For want of a better title: Pre-Road Trip Squeal

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Pre-Road Trip Squeal

HALLO! Been drunk for way to long. I went to Fast Eddie's Bon Air in Alton, IL today! So exciting. Freakin' 400++ seater bar. We got there at like 4 pm and it was already full of peeps. If it weren't for luck and my sexy stare, we wouldn't get a table. OMG. The burger was ok, but the atmosphere was amazing. This bunny was the only non-white kid there for about an hour. Wow! Bikers, nice old folks, local cops, firemen, tourists, hot college chicks, everyone was there. So exciting. Of course my silly friend googled the way there and instead of taking the highway we drove through the ghetto on the trip up there. Smart guy huh?

mmmmmm... burgers

why does it have a pocket, mummy?

So why does the t-shirt have a pocket? No one can really understand that.
Anyway my buddy is going to pick up his new car tomorrow and so we're driving 2 hours to meet his parents half way. ROAD TRIP. Then we're all eating at Lambert's. Home of the throwed rolls. Another friend, who has since graduated, has been hit by those hot thrown rolls at least twice. Heh... Silly rabbit.

So hopefully there'll be good picture from that. Heh...

Anyway I'm happy Vamp jie is back to pat pat me and all that... Maybe she can also advise me on my life... heh... and clean my modern burrow... heh... what a mess.

Yeah so I think I'm almost ready to give up on all you nasty women (ed: the author actually still loves all of you) [hi mom. i really don't mean to break your heart]. I resisted the temptations of the flesh... I mean I've been to hell and back. Ha ha ha... Now I think I am stronger. But something is bothering me... I dunno... something is still stirring deep inside and now this bunny is confused again... It's not come new girl or like some fixation. It's just like something from left field. Hmmm... Like some flyball I can't really catch... Sigh... catch no balls... (ed: he is confused)

Anyways... Going on the road at 9am tomorrow. Which means this bunny has to be in bed NOW! Will take pics I promise. And post lots and lots of them. I know all you lifeless people want pics.

Night all. Maybe I will audioblog again. In americanese unless some singaporean is riding with me. Muackies! (ed: that's a first)

P.S. Vampy Jie get off your fixation on this guy and tell your fav bunny about your bang cock trip


  • At 5/01/2005 5:52 AM, Blogger Queen of Cups said…

    *pat pat*

    I'm back to give u more of my lousy advices! and screw up ur life!


    ok ok.. Will write bout that banging cock trip soon..


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