For want of a better title: Blockbusters and Cockroaches

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Monday, June 27, 2005

Blockbusters and Cockroaches

Played my touch rugby today. Ben looking as dashing as usual. Heh... Not a hair out of place.

Body aches a little, but it's a good ache. (just don't ask me how i feel tomorrow)

Boston Beauty met me at the field and we went to Changi Village for dinner. Roti John and Sugar Cane juice. So hard to eat with her, because she keeps kosher. We talked about quite a bit especially the no-no stuff. Israel-Palestine issue, religion, marriage. It's nice to know that people still believe that a marriage is meant to be a one off deal. Divorce is an absolute last resort (for wife beaters and shit like that). (and no we are not pak-toring or anything like that)

My parents went to Chinatown today and bought my doggy a chinaman suit. You know the orientalistic version of chinese wear (what western peeps think local dress is). Poor bubbles. He was just happy to see me. We're like the dynamic duo. Batman and Robin. That kind of partnership. I feel strongly against dressing up your dog. If God wanted dogs to have clothes he'd give them the capacity to worry about their existence and why they're all naked and why their women are called bitches.

Dad still hasn't drunk his Fathers' Day present and i discovered I have a bottle of Port to finish. Woohoo, alcohol!

Think i need to schedule a massage in tomorrow. To ease the pain. You know the pain of having your face plastered all over the internet. (ed: you know you like it, it makes you semi-famous now. 15 seconds of fame buddy) It is ego boosting to know that people actually know you. Come on ladies keep stroking my ego... Who knows what else you can get out of the deal? (ed: alot, probably, knowing you)(truth!)

Someday someone ask me about the story of me and the cockroach. I will only tell it in person. =P Actually ask me of all my silly drunk stories. Maybe, just maybe I'll tell you, if I like you enough. =P


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