For want of a better title: The Wonders of Computers

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Wonders of Computers

Grrrr... I lost all the pics from my trip. Stupid computer and stupid windows player. Arrrggghhh... I had funny pictures too... sob sob... Oh well...

On a lighter note I got onto Vamp jie's page. No links, make you all work for this one. I guess I got vamped. Wow... Vamped and Miyagi-ed in less than a week. That's creepy weepy. Next thing you know I'll have like 15 or 16 zombies of my own. Yes I'll be Zombie Lord... heh... I get to command my own legion of braindead (ed: he doesn't mean that) to fight those of other Zombie Masters (you all know who you are... especially Ms. "I'll post my birthday for y'all")

Bugs on the windscreen, that's one thing my zombies will have to clean. Man... way too many bugs on there. Ate with RY's parents today. His dad is a funny guy. Great family. Cool cats all... Also learnt alot about country music during the two hour ride up and two hour ride down. Good to know Rick Dee's Top 40s is still around. Man that guy has been around since i've been alive I think, but no way to confirm. Anyone in their 40s who can verify if Rick Dee has been around since the 1980s?

Didn't do much today besides the trip. Drank alot more beer. Watched Season 5 of SG 1. Yeah I know a little nerdy but nothing else to do. I also learnt that Cole Porter was gay, but he was still married. So there, why can't I be like that too? =P Sigh... So many bubbles burst.

One other thing you folks take things way too seriously. Why go and drag everybody else into it? I mean if your idiotic... *ahem* I mean serious minded then it's ok lor... But just because this little bunny prefers to keep his nose clean doesn't make him an evil person or an infantile person (both of which I am) (ed: *cough*)... I take offense. wait until my zombies come after you. =P

Ok got to go... more beer awaits... also more nothingness awaits... I need a life companion (oh you know who you are). Until next time, Yeah Buddy!


  • At 5/02/2005 4:44 AM, Blogger Queen of Cups said…

    Hello darling?? We seem to be at the com at different times! Like that how to communicate and grow closer? *sob sob*

    "U've been Vamped".. Hmm.. How bout.. "U've been Sucked".. Hmmmm *ponder*

    Ur road trip sounds lame! Where's the madness?? Where's the unbridled wild fun of youth??

    By the way.. Not sure if tis will work.. Call the main distributor of ur card.. For eg if it's Sandisk, call sandisk..

    They might have recovery software for u.. Though I wouldn't noe wat the charges might be like..

    No harm tryin..


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