For want of a better title: June 2005

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Creature Comforts

So last night I saw War of the Worlds with Puppet. It was pretty good. I mean it was good if you're a sci fi fan. If you enjoy reading books that me and Puppet read. We're cool that way. =P But if you were an ordinary movie goer (also known as a pleb) (ed: he's not a classist. he's actually quite left) you might not like the ending. It feels like a Dues Ex Machina. But of course it isn't. That's how H.G. Wells wrote it.

Went down to the Wine Company on Dempsey Road. I must say that I wasn't too impressed with the wait staff (waiters and waitresses to all you people who don't speak bunny). Except for Roy, who was amazing. We talked a good 5 to 10 minute on Port, and how it is dying here in Singapore and Australia. Also how Port is not good for warm humid weather (which by the way is one reason to not come home) and how tawny port is a rare find in Singapore (you'd think they'd bring in tawny since it's lighter). Then Puppet gained his wine education from me, and I'm not very good at wines either. My big grouse with the place is that their food is not well paired with the wines. Plus most of the food seems geared towards the heavy reds. I really think most Singaporeans drink reds because those are the famous names and veritals. Whites seem to be stuck on Chardonny, because it's famous. Although I am pleased that Muscato and Rieslings have some currency here (otherwise I definetely am not coming home). So sad indeed that most places only carry one muscato, one port and two to three Rieslings. I remember the Wine Merchant in Saint Louis... walking down two rows of good German wines... yummy... And the staff knew what they were talking about and how to pair wine with cheese and meats. i mean seriously the Wine Company only had chicken and bratwurst. Jeez... What about prosciutto or salame/i. And please pair the cheeses well... I was a little upset, but Puppet was there and he recommeded the place and I didn't want to seem like a bad host. Anyway enough of my wine snobbery.

After that we bought a bottle of S.A. Chenin Blanc (because I never had it and Roy recommended it) and took it to Indon darling's, FH's, place. Her bro and sis were there, that's why we got the wine. But then i realised we had to chill it, so I didn't get to drink it. =( Then half-arab princess, FA, showed up after Batman Begins. We talked about nonsense while FH took FA's music off her external HD. Puppet just played around with the laptop while FH's siblings tried to sleep above our din.

FA and I are very comfortable with each other. We both realise that. Not in a physical way. She's physical with some douche bag who I will not name. We talk tonnes of shit. And I enjoy talking to her about what I think about eveything. As in, I'm f**king honest about everything including our relationship. Heh... We're so comfortable that my american best bud, MF, asked if there was anything between me and FA. Well ladies... the answer is NO. (so I'm still on the shelves, come and get me ladies).

I told her that I can still do the Singapore accent, but I realise that's like me as Clark Kent, the old me. While my unknown (or sexy according to FF) accent is the new me, Superman. Heh... They are like two seperate people. I like the me I have become. FA asked if it was fully formed or growing, and I believe it's fully formed, but it will continue to grow. I know what kind of man I am and where I want to go... The old me was the young me and it has evolved and grown on foreign soil and I think it's time to leave that cocoon behind and head on out into the real world. I still use Singapore tone on mum and dad and old family friends...although I slip into new me if I hold long conversations... like with my Godpa... sigh sigh...

Puppet changes his accent to match my new one when I was out with him... I feel bad... makes me want to go back to old me, but that isn't me... It's like being Bruce Wayne when I really want to be Batman. =P

So tough. So hard. Am I a poser? Am I real? I don't quite know... heh...

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Thank you jaschocolate for occupying my time.

3 screen names you have had - gavjosh, gavin, postmaster-general

3 things You like about yourself - wit, sense of humour, my ability to fly (ed: erm... ok, by plane right?)

3 things you dislike about yourself - flabby, easily distracted by women (my kryptonite), lazy (like a donkey)

3 things that scare you - the long lonely nights, growing up, having little postmasters running around

3 of your everyday essentials - money, credit cards, car

3 things you are wearing now - t-shirt, boxers, nothing else (keep dreaming ladies)

3 of your favourite songs - Can't Take my Eyes off of you, Let's Do it, Foggy Day in London Town

3 new things you want to try in the next 12 months - Masters program, getting a white house internship, buying furniture for my new apartment

3 things you want in a relationship - love, fun and lots of cuddling

3 things You can't do without - Oxygen, Food and Water (ha ha... of course)

3 places you want to go on vacation - South Africa (Johannesburg in particular), Eygpt (Cairo in particular), Turkey (Istanbul or bust)

3 things you just can't do - be a woman (although some days I wish), not think about women (sorry my mind is always on women), sing any song (can't hold a tune)

3 kid's names - Andrew, Edward and Georgina (Actually i don't care)

3 things you want to do before you die - Spend a few years in Eygpt/Lebanon/Turkey, Get my PhD, marry (i'm the marrying kind I think)

3 celebrity crushes - Nicole Kidman (still waiting for the call), Andy Lau (he's so dreamy) and I dunno... Audrey Hepburn (i know she's dead, but she was classy)

3 people I want to nominate to complete this tedious exercise -
Finicky Feline (because you know I love you)
Scarlett Ting (because you hurt my feelings)
Mr Miyagi (because I want to know if you read my shit you cute little man you)

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

GO straight to Jail

Yah this is a cry for help... Man I am bored... I need a woman... (nudge nudge wink wink) [hi mom. I do try really]

Signs that the end times are near

via mr brown

I think would work for this site

This one is good yah.

You take the high road

Looking at mr b's site today and his most latest post on the CTE sign board. It got me thinking about something I saw the other day and something I experienced last night.

Last night the PIE was closed from 12MN to 5AM, which isn't such a wierd thing really. I mean I say a police escort follow a huge truck taking a massive looking cement cylinder up the road. Now that seems ok, you know road construction, refurbishing old bridges and what not. Anyway the PIE was only closed between the Eunos to Tampines stretch. So no biggie. I take Upper Changi Road home. But... A few days ago the CTE was also closed for a similiar duration of time. 12MN to 5AM... Now that got me thinking... I wonder if the AYE, ECP, BKE, TPE or SLE will be closed anytime soon. Whatever it is, the two main highways of Singapore have been closed for about 5 hours each and a large cement block was being transported on one of them. Get's you thinking...

Any theories out there on the highway closures?

Just gas

Man this song has been stuck in my head since I heard it in 1999. No one else in the US seems to have heard of it... heh...

Private Number
by 911
album: The Greatest Hits & A Little Bit More,
There It Is (1999)

Since I’ve been gone
You’ve had your number changed, ooh yeah
But my love for you, girl
Still remains the same, mmm
Now, I’ve been loving you and
You’ve been loving me so long
Baby, what’s wrong
So I’m asking

Baby, baby, baby
Please let me have your number, yeah
Baby, baby, baby
Please let me have your number, ooh

I’m sorry you couldn’t call me when you were gone
Well I tried to call you, baby haah haah, baby
But other fellows kept on calling while you are gone, hmm yeah
So I had my number changed
But I’m not acting strange
Welcome home
Baby, nothing’s wrong
So I’m saying

Baby, baby, baby
You can have my private number
Baby, baby, baby
You can have my private number, oh

Oooh, so if I called ye
Will you be home
Oh, I will be waiting
There by the phone
Now I know your number
Though it’s been changed
Tell me now, baby
Love’s still remains
I've, I've been loving you I’ve been loving you
You've been loving me You’ve been loving me so long, oh, so long baby
Nothing’s wrong
So I’m asking

Baby, baby, baby
You can have my private number
Baby, baby, baby
You’ve given me your private number

You know I want, you know I want
You know I need, you know I need
You baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby

You know I want, you know I want
You know I need, you know I need
You baby

You know I want
You know I need
You baby

Just one more thing, wasn't Fann Wong in it? What ever happened to her? So I checked the internet movie database and came up with this. Interesting...

Also my question about the other lead actor in cocktail has been answered.

Ok. That's it.

The places we will go

Heh... I hope to make this map better...

create your own visited country map

Thanks Mandrake... Don't need to sharpen knives. We'll just deal with it like men, Pistols at Dawn? (for those not in the know, I guess Mandrake and I might have to fight each other for the lovely Finicky Feline's hand) =P (or maybe we'll ditch her and just go for a beer and check other women out) *double =P*

ainsi alésé, entretien à moi

Just got back from Batman Begins. Good movie. I liked the complexity of character. This is why I read Batman comics folks, because he is absolutely nuts. Well something like that. Superman is cool and keeps everyone levelheaded and the Martian Manhunter is the intellectual, while Superwoman is the feminist, Green Lantern is the alternate powerhouse and Flash is the comic relief, but Batman... Batman is the ultimate chess player, a hero after my own heart. For all you lovely female worshippers *ahem* readers out there, let me make all of you jealous by letting you know I was out with Boston Beauty. =P (ed: he's still available ladies) [hi mom. I try]

So far I have 3 interested parties to join my gang *ahem* society. Strangely enough it's all female. Which leads me to several conclusions:
(1) Most of my readers are female
(2) I am actually a good writer for women only
(3) I am a woman writer (imagine the implications of all this)
(4) I'm actually charming, but only to women
(5) I should set up a harem

Thinking about point 3 (see above), what if I really was a woman and so far I've used my older brother as bait for all of you. And you think I'm a guy, but really i'm sneaky and i'm a woman. Ah ha... Conspiracy...

To be honest it's kind of been an ego stroking few days for me... I won't really say why, but I think my ego is growing out of proportion (ed: it's true, i'm running out of space in here) (truth!). Sigh... am I turning into an egotistical man? (or is it woman? *suspenseful music*)

Got an invite to a private movie night, but alas I had my own movie night. Thanks for the invite though YOU. Talking about movies, hung out with Puppet today and we're going to watch War of the Worlds tomorrow. Yeeessssss! Tom Cruise *ahem* H.G. Wells. Yes!

Also picked godma up from the airport with godpa... Pretty cool. I got to see the new book that the local Harvard Club is hoping to publish. heh... no I am not a Harvard man and I doubt I'll ever be a Harvard man. Once I had dreamt of it, but I don't think where I'm going will take me down that path. Oh well... I'll give Boston a miss for now. =P (the clues women, the clues)

Ok off to bed... I've been awake since 9.30am... Yawn (here's looking at all you working people).

Monday, June 27, 2005

Observations of a couch potato

So I watched Joy Luck Club and Maid in Manhattan back to back tonight (thank you cable, thank you very much... you spared me from Spy Kids).

We all know the reason why I watched Maid in Manhattan. For J Lo. I mean that's a chica right there. Yummy. Heh... Joy Luck Club I stumbled upon, but I really liked it. It serves as a constant reminder that our parents usually mean the best for us. We just don't get it until we're way older and even then the relationship is never quite so settled. I suppose now that I AM getting OLDER, I begin to understand my parents better. My mum still gets on my nerves but I've learnt to put it down to just her being who she is [hi mom. you do a good job]. My dad's always been cool, so no worries there. He's a great dad to have. Like a buddy. I cried watching the movie (truth!), I realise I actually cry quite a bit, when reading good stories or watching sappy movies. I know it isn't manly, but remember my brain is 2/3 female. =P (refer to earlier posts you lazy bums).

Moving on to newly made friends... Finicky Feline has bad luck with men... or is it just her and the men she hangs out with? Poor you... But don't blame all Singaporean men, we're generally good (come on guys back me up on this one). Ok ok... So maybe I'm the only good one out there, but others are still ok. =P (ed: actually he's quite a cad. I wouldn't trust him with my only child, especially if it is a girl)

Just in case all you women want to rip on me (i've got my cricket bat ready), has a good cartoon just to make all of us men feel a little better about ourselves. So I'll file this under my women sucks category (which I don't have since I adore women, well some of them anyway).

Vamp jie's friend had an interesting incident. Yes... I can see where exactly this could have happened. Again let me roll my eyes *roll my eyes* (don't you love the interenet? I can't roll my eyes in real life, not very well anyway). Oh well, what can you do? Firstly someone is getting fired and secondly the press just loves to talk about nonsense. Seriously, can we just have more mature news for once? Oh well... What can you do.

Jaschoc is pregnant?!?! I kid... Well who knows... Seeing as how I've never met her in real life. =P

There's also some sort of diesease going around where people have to talk about their fav movies. I'm going to try and avoid that illness. Otherwise I'd have to pick and choose. And I really don't want to choose between Godfather, Scarface, Animal House, Tombstone, Fight Club and Gone with the Wind. Too diffcult... I love you all... I can't pick a favourite. =P

Okay, off to sit down with mum and go through my graduation pictures. You know of me being all so handsome and being a certified educated fool. not just any fool mind you... a fool that can join the SDU (which sounds more and more appealing with each passing day).

The Society of Postmasters

Since my semi-secret identity has been exposed and the secret organisation of postmasters has been revealed, the exectuive committe of postmasters have decided to begin recruitment of new postmasters into the secret organisation. We're not masons and we're not a social or service fraternity. Our organisation focuses solely on posting witty comments on blogs, and shamelssly flirting with fembloggers when the opportunity arises. To rush (apply to join for non-greeks) us you must have the following criteria:

1. You need not possess a blog, but you must read blogs on a daily basis.
2. You have a consistent track record of posting
3. You must be witty (the selection committee will make that decision)
4. You can be male or female or undecided
5. You acutally have to get along with the Postmaster-General

Interested applicants should send a email to the Postmaster-General at Rush events will be emailed to you. (they generally involve drinking)

Yeah Buddy!

PM-G recommends...

Two things I want to recommend to you my loyal reader(s):

1. Funny site. i love it and the fact is we also see this in singapore quite a bit.

2. Read the descriptions of the offer du jour. Updated 1pm Singapore time. Good deals on all sort of shit. A must visit everyday. I used to stay up past midnight to check shit up when I was in Saint Louis. (ed: he actually doesn't sleep until 2 every night anyway)

Yeah I thought I'd recommend these two site. =P

il ballo della morte

Hello my faithless readers. This bunny is so happy that puppet (man on the moon) is back in Singapopo. Finally I have guy friends. Ha ha... Yes I like boys (ed: for company, he's not gay). He's so sweet. He SMSed me the minute he got in. I mean that's so nice. He must've missed me despite his hectic drug and drink schedule in Thailand. Either that or he got girled out there. He went with some of my other female friends. Poor Puppet.

And this one goes out to Finicky Feline's latest rant. I don't know what quite got you, but relax a little. Wait until you fall madly in love with me, and then see if you can resist blogging about this greek god. =P (ok not a god... but I'm a cute bunny, honest!). But I agree with FF dar dar (cheap shot at you =P) and would like to point out that mushy stuff can be quite blood curling. That's why i don't read any of the blogs that are mushy (mr b you're the exception). (disclaimer: I am not in any type of romantic relationship with FF, I just like pushing her buttons if I can)

Talking about fembloggers, Sandralicious was right by me on Saturday night, and I missed my one chance to impress her with my wit. =P Talk about not having any luck. Seriously I need to be a little more lucky (hint hint vamp jie).

Puppet is back! i'm just so happy. Finally someone to sit around with late at night out by Pasir Ris Park and just drink and talk shop. I mean serious shop folks. Like philosophy and comics and silly things. We never talk girls though... Well I tease him about this one girl who buys him like tonnes of shit and he keeps denying that she's interested in him. Jeez... Get a clue mr man on the moon. If any girl (hint hint) kept buying me stuff I'd know straight away she has the hots for me (hint hint). (if you girls still haven't gotten the hint, let me spell it out for you, B-U-Y-M-E-S-T-U-F-F)

Also does anyone want to share a fantastic bottle of scotch as well as some muscato I have sitting in my room? I daren't try the year old port for fear that it might taste funny. But eventually i have to give it a go though... Might be good. No wine cellar so i'm hesitant. Where's my fav wine snob when I need him (here's looking at you Joe)? Ok off to drink. It's after 12, so I can drink. And no one can call me an alcoholic. =P

Blockbusters and Cockroaches

Played my touch rugby today. Ben looking as dashing as usual. Heh... Not a hair out of place.

Body aches a little, but it's a good ache. (just don't ask me how i feel tomorrow)

Boston Beauty met me at the field and we went to Changi Village for dinner. Roti John and Sugar Cane juice. So hard to eat with her, because she keeps kosher. We talked about quite a bit especially the no-no stuff. Israel-Palestine issue, religion, marriage. It's nice to know that people still believe that a marriage is meant to be a one off deal. Divorce is an absolute last resort (for wife beaters and shit like that). (and no we are not pak-toring or anything like that)

My parents went to Chinatown today and bought my doggy a chinaman suit. You know the orientalistic version of chinese wear (what western peeps think local dress is). Poor bubbles. He was just happy to see me. We're like the dynamic duo. Batman and Robin. That kind of partnership. I feel strongly against dressing up your dog. If God wanted dogs to have clothes he'd give them the capacity to worry about their existence and why they're all naked and why their women are called bitches.

Dad still hasn't drunk his Fathers' Day present and i discovered I have a bottle of Port to finish. Woohoo, alcohol!

Think i need to schedule a massage in tomorrow. To ease the pain. You know the pain of having your face plastered all over the internet. (ed: you know you like it, it makes you semi-famous now. 15 seconds of fame buddy) It is ego boosting to know that people actually know you. Come on ladies keep stroking my ego... Who knows what else you can get out of the deal? (ed: alot, probably, knowing you)(truth!)

Someday someone ask me about the story of me and the cockroach. I will only tell it in person. =P Actually ask me of all my silly drunk stories. Maybe, just maybe I'll tell you, if I like you enough. =P

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Just one last spasm

A few more things. I guess Finicky Feline also revealed my semi-secret identity. Heh... I actually know a retired postmaster-general of Singapore. How intresting.

FF also knows gang chants like me. Heh... Too bad I wasn't there. I would have loved to know if my friend is still area chief. Heh... Cannot tell you which gang.

Oh yes the Queen of Singapoop Blogdom, Xiaxue, was there. Without her zombie bodygaurds. And me without my cricket bat. Heh... I would have been lost and my brains eaten. Too bad that she stole Kenny from the other guys. And KTV... OMG! I haven't been to one since 1997. That was when I was dating an Ah Lian (well she was a nice sweet girl but her name had Lian in it. Heh... So I guess I did date an Ah Lian) (truth!). I cannot go back to one... Oh the memories. All the chinese songs I know were from dating her. Heh...

On the plus side I got my fraternity letters posted all over the internet. Yay! TKE represent! Xi represent! Heh... I miss those guys already... (live in a house with 24 guys for 3 years... you'll understand why). LLT. FFL.

Ok really off to get my ass handed to me on a silver platter. Ciao bambino!

Afternoon Quickie

Hello duckies! Just finished eating my mum's marvelous curry [hi mom. thanks for making the curry]. And watching Drumline. For those of you who have not watched it, GO! i've seen it twice. Makes me want to play an instrument (but alas I cannot, poor left hand). I actually get the jokes so much better now. You know having picked up the culture. And also learning more about African American culture. I don't speak ebonics, but i think I have a slight understanding of how it works. At least Black Middle Class culture. I didn't hang out in the ghetto.

Talking about that in Nelly's latest video for the movie, The Longest Yard, I saw U City emblazzoned on the back. I actually knew what he meant. U City represent! STL represent! He actually grew up near my university, hence University City (U City). He films his music videos in Saint Louis, well some of them. Which causes minor inconveniences for this little bunny when he tries to go to get Uncle Bill's (I love that place, i'll miss it, sob sob).

Also one more thing I forgot to say about last night. All the flashes. I felt like I was at the Oscars. With everyone just flashing away. Except of course I was the B list star who was heaading for the upper seats at the auditorium. Heh... you know the one who'll only get noticed if he starts dating an A list star (Ms Nicole Kidman I'm still waiting for a call from you). Man I was almost completely blinded (ed: he exaggerates) and my semi-secret identity has been blown. mr brown did me in (next time we'll get a bottle of hard liqour and you can drink it all in one sitting). I mean of all people mr brown. Why couldn't it be someone more obscure like... erm... like... erm... yeah... right...

Okay, off to watch girls run by me in touch rugby. Should bring the deck chair. =P

Omicron Persei 8

Today was pretty cool. Several things happened.

(1) I got to try the famed royce chocolates. Maybe I was spolit as a kid growing up and spending all my winters in Japan, so the chocs were nothing fantastic. They're good, but they're not like divine. I'll tell you what's divine. Godiva milk chocolate melted in milk... Oh goddess (here's looking at YOU babe)... what a wonderful hot chocolate. If you chill it and you get wonderful chocolate milk. Yummy.

(2) The science center is still kinda cool, if the damn exhibit weren't so worn out from all the pressing. Everywhere I turned I saw the Microsoft screen of death. Heh... Poor exhibits, overworked, underpaid and they keep getting their buttons pushed.

(3) Boston Beauty is great company to be with. We just kept joking all day long. She's really cool. (if you're thinking I'm going to get into a three women tangle, you're dead wrong). I guess there is a difference between Singapopo and Amrika women... but trust me the similarities far outweigh the differences.

(4) Talked to my best bud today. She's the coolest. Married and off in Dubai. I admire her for having that part of her life in a seemingly stable situation. If only my prince(ss) (ed: he's straight... I don't know how many times I've said this, but honestly despite what he writes and how he keeps staring at good looking men) will come. We talk about everything under the sun. Someday she'll be godmother to my children (if I ever get married and do the dirty). She's way too cool to just be a mum.

(5) I actually have a fan. Yes. I met Finicky Feline tonight and she said she enjoyed my comments on her site. *swoon* (cloud 9). Woohoo! Sorry if I was a little aloof tonight. i had a friend to entertain. I promise the next time you catch me alone I'll entertain you with my only talent, my wit (well I have other talents but public places are just not good for them to shine through*wink*)(ed: I apologise for his libido). I'm a regular fixture at Hideout, like the furniture and C the absolutely wonderful bartender. I love your site. It's f**king fabulous. I still don't understand why you have so much problem with men. Must be a beautiful person problem, something I dun have to worry about. =P

(6) Driving a doctor's car is kinda cool. I can park at hospitals for free. And I get way more respect from people than the drama queen. Heh... oh by the way if you spotted the car today i wasn't in the drama queen. It was up in Johor with its mistress doing whatever people do in Johor. I wouldn't know I usually skip it and head straight for the good stuff, namely KL and Penang. Or Hat Yai. heh... Love the Bak Kuk Teh there. Dont' ask, Don't tell. =P

(7) Thank YOU for trying to get me to talk to all those hot women. But I had to be a gentleman (again what a word to use on me, so ironic) and entertain my guest for tonight. I promise when I'm all alone (all thanks to YOU, i kid, i kid) I'll chat up lovely ladies by the bar.

(8) You can absolutely tell people's ages by what era of music they like. (here's looking at you mb and ben). Heh... Old Skool. I kid, I kid. But honestly when oddfellows were making it big in the late 80s and early 90s i was in my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, He-Man stage. But I know who they are. i just love giving you old foggies flak for actually having bought their CDs. (hard to think that in the old days piracy involved actually having to tape the song off the radio of CD).

(9) I have touch rugby tomorrow. And I am absolutely sure I want wing. I'll bring a deck chair. And I'll point in the direction that people pass me. New boots, time to break you in. No running for me. Must smell nice for dinner with Boston Beauty. yay! I may actually have a cheering section tomorrow. If I don't embarass myself too much.

(10) I only have 1 more month before I'm gone. Oh bittersweet moment. =P

Saturday, June 25, 2005

A ton of bricks no more no less...

Which would you choose? A ton of bricks or a ton of feathers? This always causes people to slip up (well banana peels also cause people to slip up, but totally different story).

I realised today that I am an evil person. Well I actually didn't discover this today so much as coming to the conclusion that I am evil. Or I am at the cusp of crossing over to the dark side. Yes folks... The DARK SIDE (must remember to bring a torchlight otherwise sure get lost, like NS boys in the jungle).

Strange how you wake up one moring look into the mirror and realise that the high ideals that you had a a child (thank you Confucius, Aristotle and Jesus), so unknowingly nurtured by your parents [hi mom. all those books you bought nurtured me] have been taken down one by one. And the person who is taking it down is me. Let's be honest... I know it, I can feel it and the dark side actually feels good.

Just in case you think I'm about to go out pillaging and plundering, think again (the lack of weapons, transportation and bloodthirsty companions are roadblocks). I'm still nice I guess and there's still some good in me. But I just get this feeling that the younger me would balk at the older me.

I remember always thinking that when I grew up I'd be something or other. You know... A handsome young man, full of sophistication, wit and charm. Honest and upright. Full of valour and honour. But taking stock, I don't quite think so. Well at least handsome is out. And honesty has been compromised. And righteousness just doesn't quite carry the day, as I have learnt recently. Honour is worthless and valour is for fools. Not sophisticated (can't quote any philosopher) and charm is not quite there. So all I have is wit. Heh... Which of course is too sharp at times and sometimes just plain weird (no one gets me but me).

When I was young I consoled myself by saying that I may not be top dog (try middle of the pecking order) but when I grew older I'd be numero uno or at least close to the top (when I was young I had this theory that #1 was bad, #2 was a much quieter spot). Now that I am older, I suppose I'm not quite there yet. At least here in Singapoo, I feel like i'm nowhere. Back in the US, I knew I was someone, I was my own man, and I was amongst the best. Back here, I always feel like I am my father's son or my mother's darling boy [hi mom.]. I mean I never know why I am being treated the way I am. Is it because I am truly bright and talented, or is it because I am scion of my parents. Sure I have friends who know me as me, but that shadow will always loom. That's why I can't be a doctor, lawyer or banker. I'll never know if I am where I am because of my own talents or because someone figured out who I was. Like my Army days. I never knew I was a white horse until nearing ORD. If it wasn't for a nice signaller and medic, I would never have found out. My horse wasn't stamped on my docket, but on the web system. I never knew Chief of Defense Force called to ask about me. Or some nice colonel I didn't even know. I never knew my CO and S3 would always whisper stuff about me when I was presenting WITS ideas. But I suppose if only the higher ups knew then everyone else lower down probably treated me the way they did because of who I am, not who my family knew.

Sigh... Maybe I haven't gone over yet. But it is tempting. To be that evil person. The other side. The side that my little doggy would run away from. Well who knows what paths we take until we're too deep into them.

Have a wonderful saturday my duckies. I'm off to take a bostonian beauty on a tour of singapoop. =P

1 more day before the man on the moon returns (see previous interviews).

Friday, June 24, 2005

Conveyor Belt 66

Wow! I met up with my first love for lunch today and boy did I realise I have serious baggage. I mean seriously, I have issues I didn't even know existed until now. Like huge colossal issues. Wow... Now I have to go off and hide in a cave while I work out these issues. I thought I had everything sort of cleared up, but it never is quite that clear...

Someone actually called me old... that makes my day =) Felt like shit for some time now, i figure I should hang out with 15 year olds... then i'd be real old... ancient even...

Also I feel like i'm hitting a brick wall everywhere I turn. No lefts, no right and no u-turns. I'm stuck in a tiny alley with no f**king way out... Sigh sigh...

Oh and YOU, I bought the royce chocolates. Prepare to be fat tomorrow. =P Although they may melt in the car as I take my lovely bostonian on a tour of the outer rim of singapore. Heh... We can only hope they stay cool.

Damn... I have issues...

The Real McCoy?

Inspired by jaschocolate, I decided to to this test:

Get to know yourself better

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:

Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education

Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:

You have plenty of dream jobs but have little chance of doing any of them if you don't focus on something in particular. You need to choose something and go for it to be happy and achieve success.

How do you view success:

You are confident that you will be successful in your chosen career and nothing will stop you from trying.

What are you most afraid of:

You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.

I wonder if this is really me... Heh... Who am I? Isn't that the biggest question we always face. I've done so many personality tests (mostly for classes I've taken) and they usually come up right. Heh... So maybe this is me. Although right now I feel like a silly little boy and not the wise sage on the hill. I guess I play the role of old man on the hill well enough. Feel so small here. =(

These are a few of my favourite things

So I was walking home (thanks for the lift mb), up the hill which I haven't done in forever. And I made it in good time. Like 10 minutes. This bunny is still kinda fit. Yay. I didn't break much of a sweat. Woo hoo...

So anyway in that short ten minute walk I discovered a few things (no not America... That was Columbus). I chanced upon two young boys, no more than 19 talking about their impending enlistment, as well as their future. One of them said he wanted to retire at 40. My jaded mind said, that would be impossible unless you worked in investment banking. And all of a sudden, alarm bells are sounding in the more sensitive side of my mind (yes ladies I do have a sensitive side). I'm like, good goddess, if a 19 year old sounds like that to me, I should sound like that to a 31 year old. Jeez, I must be really boring company. All this talk about the future and stuff. Worried about this and that and all the uncertainty.

I met a 30 something today and she was taking a break from work. She called it her midlife crisis. Heh... I guess my complete confusion over my future must be like yesterday's news to her. Heh... Hope you have lots of fun volunteering during your free time, I know I do. Keep up the good work!

Another more minor thing I learnt today is that birds snore and it's cute how they snore. Like a reverse chirp. So cute. One of my neighbours probably has more birds than I have fingers. And they were all snorning. Too bad I don't snore like that. Heh... Otherwise I would have more company in bed (not you Bubbles, you love me inspite of myself).

Found my great granddad's tomb today. Impressive. 11 sons, 3 daughters. Man... He must have worked hard at it. What begs the question though was how his wife could stand it all. I know you'll say that he had concubines, but we were Catholics even then, and only one wife is listed alongside all the sons. So my great grandma must have been in and out of labour faster than casino *ahem* integrated resorts are built.

I realised some of the root causes of my blue funk. Be prepared... Sit down first...
1. The need for intimacy, just someone to love and love me in return
2. Just a red blooded male, horny as a bull in mating season
3. A feeling of displacement, not quite here or there
4. Wanting to just settle back into the groove, but knowing that I can no longer do that
5. Wanting to just get on with life

Yeah... well, none of these can really be solved right now, but in time all will be well.

What do i fear anna? That's too long to list, but I suppose I do fear that I will grow old all alone. That is one of my biggest fear.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

croix et épée

My plan for today:
(1) Go in search of great grandfather's grave
(2) Maybe visit Bukit Cahndu
(3) Maybe visit Kranji War Memorial
(4) Maybe visit Changi Memorial
(5) Eat at some point
(6) Go to Hideout

Also I kept thinking of the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear from Frank Herbert's Dune saga and I found it:

I must not fear
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass
Over me and through me.
And when it has gone past
I will turn the inner eye
To see its path.
Where the fear has gone
There will be nothing.
Only I will remain....

I also stumbled upon a blogger's version of it:

I must not fear blogging;
Fear is the mind-killer.
I will face my fear.
I will permit my fear to pass over me and through me.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing;
Only the blog will remain.

Hope all of you have a fantastic day! Remember Fear is the mind-killer.

"Yea though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me." Psalm 23:4
Yeah Buddy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My condolences Cowboy Caleb

I hardly know you, but I sympathise and empathise with you. My grandma used to live with me and when I was younger she'd do everything with me. She taught me alot I needed to know about being a boy and also about cooking. So if you will allow me to quote John Donne:

No man is an island, entire of itself
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main
if a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were,
as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were
any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind
and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls
it tolls for thee.

-- John Donne
Once again my condolences Cowboy Caleb

Crop Circles

I feel like crap right now. Like serious crap. Like someone ate too much curry, drank a gallon of beer, ate papaya and had to take a shit, kind of crap (note: I did not do any of these last night)(ed: yup. I can vouch for him)(truth!).

Why do I feel like crap? I dunno. Because I do. Maybe it's because all my friends have gone home. Maybe it's because I'm a little under the weather. Maybe it's because I feel fat. Maybe it's because I'm bored. I really don't know why there's this sucky feeling inside.

Ever had that feeling? You know, like a big black hole in you. Just keeps sucking and sucking. And you feel like a used 5cent whistle? Well I do...

Anyway driving in Singapore is so confusing. Had to ask dad directions from home to Anderson Road. Of course dad's phone would die on me, so had to call mum. And of course my dad always repeats everything I say over the phone. So of course my mum would say: "Why is he going to Anderson Road?" and dad would say:"We're actually at Anderson Road visiting a friend." I know which friend too. Heh... In my head I was like: "Oh no. Don't tell me they're going to wait for me and see what I'm up to." [hi mom. I was going to meet the mother of my unborn child. Happy?] (ed: actually he was just meeting a friend of a friend from the US)

Dinner went well. Second time I was at the Raffle Bar and Billiard Room. And then the young lady and I went upstairs to the Long Bar. To listen to a band we both agree was suitable for a wedding or a bar mitzvah. It was also funny because I had forgotten to ask her if she kept kosher, luckily the buffet had lox (salmon) and other non-porky type food. So from now on, S and I will be going to Muslim food stalls. =)

I also notice I get way too many stares when I was with S. Ok so I'm taking an American girl around, what's the big deal? So what if I'm an SPG (Sarong Party Guy?) (ed: actually he's an equal opportunity dater)? All those looks... jeez... You'd think the Drama Queen (sister's car that I use) would get more looks than me with a woman.

Thinking about it, I remembered a conversation me and MF had a long time ago. We both agreed as greeks, it was way more helpful to marry/date other greeks. The theory was that non-greeks can never quite understand the things we'd do for our fraternities/sororities. I remember trying to explain to mr brown what exactly it is, but the best I could do was a networking organisation. But it is so much greater than that. Sure I can get to go to the Indy 500 box seats, but that's not the point (but I love rubbing that in to all car fans out there). Like last night, S and I spent a good 1/2 hour just talking about our greek systems at our colleges. We also agreed that columbia men suck. Heh... (get ready to be flamed like a bitch in heat).

Listening to Twenty Something by Jamie Cullum. Sounds like my f**king life right now.


After years of expensive education
A car full of books and anticipation
I'm an expert on Shakespeare and that's a hell of a lot
But the world don't need scholars as much as I thought
Maybe I'll go travelling for a year
Finding myself, or start a career
Could work for the poor, though I'm hungry for fame
We all seem so different but we're just the same
Maybe I'll go to the gym, so I don't get fat
Aren't things more easy, with a tight six pack
Who knows the answers, who do you trust
I can't even seperate love from lust
Maybe I'll move back home and pay off my loans
Working nine to five, answering phones
But don't make me live for Friday nights
Drinking eight pints and getting in fights
Maybe I'll just fall in love
That could solve it all
Philosophers say that that's enough
There surely must be more
Love ain't the answer, nor is work
The truth elludes me so much it hurts
But I'm still having fun and I guess that's the key
I'm a twentysomething and I'll keep being me

I love that song. It's my anthem for now. It feels like it right now. Nothing is quite there or not there. Everyone else I know is more or less certain. I feel like a rudderless ship just sailing on...

Also, Mr Miyagi got his own column. Wow... what next? Me writing for the Stooge *ahem* Straits Times? Oh the places we will go... =P

Ok off to feel sorry for myself again. Take care everyone.


Amazing otters. Keep Singapore Clean yo. If the otters can do it so can you.

Good otter

Feel so shamed by these otters

Think I need to keep an otter. Then he can take my clothes to the hamper and maybe even put them in the wash for me. Better than my dog, silly bubbles.

talking about animals, I love snakes

reminds me of annabelle the snake, i miss her

and here's to the two things I do best

All that food

And Drinking
one of my fav beers

I love Raffles Hotel by the way. Wonderful staff. =)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I definetely caught something. Feeling like crap right now. But life still goes on. Have to keep up my social schedule yah... Nap and drink lots of water for now.

I hate movies (ed: he loves them). Just watched Snow on Cedars on Star Movies. How the hell do you just walk away from a love like that? I suppose it happens in real life too. The only difference is that for us the credits don't roll until we bite the dust. So while Ishmael Chambers (played by Ethan Hawke, hes' so cute) (ed: he's straight honest) walks off into the snow like everything's ok, this little bunny still has to wake up the next morning.

Isn't it funny how everyone in movies can stay focused on one thing and one thing alone. Like Hugh Grant in Love Actually, where as Prime Minister all he has to do is little things and chase the girl. Sigh... Sometimes I wonder if I should live in celluloid. Even the sad endings aren't that sad. In this lifetime this bunny has had enough sad things to last several movies. Oh and lots of comic moments for many more comedies and also a few romantic ones for those romantic movies... And a few pornos too (yeah, I'm not that innocent).

Even frumpy Bridget Jones gets Darcy, and every guy can pick up chicks no problem. Yes I know it's escapism. Just spare me the obvious. This leads me to question where I draw my inspiration for my entire life from. And I realised I drew them from books, ancestors of movies for those of the 1990s and later. When you read the Once and Future King, or Dune, or even the Confucian Analects and the Oddessy, you really develop a sense of what the people held up as ideals.

This leads me to the next point on courtship... Ever realised how the game we play has evolved so much. But there are some parts of the old ways I enjoy. First the formal decleration of intentions. At least that way everyone is clear on where we stand. What I hate the most is the whole guy mentality of "maybe I can slip in as a friend." Honour above all else dictates that our intentions should be honourable and open. I love letters. But because of all these modern women that would come across as old fashioned. You know there was a time when i was younger when i wrote formal intentions of courtship. Heh... Not asking anyone to go steady, just throwing my name into the hat, that's all. But years of taking beatings has made me stop that practise, so maybe I will have to revive it again, when this bunny stops being so silly and starts getting serious. I know usually the letter is sent to the father but times have changed. So go with it.

Second, I love tokens. Remember all those knights going off to battle, and sometimes they leave a token of affection to their loved ones. Or sometimes they are off on a quest, and so they leave something valuable with their beloved. I haven't done that in a long time. To leave a very valuable and important part of myself with someone else. I did give red carnations for the first time the other day. So I suppose that does count as something. In my eyes, a red carnations is worth more than all the other flowers in the world put together. Of course the ladies also gave their men tokens of favour, like a hankerchief or some other personal effect. Even the gods favoured their champions with items that marked these heroes as being chosen by the gods.

Third, nothing to do but long walks. I mean before mass entertainment what else did you have to do? You took long walks under the watchful eye of a matron. At least you got to talk. This I really enjoy in a relationship. Heart to heart talks. i don't do it very often and not with every girl I meet. Just those who touch me in a special way [hi mom. have a good day at work]. Long strolls are cliche, but they really are my favourite dates. Along with long coffee breaks and a good meal. No movies and other such types when courting.

Fourth, the dancing. It used to be a requirement that men knew how to dance. I mean i would love to learn how to, but I never quite find the time or a partner. The waltz and the foxtrot would be my choice of dance. Yet these would be useless since the modern women far prefers the disco to the hardwood. And so yet another tradition dies. Dances are amazing. I mean as fraternity men we have formals and half the fun is getting ready for it. Sigh...

Last, the manners. This is something so alien to us nowadays. Everywhere you turn you see the corruption of civility. It's not about proper ettiqutte anymore. The other day my friend was relating how he was out with his girlfriend and some guy hit on her despite knowing that my friend was right there. What did my friend do? Nothing. Come on, when a cad does that you challenge him to a duel. Furthermore my friend's girlfriend kept indicating that she was with her boyfriend. Come on... That deserves a formal challenge. I know some folks think duels are old fashioned and silly, but my theory derives from the fact that if people were willing to portect their honour, alot of people would be much more polite. If some lowlife knew that insulting me would bring a sword to his neck, don't you think he'd be far more polite to his betters? I don't mean this in a class way, but in the way of manners and upbringing.

It really saddens me that these sort of things have faded away. Instead of gentlemen, we have jerks in suits. Instead of honour, we have underhanded tricks. I blame both men and women for allowing some good traditions die. Honour is worth less than diamonds, and a person's word carries no weight at all.

Anyways, i suspect it is the delirium of illness that makes me type like this. Evil evil viruses.

On and on we go

So the last of my friends are heading back to the USA. In less than 1/2 hour I will be all alone again (which may not be a bad thing). I've also realised that due to that, I now have a busy one month to catch up with my singapopo friends. Heh... Plus I also have another visiting american to semi-entertain. She's from an all girls college. One of the 7 sister schools. So hard to imagine anyone in this day and age going to a unisex university.

Also the gym calls to me. So I don't get too fat gorging on the food here. Yummy.

And catching up with old teachers. Alot to do. Just way too much to do.

Oh and taking all my female fans/admirers out. I can't neglect them. Makes you want to just extend your stay here.

Last night was interesting. My buddy met up with his girl, and you know how if you're the only single person at a social meeting, you feel like you're totally out of place. Well yeah... that'd be me. Every f**king event I go to with my friends, usually involves me being the odd man out (lies!). Especially during the past few months. Not that it really sucks, it just makes conversation a little boring since everyone else is gaga over each other. So sometimes you bring a date along, but it's not quite the same. Then you realise exactly how isolated you really feel... Then you start wondering if the bachelor's life really fits you.

How did I end up at a point where the bachelor's life became a way of life? Well long story. As most of my friends who know me well will attest, I always go sweet on my girlfriends. But something, somewhere, somehow soured that part of me (i won't go into details, let's just say I hate creeps). Not the girls fault directly, but it still kinda affected me. And it made me wonder why bother being such a nice guy, when all the bastards out there were getting away with such acts. Not that I really was going to take advantage of women the way some guys do, but I just really didn't see the point in being nice to them. It worked well for me the past 6 months or so. But now coming back to singapoop where everywhere you turn is kissing couples and hand holding, it makes you wonder if asians really are more conservative than anyone else. I think we PDA alot more than americans (you dirty dirty singaporeans you).

Oh but don't get me started on local women. Heh... That will cause my entire blog to be burnt to a crisp by too many people. I like my modern burrow. Last thing I need is women tearing it apart. Heh... (ed: he loves you women, yes the singaposh ones)

So what's the point of this post? Absolutely none. Like all the others. =P Although the one good thing that came out from last night's love fest was that I realised I should date older women. The same anatomy, same feminine charms, but wiser, more experienced (get those dirty thoughts out) and more likely to have come to terms with their baggage. Sounds good to me. Any older women out there who would be interested in dating a single white bunny? (ok my grandma says I've tanned a little)


Monday, June 20, 2005

Recieved Traditions

Ok, so I played tourist today and visited the battle box on Fort Canning. With a little more time I would have loved to find my great grandfather's grave on that Hill too.

I have been working on the King's African Rifles during the Malayan Emergency for sometime, and to be honest it's not easy. That's why I am impressed that Ben and mr brown want to start oral history records. It's daunting because so many of them are too old to move about and also some languages we just don't speak at all. Try kiswahili out if you have a chance.

As a history student and lover (don't worry all you ladies out there, you know I love you all too), I really enjoy talking to the men who were on the ground. Everyday stories. I once heard an oral history recording of a man who was at Fraser's Hill, staying in the Singapore Government House up there when Tengku Abdul Rahman and Lee Kuan Yew were discussing seperation. He just happened to be there on a break. Talk about timing, and of course no one knew this. The oral interviewer was doing it for the civil service collection. But it is everyday people who have non-everyday stories.

Like my dad, falling into the drain because he was so happy to see the British forces return at the end of WWII. Those are good stories. Or our guide Vince, who also had good stories to tell. As our WWII generation passes on, so too do their stories. Not the TCS stuff that keeps playing up stereotypes or the textbook stuff that only looks at the main actors. The everyday people who led their lives in that period. Often historians complain about the fact that the common voice is not heard, especially before the 20th century. Even now though the time for us to collect everyday stories is running out. I cannot blame the archives since they do a very good job already (applause) considering their limited funding and personnel. Heh... Those poor folk, they were so helpful the last time I was there.

So I applaud mr brown and mr miyagi for their effort. Let us walk amongst living History before we too become History. Lest we forget.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Morning has Broken

Oh what a morning. I woke up, brushed my teeth and took a shit. Heh... If you liked reading that all of you have serious problems. (ed: he still loves you all)

I did however stumble upon Strong Bad's latest email. And I must say the creators of are amazing. I you have not checked out that link I have in the corner to them, you suck and need to go there now and atone for your sins against all that is funny.

To Oracle, sorry I've been busy playing too guide. So here's something funny for you involving a sort of dragon. Enjoy. The rest of you go on, click on the link too, you know you want to. =P

Ok. Done. Off to think of sheep...

Touchy touchy half time

Oh wow. I'm almost at my halfway point in my time here at my home/unhome. Wow. So unreal that in less than a month i will be zooming off to DC again.

Life doesn't quite turn out as it should. I mean today I played touch rugby with guys far older than me, and guess who was the one who had to stop for rest. Heh... yes this very very unfit little bunny. Even the women can move better than me. Furthermore my shoe just went ballistic on me and now I have to hunt for new track shoes and maybe invest in good boots. Sigh sigh... Really must hit the gym and build up all that cardio. =)

You know you think you come home and all you're doing is making mom and dad happy [hi mom. you know I love you even if i never bring myself to say it], and you'd leave with no regrets. Even planning to stay away. And then suddenly you realise how much people actually want you to stay here. Even if they don't say it.

This almost feels like a pre-homecoming trip. Heh... But seriously i am such an unfit little bunny. I need to go and workout... Aaaarrggghhh... I miss my PT in Saint Louis. Sarah. She's so nice. Heh... and I forgot to pass her my farewell present so now I have to send it to her. Oh what a silly bunny I am. Stoopid little bunny...

My poor doggy keeps giving me the "i demand your time and attention" look. Heh... I think he really misses me. Another reason to come home I suppose. Heh... silly little doggy. Don't go dying on me until I come home for a while. =)

Lunch with parents and grandparents was quite fun. I love it how my mother tries to force feed her parents. [hi mom. they said they were done] And then my friend and then the rest of us. Heh... All my friends who visited keep commenting how she keeps feeding them. Heh... No wonder I am so unfit.

Oh man... my calves ache so bad right now. I just want to go to bed. Maybe I will. Sigh sigh... I have to host my buddy for one more day and then i'm going to be all alone. Well not entirely. My thesis writing groupmate's friend is actually here, so Tuesday i'm off entertaining another white person heh... But this time it's a guuuurrrllll... wwwwoooooooo (ed: erm... a little childish aren't we)(shut up you!). Maybe I can work on my game again. Heh... No thanks to YOU. Heh... YOU know I still am crushing you (truth!). heh... Oh and I must go visit my old schools and hang out with my old teachers. Especially my JC history teach. I think we're meeting up wednesday. Yay! She's special. She got an acknowledgement on my thesis. That's a great teacher for you! Woohoo!

Ok I think the aches and the total tiredness is making me delirious (ed: when are you ever not delirious or silly or just plain incomprehensible). Definetely looking forward to taking my buddy, his lady friend, my sis and her gentleman friend ( I once dated a girl whose grandma called me a gentleman friend) (me a gentleman... heh... what else will they think of next?) to a choc buffet... NOT! Good God... All that coupling (sounds like my mechanic days) and I'm going to be all alone... sob sob... (if you'd like to come let me know. guy or girl no matter. you know I love either one) (ed: erm... he's straight honest.)

Take care. I'm off to bed. I feel so old now... bed at 10.47? So un-college. =P So until we meet again, take a little advise from this bunny: "Don't break all your own rules!"

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Spot the Government

Hey Ben, this is based of DEFCON's Spot the Fed competition. We should use it for our Blog Convention.

Here are the rules:
(1) If you suspect someone is a MIW (Men in White) or a government agent, get an organiser's attention and then yell out loudly that you've found a govie (my patented term).

(2) People around will start to discuss it, and the spotter gets to present his case.

(3) The organiser will call an informal vote and if the majority decided the person in question is a govie, a wannabe MIW or some shady character, he gets a t-shirt saying "I am the Government!" While the spotter gets a t-shirt saying "I spotted the Government!"

Disclaimer: This is all in good fun really. I mean if you guys are going to watch us, you might as well have some fun doing it. Come on we all know that deep down inside we're all the same, singaporeans and human beings. And you know you want a t-shirt so you can show off to your other pencil pushing colleagues at the office. It makes you cool.

Thank you DEFCON. you know I admire you folks. Sorry we're stealing the idea for our Blog Convention in Singapoopoo.

Thank you, thank you very much.

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Happy Fathers' Day

Morning all! The Sun is shining bright on this Fathers' Day. You know it has been proven that we spend $2 less on Fathers' Day then on Mothers' Day. Which means that my dad will have to give me $2 since I didn't really get mum anything [hi mom. hope you liked the cookbook that sis and I got you]

And isn't that what fathers are for? Giving us money. heh...

I suspect some of us will go on and on about the crass commercialism of this holiday, but this bunny loves holidays. It reminds us to do the things we sometimes forget to do. Like tell our parent that we love them and we owe them big time. =)

So on that point, here's a few more holidays that should be more celebrated:

(1) Friends' Day - come on, we all know they are there to help us, especially when the chips are down

(2) Wingman Day - you know... hot chick on the floor, you want to dance with her, but you know her friends might cut her off from you, that's when handy wingman comes in dances with hot chick's ugly friend, so you and hot chick can go make out in some corner (hey brandon, you owe murry big time)

(3) Pets' Day - well sometimes the pets look after you, so we should just celebrate the fact that our pets are just way too cool to really be hanging out with humans, but they still do because they love us

(4) Cow Day - for all you meat eaters out there, expecially steak lovers, we must thank the Great Cow above for the meat that we eat

(5) Sale Day - yeah, we all know singappopia-reans love shopping. So there should be a holiday where we all get sales...*ahem* oh wait, getting some info (ed: I think we already have a holiday for it) oh yeah... we do... the Great Singapore Sale, oh well cancel that idea

(6) Blog Day - the one day where we all stop blogging and give the various servers a day off. Come on. You can do it, put the computer away, step out of your room and just enjoy the sun. =)

(7) Sun day: oh wait... that's already a holiday

(8) Siblings' Day - so sometimes they're irritating but without them we'd be spoilt single kids (no offense to the single children out there). They were our first friends, target practise, doll and play partners. Let us honor them for just being there. =P

(9) Toilet Bowl Day - come on be honest. How many of us actually spend alot of our time in the bathroom. I know I do. We must honor that one room in the house where we are truly alone (except for the occasional cockroach). Let us cheer for the throne. Hooray

(10) Goddesses Day - Come on we all have to celebrate the various goddesses and divas in our lives. Be it mom, sis, wife, girlfriend, aunty who empties our trash can, best friend, maid, drink store aunty, dry cleaner or next door neighbour, we've got to just go over and say "happy goddesses day" here's an offering of sheep's blood and some wild honey. =P

Ok... I have to get dressed and go to lunch with Daddy and Grandpappy. Well and uncles and aunts and mum and sis, but why bother with the details. Have a great sunday and fathers' day all of you! and I'll see YOU later. =P

Prometheus Bound

This is kind of a serious post. Right now I don't think my humor can really fight off this feeling. Humor is always my weapon to deal with the cathartic process of blogging/writing. So unless you really want to be bored, you might just want to move on to another blog for now.

I suspect I will be watching Hitch soon. I sympathise with the main character. You have all these wonderful rules that helps everyone else and you've used it often. But suddenly this one person walks in and your whole rule book goes out the window and you become a wuss. Unlike movies though, real life can suck alot more. Don't worry my duckies, I haven't hit rock bottom yet. And we all know that the sun always recharges this little bunny's batteries.

But alarm bells are just ringing all over. It feels like i'm in a submarine that got hit by torpedoes and you're taking on water. Captain decks 4 through 10 are flooded. You know you're breaking every rule in the book, but you keep doing it, and that puts you in such a wierd place. One part of you is screaming for you to stick to the plan and another is just humming and destroying every guideline. Sigh... (ed: woah... this is really wierd... so mellow... wierd...)

You meet someone who's like you in so many ways, and you think you've found a safe harbour, yet it turns out that there are issues that the person has to clear up. That really burns and hurts. You think you're not really going to find another person like that. You date around, you become Mr Smooth, and then you meet another person who touches your soul in ways that you can't quite explain. All you know is that every time you look at the person all you can think of is a picture of a safe harbour... sigh... but life is never quite that perfect.

Today I was watching a wonderful performance by the Fireflies. I admire them. They twirl batons of fire. Like dragons (ha... see I haven't forgotten you Oracle). The only thing I twirl is my pen. Heh... and it's most definetely not on fire... Although fiery pens... that's a marketing idea. Buy one for the teacher you hate, watch him/her go up in flames. The thing is though I was just standing there and I feel so disjointed. So disconnected. I looked around and just felt entirely out of place. Like a stranger at home. That is very weird. You come home and nothing seems quite comfortable. You go back to your other place and you still feel like an outsider. Where exactly is my modern burrow? Who really knows?

And then off to Km8 for something to do with looking out for someone's friend. Now there is absolutely a sense of disjointedness. I realise I'm uncomfortable amongst beautiful people. Besides being Quasimodo, I just really feel uncomfortable. I mean I know a few beautiful people but they've always kept it real. Over at km8 I felt like everything was plastic. It really didn't help the feeling of total disconnectedness. I just felt like I was looking at an illusion and if you removed the masks you would see the decrepit values that we worship so religously.

A wise person told me recently that I was lucky to have the chance to choose. And I've always been mindful of that. I know I was blessed with the ability to choose. A dreamer or an idealist? I don't know. I believe myself to be a pragmatic idealist. This mix really makes me feel so un-home even in the place that I embrace as home. Sigh...

Yet home is where I must be. Duty and obligation beckons. You come to the point when you just have to make that decision you've been avoiding. Everyone tells you that there's still some time, even your parents [hi mom. I really want to come home and take care of you and dad, my decision made under no pressure, but my sense of what is right]. Which is true, but then again we need to have a general direction that we want to take.

And to YOU (you know who you are, the one with the one of a kind phone pouch), that'll probably be another reason to come home. I must try in earnest, musn't I? =)

Life really is strange you lose all you old friends to their careers and then you meet a whole new bunch of people with whom you can seek advise from, laugh with and just enjoy the simple things in life. Is not life nothing more than simple pleasures?

Ok I promise you'll get your regularly scheduled bunny in the next post (ed: but why? I love this much better) (shut up you!) (ed: but...)(no more out of you.)

The Return of Tim

Hello my lovely duckies. Firstly apologies to Ms Linda Chia. This little wabbit will incur your wrath no more. =) Heh... relax, breathe and keep pinning for this bunny.

Secondly, conversation is so dead. Heh... so I had to make things up. I have had sex in the last 8 months... just not in the last 6 [hi mom. told you i'm not a slut]. I just had to make the dry spell longer (you know get some sympathy points). It's funny how everyone blogs so much, but we sit down and all we talk about is nothing (boring... yawn)(ed: nah he understands, life is a bitch). I tried with the weather, the Lions and sex... =P Silly wabbits all...

Dance... please people, dance...

It's so nice to meet so many people that you read. You actually meet real people, which is the whole point. It was fun talking to you Parik. But you've got to dance more!

The male stripper was a big plus... but seriously folks we all know that men watching male strippers is kind of off... heh... I wanted to go put $2 notes in his pants man.... but that would be wrong since he doesn't really strip as a job. You've got guts mr stripper man... real guts... something that this little bunny lacks. I mean seriously... plus I also don't think the world is ready for my flabby body yet. Talk about no sexual appeal at all (ego's a little bruised, but i'm on the top of the world)(ed: heh... I like this him, maybe singapore is good for him).

Oh and Ben.... YOU ARE A COMPLETE WANKER! (just to make your day) Have a great break. We all need it. =)

And to Bel, I know you read this. you're a doll. What would life be without people like you? (I have to tone down the accolades so as to keep my other female admirers happy you know)(how's that linda? good? non-boiling point?)(ed: sigh...) =P

C'est la vie...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

At the temple of dawn

So today I met mr brown and Mr Miyagi (a.k.a Ben) for the first time in person. I must apologise for not introducing myself by blog name because I don't believe in doing that. I like to meet people and introduce myself with my real name. =) It is far better to let people judge me by who I am then by how I write (ed: hmmmm... a softer side to the author?)

Here's my impression:

It is interesting to walk amongst men who many revere as gods. mb was indeed a wise sage dispensing wisdom to this poor wabbit about how we must play life by ear. That was definetely something that I need to be reminded, especially now during my turning point.

Ben was quiet and tired. Poor you. I won't make a swipe at you just because you went to Cat High in primary school. We sexy cats have to stick together.

Outside of that I also met other interesting people or got to know other folk better. W is an inspiring person to meet. You reminded me so much of my best friend (who is now unreachable), and I am glad to meet other folk who love reading fantasy. J had a wonderful music collection, a brilliant DJ and also a very good friend. D you play a mean hand of poker, but you need to stop trash talking when drunk. =P

Finally to my goddess. Who is she, you ask? That I cannot say, but I can say what it's like to be around her (ed: so that's why you've gone soft on us). Ever walked into a cathedral and looked up as the sun hits the stained glass (if you haven't then you must be a pleb) (ed: no he's not a class-ist, he's actually a little to the left) or looked upon a mountain and marvel at its glory ( no colours of the wind crap here)? Well take that feeling and multiply it by 10, and you will come close to the feeling when I am in her presence. Indeed she is a goddess. Where am I going with this, you say? Who cares what you say(ed: he does care) (lies!)... I don't quite know where this is going. The childish side of me tells me that I do indeed have the stirrings of a crush/infatuation (too big a word? go check it up). The more mature side tells me that there's something else there? A potential for something greater my lovelies? Not sure, but if we fret of where we're going we can't quite enjoy where we are now. The future I leave in the hands of the gods. Right now I'll drink the sweet ambrosia and hope for immortality. To walk amongst a goddess is indeed a very interesting feeling.

Well my readers I bid you all good night. I will say as a parting shot that drunk folk walking down narrow stairs are indeed wery wery funny. But seriously, Friends don't let Friends drive home drunk. They take their wallets and car keys, call a cab, pay the driver the fare and keep the rest of the cash. =P Yeah buddy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just because...

So I joined a gym here in Singapore. Just for a month folks... I've heard all sorts of things about gyms here... I guess it's good my first gym experience was in Saint Louis.

I actually like the gym I joined up at. But the staff is extremely creepy. Not in a bad way. But in a good way. Like the lady who was signing me up was extremely friendly. Like super friendly by Singapore standards. I mean not by gym standards (or my little experience in it), but by Singapore standards. She was even flirting with me a little. Which was a little wierd at first, but who can deny my charms and wit. Even the guy who took the photo for me was extremely friendly. Like smiling at me... creeped out folks... Nice facilities though. And the equipment is great. If I was staying long term I would join full time, but alas, it's only for a month. Looking forward to the Pilates class though (it's good for strenghtening the core, which according to my former PT, mine is weak). I supposed it helped that I spoke in my Ameriglish accent, and I was accompanied by my American friend. Heh... We'll see how I'm treated when my buddy goes home.

Also driving my sister's car gets me loads of stares. Her car is about as girly as it can get with stuffed dogs in the front, a bobble head on the dash, zebra print cushions and a huge sign announcing to the world that she is, indeed, a drama queen. I got so many looks. Two police women on bikes gave me the once over twice just to be sure it was a dude driving the car. Taxi uncles give me stars. Lorry uncles give me stares. Even chicks in nice small dinky cars give me stares. I think it's funny. My sis was surprised I didn't take down the sign. I don't see the need.

Bloggers' SG is moving along smoothly. I realised if I went I have to fake my identity in case the government sends agents. i mean the NHB posts on Tomorrow. Creepy....

Batman Begins is out and I'm looking forward to it. I love batman. He's my fav hero... I think Green Lantern comes a close second (Kyle, not Hal).

Also Lancerlord has links to the 4th Harry Potter movie trailer... not whoopie for me, but seeing as how I am a Dungeons and Dragons fan, this is a must see. Ask me any question on all sorts of myths and I have a ready answer. Try me.

Bought the Mr and Mrs Smith OST. Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. =)

Black-eyed Peas also not bad, but the OST wins out by 200 billion points. =P

Ok off to hunt down Miyagi. Sources (like my divine goddess, not telling you who) tell me he's holding court at Hideout tonight. Hand me my hunting rifle jeeves, it's off to bag me a prize hunt... Watch out mb, you're next on the list. =P

Monday, June 13, 2005


Inspired by cowboy caleb:

You Are a Snarky Blogger!

You've got a razor sharp wit that bloggers are secretly scared of.
And that's why they read your posts as often as they can!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Thank you. Thank you very much.

First I would like to thank all those who came out to the "Return of the Prodigal Son" party on Friday.

To Slimy... heh... good to finally meet you. i still have to figure out why you're slimy. Have fun in Thailand.

To my girls, eggplant and the halfblood minah, thank you for organising the whole thing.

To everyone else. Thank you for coming out. Johnnie Walker, Absolut and Bombay Sapphire would like to thank you for the help. Also Heineken would like to make a shout out to all you peeps.

To Belinda... Ha ha... I wonder if you've figured who exactly I am yet. You were quite smart to guess midwestern (got to love them cornfed gurls). Heh... I half suspected you were on to me. Either one of my personas (there are many many constipated men living in my head). you know I will ask you out on a dinner date sometime. I know... I'm not very ang moh (last I checked I was as yellow as the yellow river)... but i'm counting on my personality to shine through. (or the alcohol to take effect) Also sorry if we got too rowdy or if we finished all your chilled beer. So sorry. Heh... Next time I swing by i'll bring some wine.

To Ms Linda Chia... you are far more pretty in person than on the interneto (arigato mr roboto) ... I hope i wasn't too bad a host. And sorry for the late chicken nuggets. They had to hatch the eggs first (cluck cluck). And also don't stop blogging. Otherwise I would've never known you at all, and the totally cool person that you are. (can you hear the sound of ass kissing?) Plus the 24 card game is way too interesting. We spilt blood *ahem* beer over that. Looking forward to a repeat performance.

To Vamp jie, too bad you couldn't come. You know it was going to be our engagement party.[hi mom. you should be proud] Oh well. To all the other girls, dun worry she understands...

For the rest of you, if this post bores the hell out of you or if you don't understand a single thing that's going on... GO SUCK ON A LEMON.

The truth is out there... IN YOUR NAVEL!

Yeah Buddy!

P.S. LMD, when oh when are you going to take me to the wine company?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Pop goes the Weasel

OMG! It's been a tiring week for me. Trying to take 10 guys around is a pain. I'm actually awake at 5am because I have to go to the airport and pick another one up. Heh... So here are a few things I've learnt:

(1) Taking white people to Chinatown Complex hawker center for dinner is like taking a bunch of polar bears to africa. Everyone will stare and no one will quite understand each other. Also everyone will order chicken rice but me (nasi lemak represent).

(2) The zoo is just as boring the 50th time as it was the 49th time. But if you're seeing it for the first time it's always fun, fun, fun!

(3) Never, i repeat, NEVER visit the Night Safari if it rains. Actually we got caught in the surprise storm. Heh... Spent 20 minutes hanging out with the leopard who was also using the shelter to hide from the rain.

(4) The bird park has changed alot since 1992 (that was my last time). talk about the birds and the bees.

(5) Orchard road has the best looking women in singapore (not my words but my friend's)

(6) Working for Valve (the folks who make half life and half life 2) will get you far in singapore's CS/nerd scene. Just ask my friend RY who is chief moderator at steam forums and all round favourite beta tester for valve. Talk about being treated like a superstar.

(7) Alcohol is way too expensive here... makes you want to leave *ahem* quit to a place where I don't pay $16 for a 6 pack of generally crummy beer. [hi mom. i'm not a drunkard]

(8) People here use ebonics indiscriminately. Especially the n-word. I take offense at that. If you must call me a chink... I'm not black, so I'm not a nigger. Niger is the latin word for black, DO I LOOK BLACK TO YOU?!? Also only people who are black can call another person nigger. Those are the race rules man... So if you must, call me a chink and see what happens. Also gook does not work... I'm not vietnamese... =P

(9) Having a 7 foot tall friend come out of the MRT will make people give way. So tall and big people = courtesy for all. Maybe our government should breed a few big folks for getting out of trains. Then we'll stop rushing in (only fools rush in).

(10) Local dramas are corny and cheesy. Heh... but that's why I love them... The acting can be quite horrible too... heh... I mean I watch them for the actresses, what do you watch them for?

yup. That's all I've learnt.

Jason dahlink (=P), see you later tonight. Heh...

Celly my dear girl... i think sandra and I are incompatible, so I guess you've got me all for your little self. Heh... well almost... heh... Anyway... c'mon down tonight and play guess the bunny if you want. At the usual haunt. (actually I didn't choose the place. my friend did. She knew one of the owners of hideout. So yah... that's why i'll be there.)

Take care and if you're all playing guess the bunny, good luck because in another 4 days I'll loose the most tell tale sign... white people.

Drugs and kisses always....

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Hello duckies. Really tired form walking around and visiting the tourist-y sites in Singapopo. Showing my fraternity brothers around. It's kind of fun. Just enjoying the day and realising that all the movies here we've already seen like months before. All you poor poor duckies.

I'd like to shout out to Jason (hi dear!). Ha ha... so you kinda know who I am. I'll see you at the friday shindig I'm hosting then.

For all you other duckies who might want to come and meet me, I'm hosting a shindig this friday. Drop me an email at if you really want to come. =P

Ok I have to go now. More shit to do. Take care dearies.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Secret Life of Adam Wouku

So...I hear there are conspiracies abound with the whole thing... here are my pot shots:

(1) The convention is actually a MLM scheme. You go in and they try to get you to sell mattresses.

(2) The convention is actually to sell you time share holiday homes. I've been to some of those. I swear it's like that.

(3) Actually it's a big National Education trap.

(4) Or to brainwash the first inklings of an independent singapore media.

(5) Pre-national day rally. Go Singapore Go.

(6) harry potter book launch

(7) Let's meet xiaxue, sandra __________(insert chio fembloggers' names) session

(8) It's in woodlands, so maybe they're trying to deport us to Malaysia

(9) New evangelical christian church trying to recruit members

(10) Visit Woodlands Campaign ploy

My guesses on some of the key actors in the conventions:

(1) mr brown: evil Woodlands town council member

(2) mr brown: CEO of MLM company

(3) mr miyagi: chikopek

(4) mr miyagi: pastor of new church

(5) Cowboy Caleb: malaysian secret agent

(6) Cowboy Caleb: harry potter book agent

(7) Xiaxue: cowboy caleb

(8) Xiaxue: mr miyagi on his medication

Actually they're all my pawns, the whole point is to lure all of you there and then gas you. there can only be one, and i am it. Muahahaha

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