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For want of a better title

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tagged by Choc Galore

Thank you jaschocolate for occupying my time.

3 screen names you have had - gavjosh, gavin, postmaster-general

3 things You like about yourself - wit, sense of humour, my ability to fly (ed: erm... ok, by plane right?)

3 things you dislike about yourself - flabby, easily distracted by women (my kryptonite), lazy (like a donkey)

3 things that scare you - the long lonely nights, growing up, having little postmasters running around

3 of your everyday essentials - money, credit cards, car

3 things you are wearing now - t-shirt, boxers, nothing else (keep dreaming ladies)

3 of your favourite songs - Can't Take my Eyes off of you, Let's Do it, Foggy Day in London Town

3 new things you want to try in the next 12 months - Masters program, getting a white house internship, buying furniture for my new apartment

3 things you want in a relationship - love, fun and lots of cuddling

3 things You can't do without - Oxygen, Food and Water (ha ha... of course)

3 places you want to go on vacation - South Africa (Johannesburg in particular), Eygpt (Cairo in particular), Turkey (Istanbul or bust)

3 things you just can't do - be a woman (although some days I wish), not think about women (sorry my mind is always on women), sing any song (can't hold a tune)

3 kid's names - Andrew, Edward and Georgina (Actually i don't care)

3 things you want to do before you die - Spend a few years in Eygpt/Lebanon/Turkey, Get my PhD, marry (i'm the marrying kind I think)

3 celebrity crushes - Nicole Kidman (still waiting for the call), Andy Lau (he's so dreamy) and I dunno... Audrey Hepburn (i know she's dead, but she was classy)

3 people I want to nominate to complete this tedious exercise -
Finicky Feline (because you know I love you)
Scarlett Ting (because you hurt my feelings)
Mr Miyagi (because I want to know if you read my shit you cute little man you)


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