For want of a better title: O What a Day!

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

O What a Day!

Wow! That was an amzing day, the morning panel (my panel bitch!) got lumped together so instead of 3 panelists we had 6... That was one long ass session. I even had to go first. Oh but the afternoon session, that was some sexy panel... I'd do them all except for I knew 2/3 of it (that's 2 for you non-math majors). Oh well one out of three is not bad at all baby...

Hit it off with this girl from Northwestern... She's going off to work at some NGO next year... Heh... American's for Democracy or something... You can demo my cracy anytime American lady (ed: the author really respects democracy and women) (lies!)... Today was some whirlwind tour of colonialism. I mean it was amazing, feel like a true academian. Some more after this I get to go to a dinner and like pretend to engage in intellectual banter. Saw my major advisor today, who I've never really seen at all since he's such a big flirt. And a such a charming man... if he was gay... mmm... student-teacher relationship (ed: the author is really straight. That's my story and he's sticking to it). My thesis director was there too, and he's been really friendly. Especially now that we're done. More like mentor-mentee than student-teacher. I'll never forget that shit... Heh... Like the Cheena-piang say: "teacher for a day, father for life. Biatch!" (ed: biatch should be taken out, sorry, bad translation) [hi mom. years of chinese tuition worked out well].

Talking about Northwestern, I want to go to Chicago for my 3am Iced Venti Soy Chai from the only 24hours Starbucks in the midwest. Talk about a nice cooling drink after wild animal sex (i speak from experience) (ed: he's being honest here...). Talking about Chai, the Singapore government banned it because taken in large quantities it could be a hallucegenic (ed: dun bother with the spelling). I've drank like 4 Venti Chais in a row and I've yet to see anything, oh yeah except that God came and talked to me about killing all the little people (you know who you are) (ed: this did not happen at all). Stupid little people government.

Talking about governments, wait until I come out of modern burrow [hi mom. I keep it clean] and rule all you f**kers out there. Bow before my bunny feet you little whores. (ed: megalomania is a problem).

Ok I got to go a slip into something sexy for tonight... Must look all non-scholarly to show up all those academic types. This rabbit is a salve to the fashion houses... *drool*

Let me leave you with the wisdom of George Bernard Shaw: "A mind the caliber of mine cannot derive its nutriment from cows." Oh yeah Buddy!


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