For want of a better title: Pop goes the Weasel

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Pop goes the Weasel

OMG! It's been a tiring week for me. Trying to take 10 guys around is a pain. I'm actually awake at 5am because I have to go to the airport and pick another one up. Heh... So here are a few things I've learnt:

(1) Taking white people to Chinatown Complex hawker center for dinner is like taking a bunch of polar bears to africa. Everyone will stare and no one will quite understand each other. Also everyone will order chicken rice but me (nasi lemak represent).

(2) The zoo is just as boring the 50th time as it was the 49th time. But if you're seeing it for the first time it's always fun, fun, fun!

(3) Never, i repeat, NEVER visit the Night Safari if it rains. Actually we got caught in the surprise storm. Heh... Spent 20 minutes hanging out with the leopard who was also using the shelter to hide from the rain.

(4) The bird park has changed alot since 1992 (that was my last time). talk about the birds and the bees.

(5) Orchard road has the best looking women in singapore (not my words but my friend's)

(6) Working for Valve (the folks who make half life and half life 2) will get you far in singapore's CS/nerd scene. Just ask my friend RY who is chief moderator at steam forums and all round favourite beta tester for valve. Talk about being treated like a superstar.

(7) Alcohol is way too expensive here... makes you want to leave *ahem* quit to a place where I don't pay $16 for a 6 pack of generally crummy beer. [hi mom. i'm not a drunkard]

(8) People here use ebonics indiscriminately. Especially the n-word. I take offense at that. If you must call me a chink... I'm not black, so I'm not a nigger. Niger is the latin word for black, DO I LOOK BLACK TO YOU?!? Also only people who are black can call another person nigger. Those are the race rules man... So if you must, call me a chink and see what happens. Also gook does not work... I'm not vietnamese... =P

(9) Having a 7 foot tall friend come out of the MRT will make people give way. So tall and big people = courtesy for all. Maybe our government should breed a few big folks for getting out of trains. Then we'll stop rushing in (only fools rush in).

(10) Local dramas are corny and cheesy. Heh... but that's why I love them... The acting can be quite horrible too... heh... I mean I watch them for the actresses, what do you watch them for?

yup. That's all I've learnt.

Jason dahlink (=P), see you later tonight. Heh...

Celly my dear girl... i think sandra and I are incompatible, so I guess you've got me all for your little self. Heh... well almost... heh... Anyway... c'mon down tonight and play guess the bunny if you want. At the usual haunt. (actually I didn't choose the place. my friend did. She knew one of the owners of hideout. So yah... that's why i'll be there.)

Take care and if you're all playing guess the bunny, good luck because in another 4 days I'll loose the most tell tale sign... white people.

Drugs and kisses always....


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