For want of a better title: At the temple of dawn

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

At the temple of dawn

So today I met mr brown and Mr Miyagi (a.k.a Ben) for the first time in person. I must apologise for not introducing myself by blog name because I don't believe in doing that. I like to meet people and introduce myself with my real name. =) It is far better to let people judge me by who I am then by how I write (ed: hmmmm... a softer side to the author?)

Here's my impression:

It is interesting to walk amongst men who many revere as gods. mb was indeed a wise sage dispensing wisdom to this poor wabbit about how we must play life by ear. That was definetely something that I need to be reminded, especially now during my turning point.

Ben was quiet and tired. Poor you. I won't make a swipe at you just because you went to Cat High in primary school. We sexy cats have to stick together.

Outside of that I also met other interesting people or got to know other folk better. W is an inspiring person to meet. You reminded me so much of my best friend (who is now unreachable), and I am glad to meet other folk who love reading fantasy. J had a wonderful music collection, a brilliant DJ and also a very good friend. D you play a mean hand of poker, but you need to stop trash talking when drunk. =P

Finally to my goddess. Who is she, you ask? That I cannot say, but I can say what it's like to be around her (ed: so that's why you've gone soft on us). Ever walked into a cathedral and looked up as the sun hits the stained glass (if you haven't then you must be a pleb) (ed: no he's not a class-ist, he's actually a little to the left) or looked upon a mountain and marvel at its glory ( no colours of the wind crap here)? Well take that feeling and multiply it by 10, and you will come close to the feeling when I am in her presence. Indeed she is a goddess. Where am I going with this, you say? Who cares what you say(ed: he does care) (lies!)... I don't quite know where this is going. The childish side of me tells me that I do indeed have the stirrings of a crush/infatuation (too big a word? go check it up). The more mature side tells me that there's something else there? A potential for something greater my lovelies? Not sure, but if we fret of where we're going we can't quite enjoy where we are now. The future I leave in the hands of the gods. Right now I'll drink the sweet ambrosia and hope for immortality. To walk amongst a goddess is indeed a very interesting feeling.

Well my readers I bid you all good night. I will say as a parting shot that drunk folk walking down narrow stairs are indeed wery wery funny. But seriously, Friends don't let Friends drive home drunk. They take their wallets and car keys, call a cab, pay the driver the fare and keep the rest of the cash. =P Yeah buddy!


  • At 6/17/2005 4:57 AM, Blogger Linda Chia said…

    how dare you publicly profess the presence of another goddess in your life? I demand total devotion!

    Careful, you leetle wabbit. I boil bunnies...

  • At 6/20/2005 4:17 AM, Blogger aberwyn said…

    hey you the dude i spoke to at the barcounter about fantasy and scifi novels?


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