For want of a better title: il ballo della morte

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Monday, June 27, 2005

il ballo della morte

Hello my faithless readers. This bunny is so happy that puppet (man on the moon) is back in Singapopo. Finally I have guy friends. Ha ha... Yes I like boys (ed: for company, he's not gay). He's so sweet. He SMSed me the minute he got in. I mean that's so nice. He must've missed me despite his hectic drug and drink schedule in Thailand. Either that or he got girled out there. He went with some of my other female friends. Poor Puppet.

And this one goes out to Finicky Feline's latest rant. I don't know what quite got you, but relax a little. Wait until you fall madly in love with me, and then see if you can resist blogging about this greek god. =P (ok not a god... but I'm a cute bunny, honest!). But I agree with FF dar dar (cheap shot at you =P) and would like to point out that mushy stuff can be quite blood curling. That's why i don't read any of the blogs that are mushy (mr b you're the exception). (disclaimer: I am not in any type of romantic relationship with FF, I just like pushing her buttons if I can)

Talking about fembloggers, Sandralicious was right by me on Saturday night, and I missed my one chance to impress her with my wit. =P Talk about not having any luck. Seriously I need to be a little more lucky (hint hint vamp jie).

Puppet is back! i'm just so happy. Finally someone to sit around with late at night out by Pasir Ris Park and just drink and talk shop. I mean serious shop folks. Like philosophy and comics and silly things. We never talk girls though... Well I tease him about this one girl who buys him like tonnes of shit and he keeps denying that she's interested in him. Jeez... Get a clue mr man on the moon. If any girl (hint hint) kept buying me stuff I'd know straight away she has the hots for me (hint hint). (if you girls still haven't gotten the hint, let me spell it out for you, B-U-Y-M-E-S-T-U-F-F)

Also does anyone want to share a fantastic bottle of scotch as well as some muscato I have sitting in my room? I daren't try the year old port for fear that it might taste funny. But eventually i have to give it a go though... Might be good. No wine cellar so i'm hesitant. Where's my fav wine snob when I need him (here's looking at you Joe)? Ok off to drink. It's after 12, so I can drink. And no one can call me an alcoholic. =P


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