For want of a better title: Cricket bats at the ready

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Cricket bats at the ready

I stumbled across this great photo essay thanks to tomorrow (so how come I've never been tomorrow-ed, am I that bad?)(ed: erm... maybe if you were nicer). For all those who know me well, dun beat me up because I thought the essay was good. i still think ACS and ACJC is slytherin writ large. Methodism and money just don't feel right. That I credit to me growing up in a Catholic school. No I'm not from St. joe's either or st. pat's. Go figure it out... More cheena... heh...

Not to sound evil, or to have the AC boys turn me into a toad (we all know you are evil warlocks)(ed: don't sue him either), I'd like to congratulate them on winning in rugby. I'm also touched to see the honor their old captain. I went to a school which had a friendly rivalry in table tennis with Raffles Institution. And I can truly understand school spirit. Oh we had it in those old days too... It helps that alot of us were second generation students too ( I guess if I had gone to St. joe's I'd be third generation).

My big issue, and this is not limited to ACJC, is why the hell are we doing a Maori dance? None of us are Maori and we all know the maori have witch doctors not slytherin mages. Come on Singapore rugby, don't we have our own dance? Maybe like the merlion puke or something... I vividly remember when NZ was doing the Maori war thing (which they are entitled to, since they have maori), the Barmy Army (England for those not barmy or army enough) just simply turned around and folded their arms. Actually I think I've seen the Springboks (is that correct spelling you South African fans?) do that too. Personally I prefer cricket. At least no one does silly dances and everyone is gentlemanly (or pretends to be, like those orcish raiders) about it.

A word of the wise... School spirit comes in many forms, shapes and guises. Like ghosts, hence spirits. It's dangerous to let it become hubris (or baby dragons, I don't remember). When my old secondary school won, we always honored our opponents first. Even now (or recently, since I graduated already) when my fraternity plays Intra-mural sports with other fraternities, we always honor the other team before we honor ourselves, win or lose. Heh... I suppose that's why despite our never winning anything (outside of bowling) we still posted 5th out of 13 overall. just play every sport, every game and always be sportsmanlike. That's why the others envy the fact that we always have a team to field for any sport.

Kind of serious yah... so far anyway... Poor Jayaxe is complaining about how there's a blogging double standard. I'm guessing he's just not liberated enough and hasn't read my blog (READ IT! The Multi-Coloured Mage of the North commands you). Just propose to the damn femblogger you like.

Talking about that... I think now that Sandra is famous, I got no chance... Heh... But must try yah... So here goes... Xiao Jie ai ke steady mai? Heh... Dun say I din try ok... I tried. By and by baby doll, if you say no, then allow me to retort, ai ke jazz@southbridge lim johnny walker? or single malt scotches (that depends on which ones are available, i'm picky about my alcohols, not my women) [hi mom. See I'm trying]

To Linda, dun jealous hor... I got enough lough (heh... trying new chic spelling for love) for both of you... ha ha... (ed: sigh...)

As for Celly I got complaint. Wah lau! Now that you're on moblog, you've deprived yourself of my wonderful insight (i.e comments) I got all these pent up comments but cannot post because I cannot register, becasue i am far away. How to ask you to go steady like that? Aaarrrgghhh... I feel like charlie brown now...

Yeah so there you go Jayaxe... just ask lor... As for trippe

I have a 3 year old unicorn for sale man... owned by an old lady who only used it to get to the market and back. Only 1000 miles on it. Sell to you for the cheap price of a 1000 florins. Plus 2 year/10000 mile warranty. Good luck with the date hunting thing, damn hard for a single male blogger. Too many of us out there and all the fembloggers are in love with Mr Miyagi or a troll I can never tell which picture is mr m and which is of that troll who lives under Benjamin Sheares Bridge. So hard to tell them apart. I feel you TP, I feel you (No I'm not feeling him up ok... although... if you ladies have seen him and think he's hot stuff maybe I should feel him up)

To Finicky Feline I will now attempt to beer water while upside down, commonly called a keg stand. (for all you chikopeks out there I have decided to use the picture with a bikini clad girl doing it, oh yeah) I will also prove that I can describe other men I do not know by describing troll...*ahem* mr miyagi. He has an impish face which is usually adorned with a pathetic attempt at a goatee or five o'clock shadow. He prefers to have a messed up hair look which when combined with the lower hair growth and the impish face produces a very likeable, very f**kable quality which makes girls wet in their pants (sometimes in mine too, but it could just be urinary incontinence) (ed: the author fully understands that UI is a serious problem and does not wish to offend any reader who does have UI, please except our apologies). his physique is two shades shy of a greek god, and he usually wears well to cover up any flaws in his body. In the picture furnished to me, I can only gauge that his short *ahem* stocky appearance works well with the impish face. All around I would definetely like to feel him up, and am diappointed I do not yet have a chance to touch his seemingly nice round, firm ass *drool*. (hmmm... I feel like I'm describing brad pitt and not some old chinese perv... hmmm...)

So there... That's my post... and you can love it or shove it (this one goes out to all the women I've ever loved and never loved me back... and you too Oracle, you woman you...)


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