For want of a better title: Sick

For want of a better title

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I definetely caught something. Feeling like crap right now. But life still goes on. Have to keep up my social schedule yah... Nap and drink lots of water for now.

I hate movies (ed: he loves them). Just watched Snow on Cedars on Star Movies. How the hell do you just walk away from a love like that? I suppose it happens in real life too. The only difference is that for us the credits don't roll until we bite the dust. So while Ishmael Chambers (played by Ethan Hawke, hes' so cute) (ed: he's straight honest) walks off into the snow like everything's ok, this little bunny still has to wake up the next morning.

Isn't it funny how everyone in movies can stay focused on one thing and one thing alone. Like Hugh Grant in Love Actually, where as Prime Minister all he has to do is little things and chase the girl. Sigh... Sometimes I wonder if I should live in celluloid. Even the sad endings aren't that sad. In this lifetime this bunny has had enough sad things to last several movies. Oh and lots of comic moments for many more comedies and also a few romantic ones for those romantic movies... And a few pornos too (yeah, I'm not that innocent).

Even frumpy Bridget Jones gets Darcy, and every guy can pick up chicks no problem. Yes I know it's escapism. Just spare me the obvious. This leads me to question where I draw my inspiration for my entire life from. And I realised I drew them from books, ancestors of movies for those of the 1990s and later. When you read the Once and Future King, or Dune, or even the Confucian Analects and the Oddessy, you really develop a sense of what the people held up as ideals.

This leads me to the next point on courtship... Ever realised how the game we play has evolved so much. But there are some parts of the old ways I enjoy. First the formal decleration of intentions. At least that way everyone is clear on where we stand. What I hate the most is the whole guy mentality of "maybe I can slip in as a friend." Honour above all else dictates that our intentions should be honourable and open. I love letters. But because of all these modern women that would come across as old fashioned. You know there was a time when i was younger when i wrote formal intentions of courtship. Heh... Not asking anyone to go steady, just throwing my name into the hat, that's all. But years of taking beatings has made me stop that practise, so maybe I will have to revive it again, when this bunny stops being so silly and starts getting serious. I know usually the letter is sent to the father but times have changed. So go with it.

Second, I love tokens. Remember all those knights going off to battle, and sometimes they leave a token of affection to their loved ones. Or sometimes they are off on a quest, and so they leave something valuable with their beloved. I haven't done that in a long time. To leave a very valuable and important part of myself with someone else. I did give red carnations for the first time the other day. So I suppose that does count as something. In my eyes, a red carnations is worth more than all the other flowers in the world put together. Of course the ladies also gave their men tokens of favour, like a hankerchief or some other personal effect. Even the gods favoured their champions with items that marked these heroes as being chosen by the gods.

Third, nothing to do but long walks. I mean before mass entertainment what else did you have to do? You took long walks under the watchful eye of a matron. At least you got to talk. This I really enjoy in a relationship. Heart to heart talks. i don't do it very often and not with every girl I meet. Just those who touch me in a special way [hi mom. have a good day at work]. Long strolls are cliche, but they really are my favourite dates. Along with long coffee breaks and a good meal. No movies and other such types when courting.

Fourth, the dancing. It used to be a requirement that men knew how to dance. I mean i would love to learn how to, but I never quite find the time or a partner. The waltz and the foxtrot would be my choice of dance. Yet these would be useless since the modern women far prefers the disco to the hardwood. And so yet another tradition dies. Dances are amazing. I mean as fraternity men we have formals and half the fun is getting ready for it. Sigh...

Last, the manners. This is something so alien to us nowadays. Everywhere you turn you see the corruption of civility. It's not about proper ettiqutte anymore. The other day my friend was relating how he was out with his girlfriend and some guy hit on her despite knowing that my friend was right there. What did my friend do? Nothing. Come on, when a cad does that you challenge him to a duel. Furthermore my friend's girlfriend kept indicating that she was with her boyfriend. Come on... That deserves a formal challenge. I know some folks think duels are old fashioned and silly, but my theory derives from the fact that if people were willing to portect their honour, alot of people would be much more polite. If some lowlife knew that insulting me would bring a sword to his neck, don't you think he'd be far more polite to his betters? I don't mean this in a class way, but in the way of manners and upbringing.

It really saddens me that these sort of things have faded away. Instead of gentlemen, we have jerks in suits. Instead of honour, we have underhanded tricks. I blame both men and women for allowing some good traditions die. Honour is worth less than diamonds, and a person's word carries no weight at all.

Anyways, i suspect it is the delirium of illness that makes me type like this. Evil evil viruses.


  • At 6/22/2005 8:37 PM, Anonymous HellsBel said…

    Ah you live in another dimension where chivalry is unfortunately not treasured so... or perhaps it is just in Singpaore.

    Your delirium makes an interesting read. Nonetheless.


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