For want of a better title: Sacrifice to the Sun God

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sacrifice to the Sun God

So I've been meaning to talk about this for a long time, but the good part of me keeps restraining me, but now I think I want to talk about it...

Some time ago I quit an organisation I worked with for a long time (3 years) over the a matter of principles (yup. even crazy little me has principles) (truth!). I worked for this organisation for so long and I was disgusted by how it reacted to a moral issue. (that's moral and not morale for you uneducated bunnies out there) [hi mom. you brought me up well]. Anyway in my anger (yeah don't fuck with this rabbit otherwise i'll slit your throat), I told them basically to f**k off and go put their heads where the sun don't shine (their arse for those of you who are less literate in bunny-speak). Many of them who had known me for a long time respected my decision and thought back to my long record of service. Others were very ungrateful and a young pup (just joined less than a week) told me that I had no right to talk about the organisation. The audacity of that jerk. Stupid commie jew (I have nothing against jews, but commie jews totally different story). Anyway things have blown over in that direction. Oh wait... the guy who was at the center of all this got elected VP and had it in his mind to smear me. Of course much smarter minds convinced him that it would hurt him more than me. It also put him in bad light with the Prez who is a good friend of mine. Good luck for the next year.

Anyway the organisation always took part in a carnival where it had won Best Food (like best in show for food instead of dogs)(ed: i don't even know why he said that) the past like 4 times and they were trying for 5. Well guess what? The BBQ lost to the Drinks. The Joint Class Council beat them out. Ha! Ha! Talk about retribution. Bad Karma man. What goes around comes around! Take that biatches! I feel justified and cleared of any doubt I had about my actions. Even the great bunny god above agrees with me. Little f**kers! Hell in a handbasket babies, can you spell that.

So talking 'bout bunny god, we have a new papa. Ratzinger. Well Benedict XVI. Heh... Benedict. Oh well, everyone's like frightened he's some nutjob, but seriously he's been John Paul II's chief theologian since JP2 became pope. So don't you think alot of what has been said in the last 2 and 1/2 decades are also partly his. So the ship full of sinners continues to sail on... Heh... This bunny included...

So anyway, no news on the crush front. I've just decided to wait until she calls. Yeah! Making her the lead on this. Sick and tired of not getting calls returned wondering if I've been disturbing her or she's mad at me. F**k that shit! This bunny has a paper to write on the Turkish army due in a week. Yeah. I know, but after writing 100pages of heartwrenching work, it's hard to squeeze more shit out of this dried up little bunny. Come to think about it, that's how I feel about love too. I've been sent through the wash and dryer, and there's just not much left right now to squeeze out. Or so I thought... It amazes me how much the bunny soul has to give and give and give and also take no doubt. I'm sure humans are just the same. So which path should this little wabbit pick? To give and give or take and take. Or just a little give and take? Who the f**k cares or knows?

Ok back to your ordinary lives while I live my less than mundane life. Check all of you out later. Yeah Buddy!


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