For want of a better title: The Lord Shaper and Funny things

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Lord Shaper and Funny things

OMG! Niel Gaiman is coming to Singapore while I'm in Singapore. WOW! Lucky me. Now let go clean my pants. =P

Strange thing happened to me last night. I went to Humphrey's last night for PENNY PITCHERS. And it was pretty cool alot of my friends from the other Uni were there last night. By the way penny pitchers is when you buy pitchers for a penny (1cent, singalore no have liao, so must do 5 cents I guess) between 11 and 12. Which means basically dollar pitchers, but the barkeep or the waitress keeps the buck. Cool Cool. Anyway we met a girl from our uni, who's a senior like us. She was nice and then out of the blue invited us to a party she was organising tomorrow. Heh... I suspect it's my charm and irresistable wit that made her bite. But now I have a problem. I told some of my pilot friends that we'd go out friday night... but this party sounds cool too, plus cannot disappoint the kind hostess. Hmmmm... tough call.

Also that night I went to Laclede's down the street from humphrey's. It was full of kids from my school. I try to avoid them for good reason. They're generally stuck up. And I'm just not very friendly with them. But I met an old friend SE who I haven't seen in a while. She's a very sweet girl. But after freshman year we pretty much stopped talking. I was friends with her roommate and so by extension she and I became friends. Whenever we see each other we say "hi" and what not, but generally nothing much. So I told her we should hang out in our last week in town. We'll see... She's fun to hang out with. So bubbly... wish I had more friends who are so positive in aura.

So the Father (mr brown) decided to give me a earful about my comments on his galavanting. He explained that he was working on a project. Which sorta takes away Mr Miyagi's cool factor. Talking about those two, they kena misquoted. Heh... Silly bunnies. Never trust the press unless its blog press. =)

The Holy Ghost (cowboy caleb) keeps insisting on being batman, so fine... You be batman, I'll be green lantern. Coz' GL is way cooler with his all powerful ring. Imagine what I coud do with that little beast. Think about my offer to get you the CD. We'll work out the drop off details like proper spies. heh... so cloak and dagger with CC.

My parents have informed me that they are moving to sentosa in 2006... I'm leaving my home of 13 years to move to sentosa... Sob sob... Hope my little doggy likes sand up his arse... heh... Also wonder if we get a dock, so then my dad will get a small yatch. Then I can get to use it. I mean think of the pick up lines. "would you like to see a yatch," "i live right by here, we can take a ride on my little yatch" "it's not the size baby, but the motion of the ocean"

Heh... but it is sad to leave my home of so long... so many big moves in my life right now... sigh... But thinking of the huge pick up opportunities. Seeing as how all the sexy bloggers seem to hang out at sentosa... heh... but then there's my whole secret identity thing... hmmm... sex or identity... big argument there (lies!)...

Ok, I got to go now. More fun today. Last session with my PT. Sob Sob... must find new PT when I get to DC. Sighs...


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