For want of a better title: What's in a name?

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, May 12, 2005

What's in a name?

Heh... so anyway I've been doing some serious thinking (lies!). Also some serious lifting. but let's stick to the thinking ladies. =P

What would the blogger convention be called? Blogcon? Conblog? Bloggercon? Blogsummit? Blogsum? whythehellarewehereandwhyisitcooltoshortenwords? Blogmeet? Blogswap? thesuperduperblogfriends? (actually that one was supposed to be my name for a super hero team) bloghaven? blogdoogle? blogdom? itsatraptogetyoumiserablebuggersinoneplacesowecannabyou (that's for the paranoid)?

Talking about that, so if all the venerable bloggers and bloggerettes of the singablogsphere were in one big hall and the hall kena kababoom... does that mean it'll be a serious setback for singapolean blogdom?

Also will I have to bring my cricket bat to beat off the zombie hordes of xiaxue? Will sandralicious be there? will mr. miyagi and mr brown gang up and hoot me after i've been so mean to them (if they figure out my identity, mr brown you don't know how close you are)? Will Lynn Chan be there? More importantly does her boyfriend know any kungfu? Will my vamp jie even show face (i know how you hate all that)? Will Lancerlord provide like a map to the convention? You know like a map to the stars. Will Little Miss Drinkalot be absolutely toasty? Will she take me on a date in that state? [hi mom. see I really try ok] Will the High Level brudders be there to tell me jokes? So many more questions... So more will the serious bloggers show up? I mean I want to meet them, but they all got to hide identity. I kena hoot, they kena ISD-ed. (ed: shhhhh... cannot anyhow use their name in vain)

Furthermore will our chingaplore brudders overseas get a chance to represent? Do we let ang mo bloggers based in singapopo in? How about our northern brudders?

Most importantly, who's organising?


  • At 5/13/2005 5:42 AM, Anonymous VampTreSS said…

    Hello dearie!

    I'm back! In a way.. Feelin way betta now.. Though it irritates me that I can't seem to catch u online at the rite time..

    When will u be back?

    I'd be comin up with a list of places to party soon.. Not today.. But soon..

  • At 5/13/2005 5:44 AM, Anonymous VampTreSS said…

    Oh.. And u are rite.. I HATE SUCH STUFF..


    U can count on me and Miss Doe to be there.. Just to hang in the shadows and check ppl out..

    And we can all bitch bout it later.. *winks*


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