For want of a better title: Coventional Weapons of ??

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Coventional Weapons of ??

Yeah. It's fill in the blanks time folks. Fun Fun Fun. {use some brainpower, it's good for me and you}

Back to some grouses. Cowboy Caleb is being super unfriendly. He won't tell me a good place to relak jack. I completely understand his need to hide his secret identity. I suspect he's really hot and doesn't want this somewhat crazy bunny from finding him. Seriously though, I also dun wan people to discover my identity, unless you f**kers already know me. Then it's ok, because I also already know you. Sorta like equivalent exchange of blogging. You know where I live, I know where to nuke. We're equal. Like that western friontierman (i.e. Cowboy caleb) if i reveal myself people will kill me. We already know I've got haters out there.

Also I hear there may be a blogger convention, yeah a blogcon. I'm going to go for the hot women. But I realise that all my charm will be wasted. Since I cannot reveal who I am. I mean all you hot sexy bloggers out there know me so well and I am sure are absolutely in love with me, but alas, I have to protect my secret identity for fear of assasinations and people coveting my modern burrow. Ah... So sad that we cannot meet.

Talking about hot sexy bloggers. Every time I go to Sandralicious' site, I keep thinking she's super chio. Don't ask me why. Yeah she's going to be interviewed by Sin Min, exciting hor... Too bad I can never reveal who I am outside of my name. Heh... Oh wait... I did occur to me that my worhippers, *ahem*, readers know my name... Hmmmm... Oh well we'll see if I kena hoot at the convention. One of the comments wondered if she'll be a challenger to she of infamous fame (is that a contradiction of words?). I say go for it. We need more than one. There will be no queen. Look at male bloggers, we sort of have a trimuvate, the Father (Mr. Brown), the Son (Mr. Miyagi) and the Holy Ghost (Cowboy Caleb). So too must the balance be restored in the femblogdom. You are the chosen one... You're metablogrin count tells me that you will bring balance to the force...

Talking about Mr. Miyagi, he mentioned that he was once hip and cool. My theory on this is that he once came from an alternate dimension, or another planet. Any thoughts folks? He also has such a bad picture of Bohemia Bunny, Lynn Chan. Seriously though, Lynn actually sorta knows my sis and has spoken to me before, by email, with my real name. Yeah... That was pre-modernburrow time. Scary thought that she might figure it out. Think I left enough clues for that one. Go on Lynn, challenge him to a sexy duel. He can wear g-string, and you can wear a bikini and wrestle in jello, and we can place bets... Ah... gambling... now a government-endorsed vice in Singrapolis.

At least Mr Brown admits that he's not cool anymore. There's recognising you're old. Although I cannot imagine a time when he ever was cool. Hmmmm... Must ask my friends who work with him. BTW, should someone like you be galavanting so much. Dunch you have a fambly to go home to? Stop hanging out with single folk, you're married for a reason okay. So you're life can be sucked out by wife and kids. Oh well, I guess you do have to spend some time with the single brudders. =P

Also the f**kers at High Levels, finally posted again. They're my sis' friends. Funny lot. I actually like them. So there, I think i beat Mr. Miyagi to it. Silly bunnies. Plus I think some of them actually move in the same theoratical circles as me. (theoratical circles are unlike practical triangles. TCs exist purely in mind and do not manifest themselves except on the 32nd of every month. Of course to be able to excess the 32nd of every month, you actually need a dual degree in calenderology and complete bullshit. Once you have gained excess to a TC, you are stuck at that particular one, and cannot hope to leave it, except on the 25th hour of the 33rd day of the 13th month. and we all know that occurs like once every gazillion years.) Yeah this f**ks are okay by me, so they're board-certified A1 material. For reading ladies, not for dating. That might be up for debate.

Also, have to find a new burrow. Sob Sob... yes changing cities. Must seek out new lifeforms to enrich or sully my life. So hard to find good housing these days... Well off to challenge the evil monsters of demand and supply, and save the damsel of compund interest. (i.e. off to take an econs exam you silly rabbits).


  • At 5/11/2005 11:58 PM, Blogger mb said…

    Harlo, uncle not galavanting, ok? I actually went home to the fambly earlier, and then left when the kids and wife went to bed. Must have balance. Fambly life doesn't mean no other life, one leh.

    And some more hor, we were here not just to support DJ Slapdash, Miyagi and I were here to meet someone about a project we are involved in.

    And I still young-at-heart, ok? Mutter mutter.


  • At 5/12/2005 2:44 AM, Anonymous cowboy caleb said…

    I'm batman. Not the holy ghost. No such comic.


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