For want of a better title: Fwah... Epic

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Fwah... Epic

So there seems to be an epic duckies...

So first suspiciousbastard decided to comment on how to get a good catch... Like this bunny really needs a good catch. Heh... but anyway... it's funny... bunny... honey... sunny... runny... puny... Heh... Back to topic on hand... Yeah some advice are generally silly... the gay stuff is ok... Hmmm... maybe I am gay?(ed: psst... he's not... honest). Linda Chia keeps giving me flak for having a pink blog.... She says it's just to give me a hard time... but we all know she's madly in love with me. It's only a matter of time before she comes over to the dark side... heh...

So the then Janice Tan, decides to do her take of SB's work. But focusing on girls who like boys who like girls who like RIBENA BERRIES. Seriously I think she violated some copyright laws, just like how I violated someone's rose patch last night... or did I? Sorry my brain is on permanent exile somewhere... when he comes back I'll let you know... I mean we all know permanent isn't permanent... Like MJ, Jordan not Jackson you f**ks... Come home brain... I miss you...

But that's not the epic folks... I enjoy taking you slaves, *ahem* readers on a tour of no consequence or relation or relativity either... heh... the epic is the whole who want to date who thing... You know finiky feline didn't pick me... but I didn't make such a big deal about it. Turns out someone else did.

And it just keeps getting better. Triple period decides to go ahead and do his own... Wah lau... Now I think I also must do my own. Must join the teknologi wagon...

Of course someone has his own opinion on the whole matter... I have no problems if he decides to trash my list of 8 too... I'm ready biatch!

The bloggers I would date based on totally random sets of values:
In no particular order:

(1) Linda Chia

Is it her blog? Is it her intense interest in my pink blog? Is it her constant flirting with me (maybe... not sure... my sensitive side also on holiday)? Who knows really. But I would date her, why not?

(2) Mr Miyagi

Come on... Those super chio pictures of him lancing, lancing... come on... Who wouldn't date that piece of hunky meat? Take care of the balding spot though mr. m... What do you mean I'm a guy? Did I say there was any criteria at all? NO! So f**k off. Don't be telling me who I can and cannot blog date ok... You're not the boss of me... =P (ed: we'd like to apologise... his straightness is also on holiday)

(3) Sandra

Yeah she made TP's list too (not traffic police, you silly bunnies). I mean she's got such a cute doggy woggy... that makes my list of date-able people. It's also a bonus that she clubs as much as I do... Heh... Except in totally different time zones. Plus she doesn't need a man in her life right now... Which is fantastic, since I also don't need a man in my life right now... you see perfect fit. =P Did I also mention that I think she gets more and more chio by the day?

(4) Celle

I mean how can I have sandra without celle, the Cheena blog queens... No they don't blog in Guo Yu, but they were featured on Cheena newspaper... Or will be anyway. Plus they're friends. Let me repeat my two for one deal... C'mon... plus she can do that shoulder dislocation thing... SEXY... So Sandra and Celle, how 'bout I date you both. You all decide who is da lao po, xiao lao po. Long chiam pass or scissor, paper, stone or chi ko pah (not chikopek, for that see mr. miyagi)

(5) Little Miss Drinkalot

Yes. Of course. She drinks alot. Enough said. Plus she owns a nail place. And her comments page confuses the hell out of me. I mean isn't that the best kind of relationship where you're entirely confused. one of you anyway... =P

(6) Vampy Jie

Yes. i know. We have a "in 3 years" pact. Plus I'm not your type. But you understand me. Heh... and you're part of the reason why there's even this blog. So yah. Plus you've got boobs... and you smell nice (or so I hope anyway). Heh... And no she's not my real sis, so I can date her ok. And even if she were, she'd be a step sis...

(7) Cowboy Caleb

Seriously folks. How many of you have not thought about it? I mean he's like Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery. Except he's Cowboy Caleb, Singapoop Blogodangdoodle Man of somewhat Mystery. Sexy what... I like... plus he's into being batman... heh... think of all those kinky role playing... And that pixel-ed face is such a huge turnon... no need brown bag to "cover the face, bomb the base."

(8) Myself

C'mon, how many of you thought it was going to be mr brown? Please... he's got a wife and kids... Cannot lah... But I would date myself, wouldn't you guys date me? I mean I'm waaaaayyyyy too sexy. Plus dating yourself can romance yourself. For that I refer you to Sandra's May 11th post. She's an expert on it. I usually prefer other folks... but whatever floats your boat #3.

So there my top 8 blogger i'd date... or sleep with... not too sure what the whole point of this excercise is. DRAGONS! (there oracle, this entire post is not a massive waste of your time). If you disagree with my choices or figure out the whole point of this post, let me know... my logic is one holiday with my train of thought...

Must go now... parents expect me to pick them up from the hotel at 9.30pm to go shopping. My sis bought hald the mall earlier... now for the second half... and she hasn't even gone to boston or new york yet. Also thanks mum and dad for the graduation gift [hi mom. thanks alot]. If you want to know what it was, send me a $5 cheque along with a self addressed, self-stamped envelope to And maybe, just maybe I'll tell you. Also if you're an impressionable young girl, or easily impressed person, or a gold-digger, it would push me in the direction of telling you, as opposed to the direction of going on a holiday with the rest of me.



  • At 5/20/2005 6:28 AM, Anonymous VampTreSS said…

    I like the idea of bein ur step sis (hi auntie! can I have some pocket money pls pls pls? i promise to be a good girl)..

    Maybe u oughta bring me home and see if ur mum wants to adopt me..

    *plottin evil thoughts in head*

  • At 5/20/2005 3:23 PM, Anonymous The Misguided Oracle said…

    looks like you've sinking more and more into the sad life of blogger....
    btw, more dragons & metaphysical mumbo-jumbo ya


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