For want of a better title: May 2005

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

LMD's interview with a wampire

So after the musical baton (which I never got thank you very much) comes the interview with a wampire baton or stick or googlygook. Little Miss Drinkalot (Drunkalot) has kindly decided to be my interviewer (we all know she's mad about me). So sit tight and be prepared to be mindf**ked.

1) Your writings reflect a very hyper personality. Are you this hyper in real-life?

Hyper? who? me? Why what have you heard? More questions to answer questions? What the hell is going on? On a slightly less confused note, for those who know me, I'm generally sedated and quiet. As a child I was always prim and proper [hi mom.] I do like to think that I am still quiet and unassuming. Yet there's a little voice in my head (ok.. several voices) (ed: he's not crazy, he just likes to think like that) that tells me to make alot of noise. I realise that I lead two lives. In singapoop I'm quiet and mild mannered, but in the US I'm faster than a speeding ticket. Heh... I've always been a little cynical, a little critical and whole lot of crazy. (truth!) and I realised I've not answered the question yet, so here goes: Yes I can be hyper in real life, but it depends on the company. Generally my activities tend to indicate a more reflective personality.

2) I notice you end many of your posts with "Yeah buddy!"? Is there any significance at all? Is it a last ditch attempt at expunging the hyperness in you?

Yeah buddy has a story behind it. Some time last year, our chapter (of a book, no i kid, of the fraternity) recieved a consultant. He's job was largely on expansion (opening new chapters... duh) but he had come to help us with recruitment. He's favourite line was yeah buddy. And so a legend was born. Anyway I say it sort of in jest, and we use it alot as a degratory term. heh... As for expulsing hyperness I have alcohol, women and this blog (i'm good on two of the three, would LMD like to help with the 3rd one?).

3) You seem to have a fascination with dragons, trolls and elves. But unicorns are iffy. Why?

Because unicorns are the ultimate virgin stealers. I mean they only go to virgin maidens. What the hell is up with them? I mean dragons kill indiscriminately and trolls collect taxes (like the IRAS and IRS... hmmm... a connection maybe?) without discrimination. And elves are just sexy. But those f**king unicorns are such arseholes. I mean seriously where do they get off cornering the market on virgins. Those bastards!

4) What happened to your April crush? Does no news = good news?

My lawyers advised me not to answer this question, but I'm going to anyway. She's dead. I killed her. I KID! It just puttered out. Not enough time and the distance was going to be huge. No news = I'm available for all the pretty femblogs out there.

5) Tell me one incident in which you were really drunk and did something really stupid. (That you haven't already written about.) (ed: No lying, please!) (ed's ed: But if it's creative enough, I forgive you.)

You mean like the time i lost 12 hours of my life and all I know about it I gathered from my drunk friends. Yeah... Long story. Let us just say that from 12mn to 12noon, I didn't know what was going on, but I was doing stuff. Heh... Like sleeping on the streets, answering the sobriety quiz perfectly and puking on my friend's lap. Heh... all good. i have a few good ones. If you want to know more, come meet me, since I prefer to tell it in person. Makes the story more exciting (hint hint LMD).

So there it is folks... the true confessions of a mildly crazy wabbit...hope you enjoyed it.

The Official Interview Game Rules
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions — each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Quick post from Narita

Hello duckies, just a quick post here in Narita airport. I LOVE my new flight leg. 5 hours to San Francisco and then 10 to Tokyo and then 7 to Singpaore. Better than the much longer 14 from Chicago to Tokyo.

The pilots I suspect were playing pranks on us all. Everytime we ate, we hit turbulence. Either they were also having meals, so hard to steer and eat, or they were like:"hey wouldn't it be fun to just mess around with the folks back there as they were eating?"

Anyway, I hope all of you are excitied and wetting your pants that moi, King Wabbit, will be home soon to fill your lives with hope and wonder. =P

Ok got to go. Don't want to put in another 100yen for 10 minutes. Take care my bunnies, and I will see all of you soon (come look for me, we can hang out and all of you can be my groupies!)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Something happened on the way to the forum

Hello duckies. I got bored so i decided to help my attention whore friend, Triple Period in his quest to find a date (so dun say i mean or what, i nice ok)

TP dun say I dun help

I figured Russian would be a good language for him to try and find guillable *ahem* willing *ahem* interested women to go on dates with him.

This got me thinking about how mr brown and miyagi always complained about their bad chinese. So i decided yo help mr miyagi and his spoyr lappy toppy to target the shu nu and auntie audience by translating his blog into chinese. Can also tap China for potential targets *ahem* readers.

for all you aunties

And for mr brown cow I decided he needed to reach out to a japanese audience

first japan, tomorrow the world

Cowboy caleb of course needs to corner the korean market yah...

secret agent man

and not forgetting new superstar LMD... for her I think France... since they drink as much as she does and curse just as bad.

but I am le tired

Plus pettite is such a cute word... heh... just so cute... I want to hug it and hold it and make sweet love to it (no not you LMD, just the word pettite, don't get your panties in a bunch)

And finally moi... I decided german... so I can have hordes of germans go over and kick french ass... yay!

Onward my soldiers

Ok... just bored shitless... because alot of you dun leave comments and the bloggers dun update on weekends and Oracle is f**king missing.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Cricket bats at the ready

I stumbled across this great photo essay thanks to tomorrow (so how come I've never been tomorrow-ed, am I that bad?)(ed: erm... maybe if you were nicer). For all those who know me well, dun beat me up because I thought the essay was good. i still think ACS and ACJC is slytherin writ large. Methodism and money just don't feel right. That I credit to me growing up in a Catholic school. No I'm not from St. joe's either or st. pat's. Go figure it out... More cheena... heh...

Not to sound evil, or to have the AC boys turn me into a toad (we all know you are evil warlocks)(ed: don't sue him either), I'd like to congratulate them on winning in rugby. I'm also touched to see the honor their old captain. I went to a school which had a friendly rivalry in table tennis with Raffles Institution. And I can truly understand school spirit. Oh we had it in those old days too... It helps that alot of us were second generation students too ( I guess if I had gone to St. joe's I'd be third generation).

My big issue, and this is not limited to ACJC, is why the hell are we doing a Maori dance? None of us are Maori and we all know the maori have witch doctors not slytherin mages. Come on Singapore rugby, don't we have our own dance? Maybe like the merlion puke or something... I vividly remember when NZ was doing the Maori war thing (which they are entitled to, since they have maori), the Barmy Army (England for those not barmy or army enough) just simply turned around and folded their arms. Actually I think I've seen the Springboks (is that correct spelling you South African fans?) do that too. Personally I prefer cricket. At least no one does silly dances and everyone is gentlemanly (or pretends to be, like those orcish raiders) about it.

A word of the wise... School spirit comes in many forms, shapes and guises. Like ghosts, hence spirits. It's dangerous to let it become hubris (or baby dragons, I don't remember). When my old secondary school won, we always honored our opponents first. Even now (or recently, since I graduated already) when my fraternity plays Intra-mural sports with other fraternities, we always honor the other team before we honor ourselves, win or lose. Heh... I suppose that's why despite our never winning anything (outside of bowling) we still posted 5th out of 13 overall. just play every sport, every game and always be sportsmanlike. That's why the others envy the fact that we always have a team to field for any sport.

Kind of serious yah... so far anyway... Poor Jayaxe is complaining about how there's a blogging double standard. I'm guessing he's just not liberated enough and hasn't read my blog (READ IT! The Multi-Coloured Mage of the North commands you). Just propose to the damn femblogger you like.

Talking about that... I think now that Sandra is famous, I got no chance... Heh... But must try yah... So here goes... Xiao Jie ai ke steady mai? Heh... Dun say I din try ok... I tried. By and by baby doll, if you say no, then allow me to retort, ai ke jazz@southbridge lim johnny walker? or single malt scotches (that depends on which ones are available, i'm picky about my alcohols, not my women) [hi mom. See I'm trying]

To Linda, dun jealous hor... I got enough lough (heh... trying new chic spelling for love) for both of you... ha ha... (ed: sigh...)

As for Celly I got complaint. Wah lau! Now that you're on moblog, you've deprived yourself of my wonderful insight (i.e comments) I got all these pent up comments but cannot post because I cannot register, becasue i am far away. How to ask you to go steady like that? Aaarrrgghhh... I feel like charlie brown now...

Yeah so there you go Jayaxe... just ask lor... As for trippe

I have a 3 year old unicorn for sale man... owned by an old lady who only used it to get to the market and back. Only 1000 miles on it. Sell to you for the cheap price of a 1000 florins. Plus 2 year/10000 mile warranty. Good luck with the date hunting thing, damn hard for a single male blogger. Too many of us out there and all the fembloggers are in love with Mr Miyagi or a troll I can never tell which picture is mr m and which is of that troll who lives under Benjamin Sheares Bridge. So hard to tell them apart. I feel you TP, I feel you (No I'm not feeling him up ok... although... if you ladies have seen him and think he's hot stuff maybe I should feel him up)

To Finicky Feline I will now attempt to beer water while upside down, commonly called a keg stand. (for all you chikopeks out there I have decided to use the picture with a bikini clad girl doing it, oh yeah) I will also prove that I can describe other men I do not know by describing troll...*ahem* mr miyagi. He has an impish face which is usually adorned with a pathetic attempt at a goatee or five o'clock shadow. He prefers to have a messed up hair look which when combined with the lower hair growth and the impish face produces a very likeable, very f**kable quality which makes girls wet in their pants (sometimes in mine too, but it could just be urinary incontinence) (ed: the author fully understands that UI is a serious problem and does not wish to offend any reader who does have UI, please except our apologies). his physique is two shades shy of a greek god, and he usually wears well to cover up any flaws in his body. In the picture furnished to me, I can only gauge that his short *ahem* stocky appearance works well with the impish face. All around I would definetely like to feel him up, and am diappointed I do not yet have a chance to touch his seemingly nice round, firm ass *drool*. (hmmm... I feel like I'm describing brad pitt and not some old chinese perv... hmmm...)

So there... That's my post... and you can love it or shove it (this one goes out to all the women I've ever loved and never loved me back... and you too Oracle, you woman you...)


Cool shit. It's so tongue in cheek. A must see. 5 popcorn kernels! STAR WARS: REVENGE OF THE BRICK

Where do baby dragons come from?

Due to the fact that I don't want to engage with tripleperiod in one-upmanship, and that TP is such a cool guy, i am withdrawing my win a date contest. In lieu of this change, the Chiong-ology Bursary has been extended to Singaporean and Malaysian males and females. Also Elves and Dragons are free to apply. Unicorns are iffy with me.

Also with the blogger mini con... Sounds like the Decepticons or something. Most people's secret identities have been exposed. As such I have decided, under advisement form my lawyers and orgres, that it would be good that I too reveal my secret identity so here it is.

which one is me?

Also for the SPGs or poor folk who know SPGs, the other three will be coming to singapore. Limited viewing. So make appointments soon. Otherwise got no time for all you pretty ladies.

Don't have much time to blog lately... Must worry about moving. So until you meet a band of orcs, may the farce be with you! (hope you liked this one Oracle baby)

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Scholarships, Bursaries and Contests

Ok. So if tripleperiod can do it so can I.

The modernburrow foundation would like to offer the following prizes, scholarships and contest (we're not kidding here or are we?):

(1) The New Modern Burrow Scholarship (1)
In recognition of the fact that modernburrow has physically moved from one city to another, we're offering a one off scholarship.

-1 return economy class air ticket from Singapore (SIN) {sin, heh... no sin really happens, but if any lady(ies) would like to prove me wrong, let me know} to Dulles International (IAD) in Washington DC, airline of the Wabbit's choice
-7 days/6 nights (see only use up half of your leave) stay at the fabulous Chez Modernburrow ( we can discuss if you will be sharing the bed with me)[hi mom. tell me again if u wanted grandkids outside or inside of wedlock]{why is it called wedlock... like a marriage is a lock... oh well they may be right... wjo are THEY anyway?}
-All-paid metro rides and car rides in a toyota 4runner
-Most meals will be covered (I don't usually eat breakfast) [hi mom. I know I know, dun nag]
-The charming company of Moi.

- Must be a Singaporean female (sorry guys) between the ages of 21 and 35. [hi mom. I know I know]
- Must be intelligent, witty and humourous
- Bloggers are favoured
- Must submit photo
- Resume are encouraged
- Must be able to participate in a interview (or date, depending) between June 22 and July 24 2005
- Must not fear flying (duh!)
- Loose morals are a bonus (i.e. making out with me)
- Must submit answer to the following questions; (1) Who's your daddy? And what does he do? (2) Why do you think you deserve this scholarship? (3) Explain how dragons feature in your life.

Application Deadline: 15 June 2005, 11.55pm

Vamp jie, apply leh...

(2) The Chiong-ology Bursary (3)
In honour of those who chiong-ed before us, the Modernburrow Foundation has decided to award 3 bursaries. We also decided that we'd be nice to the guys, and make this a guy-only award (sorry ladies)

- 1 night of mad partying in Singapore starting at 9.30pm and ending at whenever the hell I want. The dates are between the 6 June 2005 and the 21 June 2005
- You will receive one bottle of vodka of the Wabbit's choosing. and the attendant mixers that come with the deal
- You can pick the place to chiong
- You will have to deal with the Wabbit's friends.
- You can bring along friends too

- Must be male Singaporean between the ages of 21 and 35
- Must have at least 3 years experience in chiong-ing
- Must submit resume and 2 references from chiong-ing buddies
- Must submit answers to the following questions; (1) Why do we chiong? (2) Where do we chiong? (3) How do we honour those who Chiong-ed before us? (4) Who do we chiong with? (5) When do we chiong? (6) Where do baby dragons come from?

Deadline: 1 June 2005, 12 noon

(3) Win a date with Crazy Wabbit contest
The modernburrow foundation has decided to honour the intellectual abilities of its female readers with a contest ( actually this is for those who fail to win the scholarship, i'd share myself with all of you, just ask).

Winner (1) {there can only be one afterall}
- Dinner at what passes for fine dining in Singapore (you choose)
- Drinks at a nice, swanky place (you choose)
- Pick up and drop off in a Honda Jazz (courtesy of my sis being out of town and really nice)
- Only the best wines (no champagne, i hate that stuff) (I choose)
- A nice bouquet
- A surprise present
- Anything else you want after you've been sufficiently impressed by me

1st runner up (1)
- Dinner at a moderately priced restaurant (you choose)
- Drinks at a nice, swanky place (you choose)
- Pick up and drop off in a Honda Jazz
- A mediocre bouquet
- A surprise present
- Anything else you want after you've been sufficiently impressed by me

2nd runner up (1)
- Dinner at a hawker-type establishment (you choose)
- Drinks at a nice swanky place (you choose)
- Pick up and drop off in a Honda Jazz
- A single rose stalk
- A cheap present
- Anything else you want after you've been sufficiently impressed by me

3rd runner up (2)
- Dinner at McDonald's or other similar Fastfood joints (you choose)
- Drinks at Beer Gardens or local coffee shop (you choose)
- Get there yourself

- Must be female between the ages of 18 and 35
- Must have the dates between the 22 June and 22 July 2005
- Must answer the following questions: (1) Why do you want to go a date with the wabbit? (2) Do you enjoy reading modernburrow? (3) Write a short story involving dragons.

Deadline: 10 June 2005, 12 noon

The modernburrow foundation reserves the right to change any of these awards depending on the hotness of the applicant, the mood of the wabbit, the approval of Bubbles McDoggles and a complex algorithim whose name is Tim the incalculable. The organisers also reserve the right to waive any requirements and extend any deadlines, especially when it involves hot babes like Linda, Sandra, and Vamp jie. We also reserve the right to substitute the Wabbit with one of his hapless/honry/unsuspecting friends. Mr. Miyagi is encouraged to apply for all awards, just because. mr brown is banned from all award, just because. The contest may or may not be real, just be brave and apply for it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Dog ate My Blog

Wow... I don't come online (heh... come online... I usually prefer to come in women but whatever) for a few days and the world is upside down.

First to Oracle... I don't give a cow, or a dragon for that matter. and when have i ever been metaphysical. Physical yes, meta maybe, but never metaphysical. However if any woman out there wants to be metaphysical with me, give me a call at 555-easy.

Secondly I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my new apartment in DC. Yes a new modern burrow. So it's an ultra-modern burrow. With Ikea furniture. makes me feel so yuppie puppie.

Talking about puppies I miss me dog. He ain't a pup anymore, but 42 dog years and still single... Any bitches (dog or female) out there want to date him, let me know.

I truly believe that Ms Linda Chia is coming on to me. [hi mom. i'm trying]. Better hurry girls I offered her a possibility of getting F-2 visa (dependent of F-1, boy will my school be surprised). I'm also suprised that Sandra hasn't asked me out yet. Don't be intimitated. I'm an ordinary bunny, I won't bite. If there areanymore girls or guys who'd like to hang out (oracle you don't count) let me know. I'm an equal opportunity friend (although some friends are more equal than others)(ed: sigh... that actually is somewhat true. Guys more important than girls)(lies!)

The World is really going to the dogs. Cowboy Caleb is Robert Goh? WTF?! Is nothing sacred anymore. [hi mom. I still believe in God and the Catholic Faith] Never ever entrust Mr. Old Cheena F**k with secrets. He'll do you in. Myabe his lappy toop breaking down has got to do with bad karma and/or dragons. Not quite sure. The little green men won't tell me. (ed: he's not crazy... honest) (lies!)

I also got to see my first Emmy up close and personal. I'm staying at my fraternity brother's home and his dad has won an emmy and is up for another one this year. Wow! I actually held an emmy. WOW!

Will post pics soon.

Must go...

Why am I doing this?

Keep posted for my special modern burrow contest...


YEAH BUDDY! May the mindf**k be with you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fwah... Epic

So there seems to be an epic duckies...

So first suspiciousbastard decided to comment on how to get a good catch... Like this bunny really needs a good catch. Heh... but anyway... it's funny... bunny... honey... sunny... runny... puny... Heh... Back to topic on hand... Yeah some advice are generally silly... the gay stuff is ok... Hmmm... maybe I am gay?(ed: psst... he's not... honest). Linda Chia keeps giving me flak for having a pink blog.... She says it's just to give me a hard time... but we all know she's madly in love with me. It's only a matter of time before she comes over to the dark side... heh...

So the then Janice Tan, decides to do her take of SB's work. But focusing on girls who like boys who like girls who like RIBENA BERRIES. Seriously I think she violated some copyright laws, just like how I violated someone's rose patch last night... or did I? Sorry my brain is on permanent exile somewhere... when he comes back I'll let you know... I mean we all know permanent isn't permanent... Like MJ, Jordan not Jackson you f**ks... Come home brain... I miss you...

But that's not the epic folks... I enjoy taking you slaves, *ahem* readers on a tour of no consequence or relation or relativity either... heh... the epic is the whole who want to date who thing... You know finiky feline didn't pick me... but I didn't make such a big deal about it. Turns out someone else did.

And it just keeps getting better. Triple period decides to go ahead and do his own... Wah lau... Now I think I also must do my own. Must join the teknologi wagon...

Of course someone has his own opinion on the whole matter... I have no problems if he decides to trash my list of 8 too... I'm ready biatch!

The bloggers I would date based on totally random sets of values:
In no particular order:

(1) Linda Chia

Is it her blog? Is it her intense interest in my pink blog? Is it her constant flirting with me (maybe... not sure... my sensitive side also on holiday)? Who knows really. But I would date her, why not?

(2) Mr Miyagi

Come on... Those super chio pictures of him lancing, lancing... come on... Who wouldn't date that piece of hunky meat? Take care of the balding spot though mr. m... What do you mean I'm a guy? Did I say there was any criteria at all? NO! So f**k off. Don't be telling me who I can and cannot blog date ok... You're not the boss of me... =P (ed: we'd like to apologise... his straightness is also on holiday)

(3) Sandra

Yeah she made TP's list too (not traffic police, you silly bunnies). I mean she's got such a cute doggy woggy... that makes my list of date-able people. It's also a bonus that she clubs as much as I do... Heh... Except in totally different time zones. Plus she doesn't need a man in her life right now... Which is fantastic, since I also don't need a man in my life right now... you see perfect fit. =P Did I also mention that I think she gets more and more chio by the day?

(4) Celle

I mean how can I have sandra without celle, the Cheena blog queens... No they don't blog in Guo Yu, but they were featured on Cheena newspaper... Or will be anyway. Plus they're friends. Let me repeat my two for one deal... C'mon... plus she can do that shoulder dislocation thing... SEXY... So Sandra and Celle, how 'bout I date you both. You all decide who is da lao po, xiao lao po. Long chiam pass or scissor, paper, stone or chi ko pah (not chikopek, for that see mr. miyagi)

(5) Little Miss Drinkalot

Yes. Of course. She drinks alot. Enough said. Plus she owns a nail place. And her comments page confuses the hell out of me. I mean isn't that the best kind of relationship where you're entirely confused. one of you anyway... =P

(6) Vampy Jie

Yes. i know. We have a "in 3 years" pact. Plus I'm not your type. But you understand me. Heh... and you're part of the reason why there's even this blog. So yah. Plus you've got boobs... and you smell nice (or so I hope anyway). Heh... And no she's not my real sis, so I can date her ok. And even if she were, she'd be a step sis...

(7) Cowboy Caleb

Seriously folks. How many of you have not thought about it? I mean he's like Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery. Except he's Cowboy Caleb, Singapoop Blogodangdoodle Man of somewhat Mystery. Sexy what... I like... plus he's into being batman... heh... think of all those kinky role playing... And that pixel-ed face is such a huge turnon... no need brown bag to "cover the face, bomb the base."

(8) Myself

C'mon, how many of you thought it was going to be mr brown? Please... he's got a wife and kids... Cannot lah... But I would date myself, wouldn't you guys date me? I mean I'm waaaaayyyyy too sexy. Plus dating yourself can romance yourself. For that I refer you to Sandra's May 11th post. She's an expert on it. I usually prefer other folks... but whatever floats your boat #3.

So there my top 8 blogger i'd date... or sleep with... not too sure what the whole point of this excercise is. DRAGONS! (there oracle, this entire post is not a massive waste of your time). If you disagree with my choices or figure out the whole point of this post, let me know... my logic is one holiday with my train of thought...

Must go now... parents expect me to pick them up from the hotel at 9.30pm to go shopping. My sis bought hald the mall earlier... now for the second half... and she hasn't even gone to boston or new york yet. Also thanks mum and dad for the graduation gift [hi mom. thanks alot]. If you want to know what it was, send me a $5 cheque along with a self addressed, self-stamped envelope to And maybe, just maybe I'll tell you. Also if you're an impressionable young girl, or easily impressed person, or a gold-digger, it would push me in the direction of telling you, as opposed to the direction of going on a holiday with the rest of me.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Saving for a good fart

Ok. So Oracle, that little shitehole (ed: he loves you still), has complained that my blog is losing it's je ne sais quoi, which I feel is kinda true. This is largely due to the fact that this little bunny has been bored mindless. All that packing and non-drinking makes this bunny a fucking dull boy. But I thought some of you folks would have appreciated the Blog Con one. Well well then, you little f**kers... I'm just saving some good shite for last.

First and foremost. Microbrew Fest... OMG! It was amazing for US$23 I could drink all the beer my little wabbit tummy could hold [hi mom. I am not an alcoholic]. But that's not the interesting part. the funny part is how all these beer fest bring out moustaches, tobacco and bikers. It's really funny. Handlebars, goatees, all sorts... I mean this bunny had like a day old Asian stubble patch, but those were monsters. I mean big fucking monsters. I mean I saw 20 somethings with bright flaming red moustaches and beards. Smoking pipes... heh... So funny. It got funnier when this little bunny started getting drunk. Also with all the doggies around... I started going crazy... chasing the dogs around... pouring beer for them when their owners weren't looking. It was all crazy. There was also a silent auction that I took part in but forgot to show up... So i guess even if I won... I didn't... sounds like my sex life (ed: Now now... don't lie)...

Next thing I knew a bomb went off and the medic was crawling right up next to me... "Dude. WTF? I thought this was safe territory?!" "How the f**k would I know you little twat?!" "OMG!" KEBABOOM!!

-Back to regularly scheduled blog-

So anyway does it bother anyone that women smell fear like dogs? Does that make them bitches? Hmmm... Also I read on another blog how Singaporean boyfriends are cab drivers. WTF! Why are you spoiling the market?! I mean seriously... DON'T SPOIL THE MARKET!! Singaporean women should be made to learn that we can love them and leave them. Seriously... If my g/f (if I had one) called and asked me to pick her up at some f**king ulu location, my reply would be:"Honey, go f**k yourself. I'm out with the boys. Take a f**king cab. Biatch!" (ed: ahem... he's actually really nice folks...) I know we all love pussy, but really they're just going to leave you for the bad boy with the nicer car. So why bother. Be a jerk. Someday your prince will come... (princess I mean) (lies!).

Talking about singaporean men/boys, someone decided that NS makes moles out of boys. I mean this bunny has been through NS. Eating snake and sleeping under 3 tons... But I served my time ok you little biatches. F**K! I even lost 1cm of my little pinky for nothing. Oh well... But I disagree... Army imparts many great tools for us (ed: One Country, One People, One Singapore, right?)... Don't listen to Ed, he's f**ked up. We get tools like how to avoid massive arrows, dodging arrows, tai chi (aka shifting the blame), cursing/swearing in more than 2 languages, how to look like your doing something when nothing is going on, sucking up, smoking, drinking, complaining (the quintessential singaporean skill), how good writing skills are prized over all else, guns are fun, and all singaporean guys are generally horny bastards. Yeah... I mean seriously...

The next thing the city of Fejldor knew was that a group of eight red dragons had descended on the main castle. King Korrin was dead within the hour. Prince Rolof had fled into the forests with his trusted men, Rimald the Blue and Corak the Crazy Elf. The evil wizard, Hamidar the Fish eater, had installed himself as Supreme Leader of Fejldor. Orcs and goblins were every where enforcing the rule of Hamidar. All hope lay in the young Prince, his paladin, his crazy elf ranger and a dwarf named Torbit the Shorter than usual.

-Back to your regularly scheduled blog-

I am extremely upset at finicky feline. I can't believe I didn't make the eight guys she'd date. WTF?! My online personality not good enough for you? Gotinhimel! Anyway... I like being a straight shooter and telling it as it is. Singaporean women are far too picky. I mean must be humourous and sensitive, yet must be ambitious, also must have car, and must have a little bit of bad boy streak... Wah Lau... go fly a kite, can? Just pick me... I'm the best that's ever going to come along. SO THERE!

Want to know what's the problem with Singaporean women? OR in fact all women? They've never dated me... (or had me in bed) (ed: sigh) [hi mom. I'm not a man whore] (lies!)

Talking about that, the other day I was with an old friend, MH. She was telling me how her new beau has a huge dick. I would sure like to see it. And I called her a slut and whore, since only 2 months ago she was lamenting about how she could never love again when her last toy boy broke her heart. Couldn't even sleep in her bed. The little tramp, now she's off shacking up with some big dicked guy. I also want to shack up with some big dicked guy (ed: he's straight... honest). Anyway she got to know the wilder side of me. And she was like: "OMG. You're scaring me. I though you were a boring, staid guy, but this is wierd." Ha ha! Never take me at face value little chick.

Well my little biatches, my vampy jie is somewhat back in business, but I suspect she's been studiously avoiding me. Too bad. I wanted to ask her some questions regarding dicks, i hope she's an expert. I mean I don't even know how big mine is compared to other guys, since walking into a locker room and asking to compare dicks is kinda unsettling for most guys. I mean in the army when everyone was in the bathroom, I was walking around in my briefs and everyone was like"put on pants" I mean seriously. My junk is exactly like your junk. Plus I'm not shoving it in your face. If there are any girls out there who'd like to help me figure out this all important yet near impossible question to solve, let me know. [hi mom. was it grandchildren before marriage or the other way around] Or if you want it shoved in your face, that's also fine by me.

Ingredient list for Potion of Healing: "Water, Sucrose Syrup, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Citric Acid, Dragon's breath, Artificial Eye of Newt, Natural and Artificial Unicorn Blood, Salt, Sodium Citrate, Monopotassium Phosphate, Wings of a baby Wyvern, Ester Gum, Blue 1, Red 40."Shake Well.Refrigerate after opening.

-Now back to your irregular blog-

It really bugs me that I have to perform for an audience. So if you don't like it you can shove off. Except oracle. Because he's cool and we go way back. plus he breathes fire and eats babies for breakfast (which should be right around now).

Also Cowboy Caleb, drinking scotch with soda on the rocks is a crime against humanity. Especially single malts. Only way to drink something as good as scotch is neat with a splash of water. Only way... Must appreciate the good things in life, like wine, scotch, cheese, german beer and long long sex sessions... Cannot anyhow ruin it with things like ice, soda, kraft, light beer, unwanted babies.

Want to know what kind of women I want to date, read Linda Chia's Intro?, heh... if the condom doesn't fit you must ride bareback. Actually i'm not that picky. Anything also can lah... Come one, come all... Celle also can. But cannot stop clubbing. There's nothing wrong with drinking all week long. Wait until I come home, then you all can see how much alcohol this tiny bunny can put down before becoming a public nuisance (only once in my life) heh... Hmmmm... if Celle comes, then Sandra can come too... Yippeee! So fun... two for one. Sounds like a good deal.

Hokay... Done for now... You happy Orcale. You little mole... Don't think just because you breathe fire I'll be afraid of you. I have dragons at my beck and call (said dragons twice) (lies!). For the rest of you biatches... I leave you but with one thought... Yeah Buddy!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Through the looking glass

My brand new sunglasses. To create the Ah-Pek look. You know... the more top gun look. Heh... Got polarised lenses. Cool yo... Can use for sailing if my dad buys a yatch. If he ever... Think my buddies and I are going to psycho him to at least think of a small yatch. You know 6 seater. =) Imagine the pick up lines I will have...

Ray Ban

My old trusty. Helps with the beach bum, rich spoilt brat image. You know... Heh... I'll still use old reliable for beach shit.


My Friday the 13th

Yeah. My mortar board. White for Arts and Sciences

mortar board

Also went shopping crazy. Bought myself a white blazer from GAP

way cool

Also bought alot of shorts for beach wear and all that jazz. Some pants. Now graduate student must be more preppy you know. The shorts are for beach adventures in singapore. I suspect now that my parents are moving to sentosa I must cultivate the beach bum image.

Tonight got party. Fancy dress too... heh... dunno what to wear... sigh sigh... =(

Maybe I'll go as a "confused college kid who doesn't know what to wear to a fancy dress party."

Heh... Ok got to shower. My little brother, Peter, is taking me to dinner. =)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

What's in a name?

Heh... so anyway I've been doing some serious thinking (lies!). Also some serious lifting. but let's stick to the thinking ladies. =P

What would the blogger convention be called? Blogcon? Conblog? Bloggercon? Blogsummit? Blogsum? whythehellarewehereandwhyisitcooltoshortenwords? Blogmeet? Blogswap? thesuperduperblogfriends? (actually that one was supposed to be my name for a super hero team) bloghaven? blogdoogle? blogdom? itsatraptogetyoumiserablebuggersinoneplacesowecannabyou (that's for the paranoid)?

Talking about that, so if all the venerable bloggers and bloggerettes of the singablogsphere were in one big hall and the hall kena kababoom... does that mean it'll be a serious setback for singapolean blogdom?

Also will I have to bring my cricket bat to beat off the zombie hordes of xiaxue? Will sandralicious be there? will mr. miyagi and mr brown gang up and hoot me after i've been so mean to them (if they figure out my identity, mr brown you don't know how close you are)? Will Lynn Chan be there? More importantly does her boyfriend know any kungfu? Will my vamp jie even show face (i know how you hate all that)? Will Lancerlord provide like a map to the convention? You know like a map to the stars. Will Little Miss Drinkalot be absolutely toasty? Will she take me on a date in that state? [hi mom. see I really try ok] Will the High Level brudders be there to tell me jokes? So many more questions... So more will the serious bloggers show up? I mean I want to meet them, but they all got to hide identity. I kena hoot, they kena ISD-ed. (ed: shhhhh... cannot anyhow use their name in vain)

Furthermore will our chingaplore brudders overseas get a chance to represent? Do we let ang mo bloggers based in singapopo in? How about our northern brudders?

Most importantly, who's organising?

The stars tell it all

The Bottom Line
You're mending fences and reconciling differences. More people should.

In Detail
New orders have come down from above, and while you're not going to be happy about them, you may have to live with them -- temporarily, at least. If you've been thinking about finding a new way to earn your daily bread, this could be the excuse you've been looking for. If you like your current spot, however, don't just sigh and resign yourself to this. You'll work things out eventually with just a little bit of effort -- and some of that legendary charm.

Orders from above? Eh? Who's above me? Must be that silly farmer who wants to get rid of me. Resign? What over that intern? Come on? She didn't inhale or was it swallow? Not sure anymore. Effort? Yeah... sometimes when needed... And all that Charm. Why do the stars keep talking about my charm? Are they all secretly in love with me? Hmmm... I'd take Ursa Minor over Alpha Centauri anyday. Sorry AC baby... It's not you, it's me...

Ok my beloveds I have to run run... Have a dinner appointment with some fish and a girl. No no... Not a date, we're just chillin' and shooting the shit. Plus she owes me something. You all take care yah... and try, just try a little to resist my charm.

The Lord Shaper and Funny things

OMG! Niel Gaiman is coming to Singapore while I'm in Singapore. WOW! Lucky me. Now let go clean my pants. =P

Strange thing happened to me last night. I went to Humphrey's last night for PENNY PITCHERS. And it was pretty cool alot of my friends from the other Uni were there last night. By the way penny pitchers is when you buy pitchers for a penny (1cent, singalore no have liao, so must do 5 cents I guess) between 11 and 12. Which means basically dollar pitchers, but the barkeep or the waitress keeps the buck. Cool Cool. Anyway we met a girl from our uni, who's a senior like us. She was nice and then out of the blue invited us to a party she was organising tomorrow. Heh... I suspect it's my charm and irresistable wit that made her bite. But now I have a problem. I told some of my pilot friends that we'd go out friday night... but this party sounds cool too, plus cannot disappoint the kind hostess. Hmmmm... tough call.

Also that night I went to Laclede's down the street from humphrey's. It was full of kids from my school. I try to avoid them for good reason. They're generally stuck up. And I'm just not very friendly with them. But I met an old friend SE who I haven't seen in a while. She's a very sweet girl. But after freshman year we pretty much stopped talking. I was friends with her roommate and so by extension she and I became friends. Whenever we see each other we say "hi" and what not, but generally nothing much. So I told her we should hang out in our last week in town. We'll see... She's fun to hang out with. So bubbly... wish I had more friends who are so positive in aura.

So the Father (mr brown) decided to give me a earful about my comments on his galavanting. He explained that he was working on a project. Which sorta takes away Mr Miyagi's cool factor. Talking about those two, they kena misquoted. Heh... Silly bunnies. Never trust the press unless its blog press. =)

The Holy Ghost (cowboy caleb) keeps insisting on being batman, so fine... You be batman, I'll be green lantern. Coz' GL is way cooler with his all powerful ring. Imagine what I coud do with that little beast. Think about my offer to get you the CD. We'll work out the drop off details like proper spies. heh... so cloak and dagger with CC.

My parents have informed me that they are moving to sentosa in 2006... I'm leaving my home of 13 years to move to sentosa... Sob sob... Hope my little doggy likes sand up his arse... heh... Also wonder if we get a dock, so then my dad will get a small yatch. Then I can get to use it. I mean think of the pick up lines. "would you like to see a yatch," "i live right by here, we can take a ride on my little yatch" "it's not the size baby, but the motion of the ocean"

Heh... but it is sad to leave my home of so long... so many big moves in my life right now... sigh... But thinking of the huge pick up opportunities. Seeing as how all the sexy bloggers seem to hang out at sentosa... heh... but then there's my whole secret identity thing... hmmm... sex or identity... big argument there (lies!)...

Ok, I got to go now. More fun today. Last session with my PT. Sob Sob... must find new PT when I get to DC. Sighs...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Coventional Weapons of ??

Yeah. It's fill in the blanks time folks. Fun Fun Fun. {use some brainpower, it's good for me and you}

Back to some grouses. Cowboy Caleb is being super unfriendly. He won't tell me a good place to relak jack. I completely understand his need to hide his secret identity. I suspect he's really hot and doesn't want this somewhat crazy bunny from finding him. Seriously though, I also dun wan people to discover my identity, unless you f**kers already know me. Then it's ok, because I also already know you. Sorta like equivalent exchange of blogging. You know where I live, I know where to nuke. We're equal. Like that western friontierman (i.e. Cowboy caleb) if i reveal myself people will kill me. We already know I've got haters out there.

Also I hear there may be a blogger convention, yeah a blogcon. I'm going to go for the hot women. But I realise that all my charm will be wasted. Since I cannot reveal who I am. I mean all you hot sexy bloggers out there know me so well and I am sure are absolutely in love with me, but alas, I have to protect my secret identity for fear of assasinations and people coveting my modern burrow. Ah... So sad that we cannot meet.

Talking about hot sexy bloggers. Every time I go to Sandralicious' site, I keep thinking she's super chio. Don't ask me why. Yeah she's going to be interviewed by Sin Min, exciting hor... Too bad I can never reveal who I am outside of my name. Heh... Oh wait... I did occur to me that my worhippers, *ahem*, readers know my name... Hmmmm... Oh well we'll see if I kena hoot at the convention. One of the comments wondered if she'll be a challenger to she of infamous fame (is that a contradiction of words?). I say go for it. We need more than one. There will be no queen. Look at male bloggers, we sort of have a trimuvate, the Father (Mr. Brown), the Son (Mr. Miyagi) and the Holy Ghost (Cowboy Caleb). So too must the balance be restored in the femblogdom. You are the chosen one... You're metablogrin count tells me that you will bring balance to the force...

Talking about Mr. Miyagi, he mentioned that he was once hip and cool. My theory on this is that he once came from an alternate dimension, or another planet. Any thoughts folks? He also has such a bad picture of Bohemia Bunny, Lynn Chan. Seriously though, Lynn actually sorta knows my sis and has spoken to me before, by email, with my real name. Yeah... That was pre-modernburrow time. Scary thought that she might figure it out. Think I left enough clues for that one. Go on Lynn, challenge him to a sexy duel. He can wear g-string, and you can wear a bikini and wrestle in jello, and we can place bets... Ah... gambling... now a government-endorsed vice in Singrapolis.

At least Mr Brown admits that he's not cool anymore. There's recognising you're old. Although I cannot imagine a time when he ever was cool. Hmmmm... Must ask my friends who work with him. BTW, should someone like you be galavanting so much. Dunch you have a fambly to go home to? Stop hanging out with single folk, you're married for a reason okay. So you're life can be sucked out by wife and kids. Oh well, I guess you do have to spend some time with the single brudders. =P

Also the f**kers at High Levels, finally posted again. They're my sis' friends. Funny lot. I actually like them. So there, I think i beat Mr. Miyagi to it. Silly bunnies. Plus I think some of them actually move in the same theoratical circles as me. (theoratical circles are unlike practical triangles. TCs exist purely in mind and do not manifest themselves except on the 32nd of every month. Of course to be able to excess the 32nd of every month, you actually need a dual degree in calenderology and complete bullshit. Once you have gained excess to a TC, you are stuck at that particular one, and cannot hope to leave it, except on the 25th hour of the 33rd day of the 13th month. and we all know that occurs like once every gazillion years.) Yeah this f**ks are okay by me, so they're board-certified A1 material. For reading ladies, not for dating. That might be up for debate.

Also, have to find a new burrow. Sob Sob... yes changing cities. Must seek out new lifeforms to enrich or sully my life. So hard to find good housing these days... Well off to challenge the evil monsters of demand and supply, and save the damsel of compund interest. (i.e. off to take an econs exam you silly rabbits).

Monday, May 09, 2005

Axiomatic Zero

Hello my little peons... *cough* I mean readers. Did anyone miss me? Well I sure missed myself. I've been holed up in my room studying for my one and only exam (lies!)... Ok mr.brackets is right. I do have an exam in a two days, but it's microeconomics. It's not tough at all. Instead I've been spending most of my time daydreaming, reading all 5 book in the triology Hitchhickers' Guide to the Galaxy (the 5 of 3 is the author's Douglas Adams doing), watching all 8 seasons of Stargate SG-1 (yeah... I know... nerd), finding an apartment remotely (no not with a remote controlled robot, but by internet), packing (which I have done none of), eating, sleeping, pondering my existence... And all that good stuff in life.

Not much to report on my sordid life. Well I did go to a party with kegs and cheerleaders, but it wasn't anything great. Just ho-hum.

Hoped alot of you enjoyed staring at the composition of my brain for the last few days. Yeah... 2/3 female and 1/3 male... Leaves alot of complicated question in my head. May also explain some behavior recently.

Oh... I did help my ex move into her summer apartment. Why am I helping her move? Who the hell knows? I guess I'm a nice guy (ladies my number is 555-1111). Plus no one else would or could help her, not even her boyfriend. Ok. So I was being used, but whatever, it took like 2 hours of my time. Which I would have otherwise spent it watching some movie that my friends pirated. Heh.

Also rented DVDs to watch. Not pirate, WATCH! Finally saw Infernal Affairs, Mr. 3000 and Wimbledon. I like Wimbledon. Good one. Touching. I liked it. Also saw Ella Enchanted. Made me think that the writer and/or director was British. It's got that tongue in cheek humor. Anyway... Graduation is next friday... May 20... wow... How quickly my 4 years here have come to an end.

Won't bore you with the Nostalgia and the Reminiscing. I'll save that for another post. Yeah... I think that's about it for now. Kinda excited and apprehensive about moving to DC. Luckily I have some friends who're just great and have been helpful so far. What would I do without friends? (probably taken over the world by now) (ed: erm... I think that was a rhetorical question) (shut up you!)

Anyway, my parents will be coming over to see their only son (not only child, dun worry I'm not alone) walk down the aisle [hi mom. hope u enjoy taking sis shopping while dad and i do man stuff] {that being said, what is man stuff? is it like man junk?}. No not of a gorcery store or a wedding. Just to get my diploma or degree I suppose. Not quite sure what to call it.

Ok. Got to run. Tell me all about your lives my little duckies. I'll pretend to be interested. And then all my lady readers can jump my bones. Yes... even the haters.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Good god!

Hmmm... I guess I am a wimp... Not man enough... =(

Your Brain is 66.67% Female, 33.33% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

My age?

You Are 23 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Fire in the Hole

Ha ha... I have my first hate-r. I am surprised that I don't have more enemies. I guess the rest of you just don't read me. Heh... Also another reason why I'll never be popular. Muahahahahaha...

Anyway, i had lunch with my ex-g/f today. Yup. We dated like 2 odd years ago. She has a steady boyfriend of a year now. Congrats! So we talked about everything and nothing, just like most people... We eventually deviated to my 3 year pact with Vamp jie and how I need many lovers if I can't find the one. She was like: "gasp... I didn't know you were like that when we dated." And I told her it was a good thing we ended after 3 months. Otherwise I would have gotten very bored of her. And then we would have ended badly. Ha ha... Sometimes things turn out for the better.

One of my muses is unhappy today. Yeah... Sorta sucky... I feel bad for her. Like she's entirely confused. Which leads me to the next conclusion that being older solves nothing. Which all growing old does for me is destroy my body and leaves me enfeebled... Dang it! Evil time. I will dedicate my life to killing time... muahahahaha (ed: yeah... sure... sigh...)

Ok... got to go... I have a tequila tasting tonight. Heh... Not only do we have wine and beer tastings, we have tequila tastings. Yummy. Plus Cinco de Mayo is coming up (duh... 5th of May), so it's time for mas tequila (more tequila). Until next time my haters... Yeah Buddy!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Pissed off before Mothers' Day

Ok so my mum's been really pissing me off [hi mom. stop pissing me off] I suppose I'm a failure by singapore standards. You know I'm only graduating cum laude

cum laude, nothing great

I've only been inducted into the Berthoff History Honorary

yeah just a crummy honorary

Honoured by the school for my services to my CCA

just a free dinner

And then honoured by my fraternity for my excellence in education, which of course should be easy since we're all fraternity boys anyway

just a free dinner

So of course this little bunny isn't as great as those other folks who go on to get jobs and work for companies. I'm just going back to school which is only ranked amongst the top 100 universities in the US, unlike the top 3 world class universities in Singapore. I mean afterall I only studied in the no 11 uni here in the US, while I'm going to the no 86 on the undergraduate scale. Because departmental strength means nothing at the graduate level. Sure it's not Harvard, Georgetown or even George Washington, but it's better than NUS if you ask me.

This wabbit is angry like hell... Also makes me want to never return to home. At least here I am honoured for my work, back home I'll never amount to anything since I didn't go to the "recognised name" schools. Same reasons why I passed up on ACS to stay in Cat. High [hi mom. got to stay loyal to dad's alma mater]. If you really want I can get a job at P&G or Peter Mayer, I know the VP at P&G and the Prez at Peter Mayer. Then suddenly I'll be like some potential good catch to all the Singaporean girls because I'm an executive at a big firm. Working in the US some more. Jeez...

Stop nagging me about my future, I'll go where I go... It's been my dream to serve my country, but if I can't then too bad... Like Confucius and Sun Zi I'll take my talents to another country that will recognise it. I don't care if I end up in South Africa, Russia or Lebanon. As long as my talents are recognised and duly rewarded.

Sorry about this rant, but my mum really pisses me off. She keeps bringing these things up and it sure as hell makes my blood boil. At least my dad is cool. He's all about me just graduating and getting on with my life. I do want to try for a PhD but I figure I should just go get a job at a big US firm and make them happy. Save up, try to get a merit award to do my PhD... Sigh... Need to be a US PR to open up some extra doors for grants.

Oh well until next time my little followers... Try to have a good time and not let your mums piss you off...

A reply to Natasha

A dear reader, Natasha (hello!), has decided to remind me that HIV+ victims need not neccessarily be just promiscous straight and gay folks. I know, but thank you. Included in the list are druggies, children who are unfortunate enough and so on... I will say that if we put all the HIV+ people in a colony like we did lepers, we isolate the problem. The HIV+ druggies cannot spread it to the non-HIV+ druggies. As for children, there's little we can do for them. I say we isolate them in colonies until we can come up with a cure. It's like leprosy. We isolated them until we found the cure for leprosy. It sounds very drastic, but that's the only way to prevent further spread.

Anyway moving on from that serious stuff... the short answer to Natasha is 42!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Deny thyself, this is kinda a serious post

I've been thinking about something someone said to me... about not giving up on love. I've thought quite alot about it. Including through the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which is a fantastic movie, must have dvd *drool*. I've also thought alot about myself and who I am... This leads to alot of other questions coming up...

First I'd like to say that I realise I haven't necessarily given up on love. I think I've just given up on eros love. I don't want a pretty wife or a smart wife. In the end I want a heart to care for me. It could be a man or a woman. I think I've said this before. The most romantic thing to me is for someone to just hold my hand and say: "Lay all your worries on my lap, put all your troubles on my shoulders, whisper all your fears in my ears." Perhaps the marriage/civil union is unconventional. Perhaps we're never married. Why would it matter? All I want to do is come home, leave my worries at the door and just celebrate life. I just want someone to celebrate life with me. Of course you say that arguments about the facts of life are bound to creep in, and the truth is that it will. But we can choose to fight them together and not have to bicker against each other. Too ideal you say? Maybe, so maybe I will never find this elusive lover then. In the end, I may just have me.

The next thing is that sometimes we become so obssessed with something, we can't see clearly where our road is going. It's like a fog and we need fog lights. There's a path that seems dangerous and dark, and contrary to who we are, do we take it? The answer to that is of course impossible to know. I guess the answer is 42. Can we come back if we take the plunge? Will we ever be able to come back? Life doesn't have a reset button. We must be careful...

I'm a romantic in my philosophy as well as in my life. Mind you not the goo goo ga ga stuff, but Rousseau and all that stuff. I doubt I'm a pure romantic, but I have those strains within me. Life can never be truly bad, and life can never be permanently black. Afterall darkness is the absense of light. But light is not the absense of dark. Darkness may be our pre-conditioned state, our base state, but if we keep the spark of life in us, we will always be able to generate light. Remember it is in light that civilisation is built. There are no civilisations that function at night, we base our cycles on the sun. We may use the lunar calender but we plant crops according to the sun. The rhythm of life beats to the sun. Even the moon is the reflected glory of light.

The person warned me not to be a zombie of the system, and I said i will not be. Whether I escape it or embrace it, I will never let it control me. I will hold on to that spark of life, that light of humanity. Life is worth living only because of the light we carry. Snuff it or deny it, and life becomes less lived.

That's all I can say to you my dear dear surreal friend. I adore you, but recent events worry me. I'll be honest and say I do have emotions for you and that may colour my perception. But I also feel like we were cut from the same cloth of life. I may be younger but I do not think age denies my experiences.

To all my other friends and readers, sorry for such a serious post, but this bunny has been a little worried. And because one of my close friends is in a pickle of a position, it's tough to be upbeat, it gnaws at my very soul. This bunny has feelings too biatches! But I promise we'll go back to our regularly scheduled drivel, and remember the answer to life is 42!


Something just crossed my mind recapping my conversations with my mom [hi mom.]. I sort of half jokingly told her that it would be easier to get grants if I was American, so I should marry an American. She immediately said I shouldn't be silly and I should marry for love. Erm.. this is from my mom who is like the most practical person in the world. Heh... Interesting how each generation changes yah... Marrying for love during my grandparents' time must have been an oddity. And seriously even for our parents we hardly see that love... Sigh... I must always warn myself about the evils of love and marriage. Always seeking to corrupt my lovely life and ways... Just a thought to share... It's funny coming from my mum.

Losing my religion

Ha ha... Actually not really, but I am losing my accent. I tried to switch into Singlish by myself last night. you know to bursh up before I came home. I mean I haven't been home since last october, and I only spent a week for my best bud's wedding. Which of course involved me hanging out with americans and brits, so not much singlish. I really am scared to lose my singlish. I don't want to be a poseur. I'm one of you honest... (truth!) Don't cry for me Singapore, the truth is I never left you, all through my wild days, my mad ambition...(ed: ever scratch your nails on a blackboard, his singing is like that)

To Vamp jie, what do you mean my trip was boring. we were picking up a new car, not burning a barn. Heh... Anyway All I can say is what happened in LA and Cancun stay in those cities. No way those are coming out. As for being sucked let "talk" about that when I get home. (ed: erm...)

Also if you my loyal minions *ahem* readers check out her comments on my last post, you'll see what this little bunny has to face all the time. All these women throwing themselves on me. I mean seriously how can I resist. I mean I try, but seriously so tempting no... Makes you all goo goo and want to be mr. nice. But I'm not Mr. Nice...

Talking about Mr. Nice, most of us know that there are two schools of thought when it comes to men and women. there's mr.nice and mr.bad boy. I'd like to argue, like I always do when it comes to theory, that the best path is a synthesis. Ok so I'm breaking the code of the Circle, by revealing a few of our secrets... If you're a girl LEAVE NOW... Ha ha ha... Like you will anyway, nothing I will reveal here will be too surprising for any of you...

Let's talk about a bar scene shall we gentlemen... So you're in a bar and there are all these women and men. Some women and men are better looking than others, this we all know. Let's say you're trying to get laid tonight. And you have some standards, who do you go for? This is what this little bunny does, finds the drunk, loud and obnoxious one. Make friends with her and her pals... then single in on the one that looks like she's being ignored thanks to her friend's antics. Because all the guys are definetely going to warm up to the gregarious one, not the quiet one who's keeping an eye on her friend. The only problem is you may not be able to take her home that night. Unless it's only two of them, then you could offer to be a gentleman and help her and her friend home. Works for me... always gets me phone numbers at least.

That's all for now though... We'll talk about what happens when we meet a big group out for the night. Remember just be cocky and funny. Women smell fear like dogs. It's ok to tease and be a little insulting. I think I'm defientely growing into it. It takes some time, but I also realise if you go in knowing you can come out with nothing and still smell like roses, you'll be fine. If you keep hoping it, it'll never happen. Take my word for it. This little bunny has been there and done that.

I haven't lost my accent. I talked to my mum and dad today [hi mom.] without a hitch. But I realised some words were different, sigh i guess i need to adjust my pronunciation. Talk with dad went well, we talked like men, then mum and I had a heated talk. I know she's worried about me, but I also think sometimes she thinks too much into it. In the end I had to explain to her that I love home, but if i can't find a job there, too bad, I'll go where the money is. Sigh... Some relationships just don't change, we just get more mature and deal with it in more rational terms. Talked to my sis too, she's turning out to be a fine young lady with a good head on. Her rebellious youth is more or less over. But we'll see...

Heh... yeah so you know that I can keep an accent, it's just that with strangers sometimes I slip in and out. Sigh... dun want people to think I have a fake accent or i'm trying to put on airs... Ok until the next time folks...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Wonders of Computers

Grrrr... I lost all the pics from my trip. Stupid computer and stupid windows player. Arrrggghhh... I had funny pictures too... sob sob... Oh well...

On a lighter note I got onto Vamp jie's page. No links, make you all work for this one. I guess I got vamped. Wow... Vamped and Miyagi-ed in less than a week. That's creepy weepy. Next thing you know I'll have like 15 or 16 zombies of my own. Yes I'll be Zombie Lord... heh... I get to command my own legion of braindead (ed: he doesn't mean that) to fight those of other Zombie Masters (you all know who you are... especially Ms. "I'll post my birthday for y'all")

Bugs on the windscreen, that's one thing my zombies will have to clean. Man... way too many bugs on there. Ate with RY's parents today. His dad is a funny guy. Great family. Cool cats all... Also learnt alot about country music during the two hour ride up and two hour ride down. Good to know Rick Dee's Top 40s is still around. Man that guy has been around since i've been alive I think, but no way to confirm. Anyone in their 40s who can verify if Rick Dee has been around since the 1980s?

Didn't do much today besides the trip. Drank alot more beer. Watched Season 5 of SG 1. Yeah I know a little nerdy but nothing else to do. I also learnt that Cole Porter was gay, but he was still married. So there, why can't I be like that too? =P Sigh... So many bubbles burst.

One other thing you folks take things way too seriously. Why go and drag everybody else into it? I mean if your idiotic... *ahem* I mean serious minded then it's ok lor... But just because this little bunny prefers to keep his nose clean doesn't make him an evil person or an infantile person (both of which I am) (ed: *cough*)... I take offense. wait until my zombies come after you. =P

Ok got to go... more beer awaits... also more nothingness awaits... I need a life companion (oh you know who you are). Until next time, Yeah Buddy!

Horrorscope - time to take a pause

Horoscope thanks to friendster

The Bottom Line
Make a tricky sideways move and circumvent the obstacle coming your way.

In Detail
You're already so darned charming, you should probably be required to carry a license. And you're even more irresistible when you set your mind on something -- or someone. It's going to take all that charm and more to get through today with your sweetie, since the stars aren't going to be especially cooperative when it comes to helping you plan romance. Don't count on those plans you made, or on your companion being at all accommodating.

Erm... I'm going on a road trip with a guy friend tomorrow... erm... should i sidestep that and go on a date with a non-existent girl? WTF?!? Or will my guy companion not be as accomodating or our plans fall through? Wow that would suck if we got stuck in the middle of nowhere and he just got all prissy like a gurl... Dang it... Better bring my AAA card.

I also realised I'm not licensed to be charming... shit... now some government dude is going to be knocking on my door and like arresting me for practising charm without a license. Irresistible if i set my mind on it? More like creepy... And I dun need stars to make my imaginary sweetie cooperative, I have my own tricks (for a good time come find me) (ed: sigh...).

Ha ha ok to bed... Otherwise...

Pre-Road Trip Squeal

HALLO! Been drunk for way to long. I went to Fast Eddie's Bon Air in Alton, IL today! So exciting. Freakin' 400++ seater bar. We got there at like 4 pm and it was already full of peeps. If it weren't for luck and my sexy stare, we wouldn't get a table. OMG. The burger was ok, but the atmosphere was amazing. This bunny was the only non-white kid there for about an hour. Wow! Bikers, nice old folks, local cops, firemen, tourists, hot college chicks, everyone was there. So exciting. Of course my silly friend googled the way there and instead of taking the highway we drove through the ghetto on the trip up there. Smart guy huh?

mmmmmm... burgers

why does it have a pocket, mummy?

So why does the t-shirt have a pocket? No one can really understand that.
Anyway my buddy is going to pick up his new car tomorrow and so we're driving 2 hours to meet his parents half way. ROAD TRIP. Then we're all eating at Lambert's. Home of the throwed rolls. Another friend, who has since graduated, has been hit by those hot thrown rolls at least twice. Heh... Silly rabbit.

So hopefully there'll be good picture from that. Heh...

Anyway I'm happy Vamp jie is back to pat pat me and all that... Maybe she can also advise me on my life... heh... and clean my modern burrow... heh... what a mess.

Yeah so I think I'm almost ready to give up on all you nasty women (ed: the author actually still loves all of you) [hi mom. i really don't mean to break your heart]. I resisted the temptations of the flesh... I mean I've been to hell and back. Ha ha ha... Now I think I am stronger. But something is bothering me... I dunno... something is still stirring deep inside and now this bunny is confused again... It's not come new girl or like some fixation. It's just like something from left field. Hmmm... Like some flyball I can't really catch... Sigh... catch no balls... (ed: he is confused)

Anyways... Going on the road at 9am tomorrow. Which means this bunny has to be in bed NOW! Will take pics I promise. And post lots and lots of them. I know all you lifeless people want pics.

Night all. Maybe I will audioblog again. In americanese unless some singaporean is riding with me. Muackies! (ed: that's a first)

P.S. Vampy Jie get off your fixation on this guy and tell your fav bunny about your bang cock trip