For want of a better title: Texas Hold'em

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Texas Hold'em

Poker! Yes my little minions today's topic will be about poker. Actually I lie (truth!)... I'm going to talk about several things today... Firstly I'd like to comment on Mr.Hashbrown's topic on oral history (the good kind, not the dirty kind, down boy, down!). To be honest, I think Mr Brown could go on to be the next Studs Terkel. Not only is he like the super grand old man of Cheenaporean blogdangdoodle, leading podicasting (like magic), now he can be our leading oral historian (ha ha. I said oral) (ed: sigh...).

So then his good kawan Mr. Nippon-tei talked about Poppy Day . Anyway some little f**ker thinks to correct me when he said least we forget on the comments page. It's "Lest we forget" Go check it out you little biatch. Don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs! I still remember that I was 15 (a long time ago... man... I'm an old fart) and I was helping the Seaman's Association (I know that's funny too, but i think the name was longer than that). I went to Novena Church ( i don't even know why I have to say Church, afterall without Novena, the Station would get some silly name like Thomson or something like that. Novena is way more cool). Anyway as I was selling papper poppies (yeah no stickers. I'm not a sticker bitch) and this nice old Eurasian man walked up and said:"Have you ever experienced war?" And of course I replied:"No sir, I haven't and I hope never to have to."[hi mom. see how witty and well brought up I am]. Then he laughed and bought a poppy. Having done alot of research on the Malayan Emergency and interviewing old British officers (I would have loved to talk to the soldiers, especially the Africans, but no kiswahili, i only speak english, chinese and arabic, standard and eygptian), I don't ever think I want to go to war. I mean my time in the army is probably nothing compared to hunting CT (communitst-terrorist for the unedcated swine out there, oink!) in Pahang.

Talking about donations. I realised standing outside Novena or Guan Yin Miao at Si Beh Lor (Bencoolen for the uninitiated) sure yield fast results. I mean all these folks asking their respective higher powers for help, then some young kid goes up and asks money for even more unfortunate folk, sure give one. I stood outside Novena at 9am and by 10.15am I was done. Went back to the association and they were quite surprised to see me back so early. Asked if I wanted to go out again, but like the good 15 year old I was, I demurred and went home to my computer games (you were expecting women weren't you, you dirty dirty readers).

Yeah and Ms. Molly Meeky Weeky (marry me baby!)[hi mom. I try] talked about MM Lee. Heh... And his speech. I mean seriously she's funny, real funny, plus she's got PINK! I think she should become a Stooge Times reporter. She'd actually be funny for the LIFE! section or whatever they call it now (how about unlife?)

This weekend begins the last weekend before exam week and while this little clever bunny has not exams, everyone else does, so we're all getting drunker than a drunk whale (is that possible?) before they all march into hell and back. Talking about whales... I found this funny site called Whale Tail, go check it out my minions. Sorta funny.

Talking about drinking. Power Hour and Century Club baby. That's what this little rabbit should do. Or maybe even crazy ivans. What's power hour you ask? 60 shots of beer in 60 minutes. Century Club is 100 shots in 100 minutes. Also Crazy Ivans are upturned shot glasses and snorting vodka. Heh... Not for the weak hearted or pregnant. Man oh man... need to go fill up my flask for microeconomics later. After that the history department has a wine and cheese mixer. Heh... Get to meet all the history majors and faculty. Heh... mmmm...

So to Oracle I promise this weekend will yield drunk pictures as long as I remember to bring my camera. Otherwise all we'll have is the memories until Alzheimer's hits me. (ed: actually he's very concerned with alzheimer's, and although he jokes about it, it is one of his pet charities and causes. Afterall his idol Ronald Reagan had it)

Was at the gym earlier. So different from Chingapore or LA. I mean people are actually there to workout. but the sex divide is quite clear. All the guys are like doing weights and all the ladies were like on the machines. Heh... Funny. My personal trainer is good. She always pushes me to the limits. But this poor wabbit doesn't have much power. So I lift like a girl. Heh... but she makes me do like 3 reps of 15 for them. So it's more shaping and toning then power. Yeah so ladies, I have nice tone. Heh... maybe... This also means when I come back to cheenapore for the summer I need to go to a gym. Like Cali gym or something. Must stay toned. For my own good. Not for attracting girls. Honest (truth!) Need to strengthen certain muscles to ensure that my old injuries dun come back. Think i might start pilates though. Need the toning. Especially at the core. I'm so vain... heh... or not... depending which muscles i strengthen and sculpt. I will say women at the gym i go to are quite hot, my personal trainer included. And they're so friendly.

Talking about women, I've come to realise that my home kampung girls are so much more calculative (my sis included) than the girls here. I mean people here are far more friendlier. I mean if you make eye contact, smile and start a convo, they'll actually talk to you. Supermarket line, gym, pub... I mean as long as its friendly and not like you're trying to get into their pants. I don't mean that all american women are like that, go calculative ones too. But generally they're far more friendly. Singapore women, if I made eye contact and smiled, they'd probably think I'm some perv or something. Then if i start talking they'd be like running in less than 5 seconds or calling the cops to beat the crap out of me. Silly women. Sigh... I'm going to miss this small city. After this I have to move to DC. Wonder if women there are far closer to women in chingapo?

Hokay folks, time to get my laundry and drunk. And shower... In no particular order.


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    I wasn't correct you, I didn't even bother to read beyond your "I interviewed one of them...." line...I was merely leaving a short comment in had nothing to do with you.


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