactics favorite preferences) are the director approach. Like the Matrix.. but galactic technology goes beyond that long time.... (we were all laughing at the obselete ideas movies came out these days...) anyway, to continue, we virtual direct scenes and put in stores in dvds... then rent models to do the stuff which whoever wants to do with who... and then pple came in and contribute and the exponential growth of this business is better than porn on the internet here on earth... We do with anythign,,,anyway, humans ain't the best looking around in the galactic... those at hummer-ner-hummer are way exotic and sexy looking

Me: i see i see... well good to know that you and i agree humans are ugly, that's why i stick to my bunnies. so talking about movies, are there many political movies out there?

Puppet: nay, we don't have time to do those stuffs... much to busy blowing off a couple of planets, make a few big bangs and play hide n seek in black holes... we sent scouts to get in contact with humans and spin off variety tv shows like those u see in the white house speeches... those we help the dummy president and controlled him to speak like that, then see what the reaction is from the crowd and edit and so on and so forth... then we put in a couple of nukes here and there for effects so to get color rainbows once in a while

Me: but u do have politics out there?

Puppet: yea, that's the big boys out there, ousting for galactic controls... but after a few big bangs and send all those who buay song (not happy) to the abyss (the dimension portal) aka top secret (but leak abit) and sent those unhappy to other dimensions and create new lifes.... yea... warload control but since galaxy so big there is not really the warlords can do much... everyone has his/her/it disposable abyss pack... buy 2 get 1 free in each spacecraft...

Me: i see... does this lack of invlovement smack of cynicism with the glactic order or are people just busy with other stuff?

Puppet: yea... busy man... everyday new plans to make the galaxy a amusement comes out... cos too big lah.... knn boring so warloads are mainly corporation just trying to brand themselevs as the most fun place in galaxy... if not its just stars and rocks... we see too much sunrise,sunset with 1 min that its takes the thrill of spectacle away

Me: I see... so basically people are busy. It sounds like life out there is nothing like life in my modern burrow. well i have nothing else to ask, but do you have any last words to say to the audience?

Puppet: same same lah... everyware is dark dark.... well, u guys pray earth is not gone, cos we have the hitchhiker guide novel as a guide to your to get ready for the upcoming events... and the movie shows clips of what's out there... head for the moon if your want a social pass to the galaxy... tata

Me: well thank you and goodnight

Puppet: gtg..z...z.. busy with the petition... cya around. nite!

There you have it folks, and exclusive interview (which is not made up)(truth!) with a good friend of mine. I hope u acutally enjoy it (or understand it for you dumb f**ks out there)(ed: the author does not mind a dumb f**k). If you don't like it you can go suck my cute little bunny tail and i'm not talking about the bushy one. Yeah Buddy!


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