For want of a better title: Two cats on a hot tin roof with a fiddler

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Friday, April 22, 2005

Two cats on a hot tin roof with a fiddler

Hello my little pets. Anyway last night I learnt that drinking half a bottle of 80proof (40% Alch.) blended scotch is not the smartest thing to do. Got so f**king drunk. It was kind of funny. I actually felt good. With the inhibitions down, the nice side of me got to take a back seat while I took the driver's seat of this beautiful body. I remembered i sent off a "do u miss me?" SMS to my crush. Ha ha... Think I'll ask her out to the Singapore Students' Association's Senior Farewell, which is tonight. See if she really misses this sex god. I also remember proposing to my Vampy jie. Ha ha... I mean it baby... If you get tired of all those men, you know you can always come to me as a safe harbor. Let's call it a marriage of convenience. I need a wife and well... I dun quite know what you need, so... F**k it! Just call it a marriage of my convenience! [hi mom. I try](ed: I worry for him. He might actually be gay or worse...)(fuckers!)

Being sort of drunk is funny even for the drunk person. Considering I could still type quite well. I mean real well. Vamp will attest to my ability to form coherent sentences. I also remember asking her to go on holiday with me. Ha ha... That offer also still stands. I could use some slightly expired arm candy... (I kid about the slightly expired part)(ed: honest. he likes older women, and younger women and women i suppose) [hi mom. dun say i dun give everyone a chance] (idiots!)

I also remember sending an IM (instant message for all you non-tech saavy out there) to my friend who is prez of the organisation about bad karma. He called me this morning asking what it was all about. I explained and well heh... BAD KARMA baby. What goes around comes around. It's like STDs, which sort of leads me to the next point. The whole AIDS issue in Singapore. I mean seriously not only gays spread AIDS, or more correctly the HIV virus, I mean straight men and women do it too. I mean cats also spread FIV which is actually quite close to HIV. (see my titles are not random) I knew those bastard cats were up to something. With their promicuous natures... Those evil cats. I say we cull them all since they spread FIV. Might as well... Also cull all the HIV carriers. Dun care if they are straight or gay, just cull them. I mean we put lepers on an island, why not HIV positive folk? Dun come crying to me about Human Rights and all that bullshit. Those f**kers excercised their human right to have unprotected sex with multiple partners they should also have to experience the results of that excercise of a right. It's called RESPONSIBILITY for one's OWN ACTIONS. Bad Karma babies... Bad Karma...

Talking about blogging Steve-o MaccieDermosthat decided to weigh in on how infantile we all are. And individualism is also infantile. Heh... I agree... I am a big f**king baby. Listen to me. Glorify me. Come to me all you little whores. (ed: megalomania... sigh...) So of course the grand daddies of Chingapore's bloggydoodad mr brownies and mr oriental old chikopek and plenty of other of their associates have decided to respond in the only way infants can. With more comedy. Keep on rocking you old f**kers. As for me... I'm thinking of an undignified response to the whole situation and I've decided there is no need... Enough said, enough done. I'm just going to go pick up my two cats, who should be cooked by now, and leave the fiddler there.

Until we meet again Professor Moriarty, know that you die falling down a cliff... Yeah Buddy!


  • At 4/25/2005 5:34 AM, Blogger Mr Miyagi said…

    mr what old what?? Nabeh!

  • At 5/03/2005 12:56 PM, Blogger Natasha said…

    I would just like to point out that plenty of other types of people, apart from promiscuous gay and straight types, are HIV+. Children can be, people who have contracted it from blood transfusions, and also the victims of rape and other abused women (particularly bad problem in Africa, that).

    So be a little less tongue in cheek about this please. And here I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt, for surely someone can't be as ignorant as all that? Hmmm?


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