For want of a better title: This is White Country

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Saturday, April 30, 2005

This is White Country

Hello my little pets. Last night looked like it was going to be a sucky sucky evening. Went to see sister hazel in the drizzle and by like 9pm all my buddies here were too drunk to do anything. Luckily I got a call from my friends over at the other local uni and I went to McGurk's. Yeah it's the Irish palace. If you're an Irish band (as in you play traditional Gaelic music, not the U2 kind of music), you're not big until you play at McGurk's. It was amazing. Very nice. And only my second time there. Anyway, I wasn't driving. I hired a limo for it. Ha Ha. Fun Fun Fun. So my pal, JS (names are not revealed to protect identities), decided that he wanted to park his jeep back before we went to my usual haunt Morgan Street. He also decided to call along his ex-girlfriend, C, and her friend L. Also a last minute inclusion of my old buddy, MF (no note mother f**ker, just his initials), made it a formidible five-some. So my previously dull night looked like it might get better.

Anyway we got to Morgan Street and I went to see my old friends, namely the manager SD and another bartender Lump. Anyway I got to know them 3 years ago when I hung out at SD's bar and just got to know him better. Soon we were like buddies. And on thursdays Lump worked with SD at the back of the bar, so I got to know Lump very well too. Now I go and drink and it costs me US$25 to feed (or make drunk) 5 people. I think I received 20 shots, 3 mixed drinks, and 4 beers for that. Mind you a large bottle of beer (the 1L kind) costs US$5.75 and a shot is usually US$3 to US$5. Ha ha. I think I took 9 shots in an hour and a half. I hear its hairdressers weekend and everyone gets drunk and laid on that weekend. It seems hairdressers on convention are an extremely horny lot. Male or female. Ha ha. Anyway despite my heavy drinking, I was the most sober of the crowd, while C and L were most definetely drunk. Although I'm quite impressed that L held her liqour far better.

So at around 1 we changed venues to Club Buca. It was crowded dingy and full of horny guys. I mean there were hot girls too, but we all know why women are at clubs. To dance. So really drunk C and L decided to go dancing. Of course MF, JS and me, like all good gentlemen decided to stay by the bar and drink (yeah. I know. We should've gone). In less than 5 minutes C comes stumbling back and dragging me, of all people, to help L out. Some dude was dry humping her and not letting her get free. I had to go and sorta dance with her. This would be easy if C wasn't drunk... I had to watch C and make sure she didn't get into the same situation as L, while trying to get L out of the fix. But I got to dance with two hot girls. Not bad at all. =) [hi mom. I really really am trying so stop bugging me]

Anyway by 1.30 I was pretty much hanging on to C to make sure she didn't hit the floor. It was awkward as hell because I actually had to hold her waist while talking to everyone else, and I mean she's JS's ex. You got to be really careful with that kind of things. I kept trying to get him to hang on to her, but nooooooo... Poor little bunny has to hold on to her. Sigh... And she was good looking too. Blond and all... I mean seriously while dancing with the two girls in a sandwich, this little bunny definetely felt the stirrings of a massive boner. Luckily I had great control [hi mom. see what a gentleman I am], and a lot of help from the alcohol (sorry mr.liver don't go on strike). So back into the Limo we all climbed... And L asked me to hang out with her and her buddies next weekend. It's not very often this little bunny gets an invite to go out with a girl and her friends. I mean she actually said her friends needed to meet me... That's funny. This little bunny's shiny white tail is all swishing. Sorry to all the singlapolean women out there... but I think this little bunny might prefer the women in the land of the flee (ed: he's right you know) [hi mom. I know you don't quite like an ang mo d-in-law but dad did say I should experiment more and not settle on one too quickly] (talk about words you tell your kid at 17 coming back to haunt you).

Anyway and old friend popped in to say hi. And I have to go talkies talk talk... I will see all of you my beloved slaves... erm.. readers soon...until then keep on chugging good beer.


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