For want of a better title: Observations of a couch potato

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Monday, June 27, 2005

Observations of a couch potato

So I watched Joy Luck Club and Maid in Manhattan back to back tonight (thank you cable, thank you very much... you spared me from Spy Kids).

We all know the reason why I watched Maid in Manhattan. For J Lo. I mean that's a chica right there. Yummy. Heh... Joy Luck Club I stumbled upon, but I really liked it. It serves as a constant reminder that our parents usually mean the best for us. We just don't get it until we're way older and even then the relationship is never quite so settled. I suppose now that I AM getting OLDER, I begin to understand my parents better. My mum still gets on my nerves but I've learnt to put it down to just her being who she is [hi mom. you do a good job]. My dad's always been cool, so no worries there. He's a great dad to have. Like a buddy. I cried watching the movie (truth!), I realise I actually cry quite a bit, when reading good stories or watching sappy movies. I know it isn't manly, but remember my brain is 2/3 female. =P (refer to earlier posts you lazy bums).

Moving on to newly made friends... Finicky Feline has bad luck with men... or is it just her and the men she hangs out with? Poor you... But don't blame all Singaporean men, we're generally good (come on guys back me up on this one). Ok ok... So maybe I'm the only good one out there, but others are still ok. =P (ed: actually he's quite a cad. I wouldn't trust him with my only child, especially if it is a girl)

Just in case all you women want to rip on me (i've got my cricket bat ready), has a good cartoon just to make all of us men feel a little better about ourselves. So I'll file this under my women sucks category (which I don't have since I adore women, well some of them anyway).

Vamp jie's friend had an interesting incident. Yes... I can see where exactly this could have happened. Again let me roll my eyes *roll my eyes* (don't you love the interenet? I can't roll my eyes in real life, not very well anyway). Oh well, what can you do? Firstly someone is getting fired and secondly the press just loves to talk about nonsense. Seriously, can we just have more mature news for once? Oh well... What can you do.

Jaschoc is pregnant?!?! I kid... Well who knows... Seeing as how I've never met her in real life. =P

There's also some sort of diesease going around where people have to talk about their fav movies. I'm going to try and avoid that illness. Otherwise I'd have to pick and choose. And I really don't want to choose between Godfather, Scarface, Animal House, Tombstone, Fight Club and Gone with the Wind. Too diffcult... I love you all... I can't pick a favourite. =P

Okay, off to sit down with mum and go through my graduation pictures. You know of me being all so handsome and being a certified educated fool. not just any fool mind you... a fool that can join the SDU (which sounds more and more appealing with each passing day).


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