For want of a better title: PINK!!

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Amelle__________ - Where But The Sublime Resides

PINK!! Yes!! Plus the author is acutally kinda candid and funny. Yes I know it's a girl, but I have yet to meet a guy author who's funny. Or maybe I'm saving them all for myself [hi mom. I'm not gay] (ed:sigh...) I actually have a pretty good group of guys I might intro, but not yet. Let me wait a little. Actually some friends of my sister, but we can save that for another post. Sigh I guess only girls do pink sites and guys tend to repeat the same shit, while girls I just far more petty and jealous to notice the little things (well there goes my credit rating). Ha ha... Have fun. I have gym in less than 7 hours.


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