For want of a better title: Creature Comforts

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Creature Comforts

So last night I saw War of the Worlds with Puppet. It was pretty good. I mean it was good if you're a sci fi fan. If you enjoy reading books that me and Puppet read. We're cool that way. =P But if you were an ordinary movie goer (also known as a pleb) (ed: he's not a classist. he's actually quite left) you might not like the ending. It feels like a Dues Ex Machina. But of course it isn't. That's how H.G. Wells wrote it.

Went down to the Wine Company on Dempsey Road. I must say that I wasn't too impressed with the wait staff (waiters and waitresses to all you people who don't speak bunny). Except for Roy, who was amazing. We talked a good 5 to 10 minute on Port, and how it is dying here in Singapore and Australia. Also how Port is not good for warm humid weather (which by the way is one reason to not come home) and how tawny port is a rare find in Singapore (you'd think they'd bring in tawny since it's lighter). Then Puppet gained his wine education from me, and I'm not very good at wines either. My big grouse with the place is that their food is not well paired with the wines. Plus most of the food seems geared towards the heavy reds. I really think most Singaporeans drink reds because those are the famous names and veritals. Whites seem to be stuck on Chardonny, because it's famous. Although I am pleased that Muscato and Rieslings have some currency here (otherwise I definetely am not coming home). So sad indeed that most places only carry one muscato, one port and two to three Rieslings. I remember the Wine Merchant in Saint Louis... walking down two rows of good German wines... yummy... And the staff knew what they were talking about and how to pair wine with cheese and meats. i mean seriously the Wine Company only had chicken and bratwurst. Jeez... What about prosciutto or salame/i. And please pair the cheeses well... I was a little upset, but Puppet was there and he recommeded the place and I didn't want to seem like a bad host. Anyway enough of my wine snobbery.

After that we bought a bottle of S.A. Chenin Blanc (because I never had it and Roy recommended it) and took it to Indon darling's, FH's, place. Her bro and sis were there, that's why we got the wine. But then i realised we had to chill it, so I didn't get to drink it. =( Then half-arab princess, FA, showed up after Batman Begins. We talked about nonsense while FH took FA's music off her external HD. Puppet just played around with the laptop while FH's siblings tried to sleep above our din.

FA and I are very comfortable with each other. We both realise that. Not in a physical way. She's physical with some douche bag who I will not name. We talk tonnes of shit. And I enjoy talking to her about what I think about eveything. As in, I'm f**king honest about everything including our relationship. Heh... We're so comfortable that my american best bud, MF, asked if there was anything between me and FA. Well ladies... the answer is NO. (so I'm still on the shelves, come and get me ladies).

I told her that I can still do the Singapore accent, but I realise that's like me as Clark Kent, the old me. While my unknown (or sexy according to FF) accent is the new me, Superman. Heh... They are like two seperate people. I like the me I have become. FA asked if it was fully formed or growing, and I believe it's fully formed, but it will continue to grow. I know what kind of man I am and where I want to go... The old me was the young me and it has evolved and grown on foreign soil and I think it's time to leave that cocoon behind and head on out into the real world. I still use Singapore tone on mum and dad and old family friends...although I slip into new me if I hold long conversations... like with my Godpa... sigh sigh...

Puppet changes his accent to match my new one when I was out with him... I feel bad... makes me want to go back to old me, but that isn't me... It's like being Bruce Wayne when I really want to be Batman. =P

So tough. So hard. Am I a poser? Am I real? I don't quite know... heh...


  • At 6/30/2005 3:34 AM, Blogger BluishSky said…

    break up your paragraphs man... too long, eyes skimming over the words to the end. Come to the point fasterrr... especially when talking about ladies

  • At 6/30/2005 4:44 AM, Anonymous HellsBel said…

    you be poser only when you feel false. However transition is slow and you'll feel like you, hopefull soon. heh.


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