For want of a better title: The Return of Tim

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Return of Tim

Hello my lovely duckies. Firstly apologies to Ms Linda Chia. This little wabbit will incur your wrath no more. =) Heh... relax, breathe and keep pinning for this bunny.

Secondly, conversation is so dead. Heh... so I had to make things up. I have had sex in the last 8 months... just not in the last 6 [hi mom. told you i'm not a slut]. I just had to make the dry spell longer (you know get some sympathy points). It's funny how everyone blogs so much, but we sit down and all we talk about is nothing (boring... yawn)(ed: nah he understands, life is a bitch). I tried with the weather, the Lions and sex... =P Silly wabbits all...

Dance... please people, dance...

It's so nice to meet so many people that you read. You actually meet real people, which is the whole point. It was fun talking to you Parik. But you've got to dance more!

The male stripper was a big plus... but seriously folks we all know that men watching male strippers is kind of off... heh... I wanted to go put $2 notes in his pants man.... but that would be wrong since he doesn't really strip as a job. You've got guts mr stripper man... real guts... something that this little bunny lacks. I mean seriously... plus I also don't think the world is ready for my flabby body yet. Talk about no sexual appeal at all (ego's a little bruised, but i'm on the top of the world)(ed: heh... I like this him, maybe singapore is good for him).

Oh and Ben.... YOU ARE A COMPLETE WANKER! (just to make your day) Have a great break. We all need it. =)

And to Bel, I know you read this. you're a doll. What would life be without people like you? (I have to tone down the accolades so as to keep my other female admirers happy you know)(how's that linda? good? non-boiling point?)(ed: sigh...) =P

C'est la vie...


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