For want of a better title: The Society of Postmasters

For want of a better title

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Monday, June 27, 2005

The Society of Postmasters

Since my semi-secret identity has been exposed and the secret organisation of postmasters has been revealed, the exectuive committe of postmasters have decided to begin recruitment of new postmasters into the secret organisation. We're not masons and we're not a social or service fraternity. Our organisation focuses solely on posting witty comments on blogs, and shamelssly flirting with fembloggers when the opportunity arises. To rush (apply to join for non-greeks) us you must have the following criteria:

1. You need not possess a blog, but you must read blogs on a daily basis.
2. You have a consistent track record of posting
3. You must be witty (the selection committee will make that decision)
4. You can be male or female or undecided
5. You acutally have to get along with the Postmaster-General

Interested applicants should send a email to the Postmaster-General at Rush events will be emailed to you. (they generally involve drinking)

Yeah Buddy!


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