For want of a better title: ainsi alésé, entretien à moi

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

ainsi alésé, entretien à moi

Just got back from Batman Begins. Good movie. I liked the complexity of character. This is why I read Batman comics folks, because he is absolutely nuts. Well something like that. Superman is cool and keeps everyone levelheaded and the Martian Manhunter is the intellectual, while Superwoman is the feminist, Green Lantern is the alternate powerhouse and Flash is the comic relief, but Batman... Batman is the ultimate chess player, a hero after my own heart. For all you lovely female worshippers *ahem* readers out there, let me make all of you jealous by letting you know I was out with Boston Beauty. =P (ed: he's still available ladies) [hi mom. I try]

So far I have 3 interested parties to join my gang *ahem* society. Strangely enough it's all female. Which leads me to several conclusions:
(1) Most of my readers are female
(2) I am actually a good writer for women only
(3) I am a woman writer (imagine the implications of all this)
(4) I'm actually charming, but only to women
(5) I should set up a harem

Thinking about point 3 (see above), what if I really was a woman and so far I've used my older brother as bait for all of you. And you think I'm a guy, but really i'm sneaky and i'm a woman. Ah ha... Conspiracy...

To be honest it's kind of been an ego stroking few days for me... I won't really say why, but I think my ego is growing out of proportion (ed: it's true, i'm running out of space in here) (truth!). Sigh... am I turning into an egotistical man? (or is it woman? *suspenseful music*)

Got an invite to a private movie night, but alas I had my own movie night. Thanks for the invite though YOU. Talking about movies, hung out with Puppet today and we're going to watch War of the Worlds tomorrow. Yeeessssss! Tom Cruise *ahem* H.G. Wells. Yes!

Also picked godma up from the airport with godpa... Pretty cool. I got to see the new book that the local Harvard Club is hoping to publish. heh... no I am not a Harvard man and I doubt I'll ever be a Harvard man. Once I had dreamt of it, but I don't think where I'm going will take me down that path. Oh well... I'll give Boston a miss for now. =P (the clues women, the clues)

Ok off to bed... I've been awake since 9.30am... Yawn (here's looking at all you working people).


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