For want of a better title: Happy Fathers' Day

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Happy Fathers' Day

Morning all! The Sun is shining bright on this Fathers' Day. You know it has been proven that we spend $2 less on Fathers' Day then on Mothers' Day. Which means that my dad will have to give me $2 since I didn't really get mum anything [hi mom. hope you liked the cookbook that sis and I got you]

And isn't that what fathers are for? Giving us money. heh...

I suspect some of us will go on and on about the crass commercialism of this holiday, but this bunny loves holidays. It reminds us to do the things we sometimes forget to do. Like tell our parent that we love them and we owe them big time. =)

So on that point, here's a few more holidays that should be more celebrated:

(1) Friends' Day - come on, we all know they are there to help us, especially when the chips are down

(2) Wingman Day - you know... hot chick on the floor, you want to dance with her, but you know her friends might cut her off from you, that's when handy wingman comes in dances with hot chick's ugly friend, so you and hot chick can go make out in some corner (hey brandon, you owe murry big time)

(3) Pets' Day - well sometimes the pets look after you, so we should just celebrate the fact that our pets are just way too cool to really be hanging out with humans, but they still do because they love us

(4) Cow Day - for all you meat eaters out there, expecially steak lovers, we must thank the Great Cow above for the meat that we eat

(5) Sale Day - yeah, we all know singappopia-reans love shopping. So there should be a holiday where we all get sales...*ahem* oh wait, getting some info (ed: I think we already have a holiday for it) oh yeah... we do... the Great Singapore Sale, oh well cancel that idea

(6) Blog Day - the one day where we all stop blogging and give the various servers a day off. Come on. You can do it, put the computer away, step out of your room and just enjoy the sun. =)

(7) Sun day: oh wait... that's already a holiday

(8) Siblings' Day - so sometimes they're irritating but without them we'd be spoilt single kids (no offense to the single children out there). They were our first friends, target practise, doll and play partners. Let us honor them for just being there. =P

(9) Toilet Bowl Day - come on be honest. How many of us actually spend alot of our time in the bathroom. I know I do. We must honor that one room in the house where we are truly alone (except for the occasional cockroach). Let us cheer for the throne. Hooray

(10) Goddesses Day - Come on we all have to celebrate the various goddesses and divas in our lives. Be it mom, sis, wife, girlfriend, aunty who empties our trash can, best friend, maid, drink store aunty, dry cleaner or next door neighbour, we've got to just go over and say "happy goddesses day" here's an offering of sheep's blood and some wild honey. =P

Ok... I have to get dressed and go to lunch with Daddy and Grandpappy. Well and uncles and aunts and mum and sis, but why bother with the details. Have a great sunday and fathers' day all of you! and I'll see YOU later. =P


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