For want of a better title: These are a few of my favourite things

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Friday, June 24, 2005

These are a few of my favourite things

So I was walking home (thanks for the lift mb), up the hill which I haven't done in forever. And I made it in good time. Like 10 minutes. This bunny is still kinda fit. Yay. I didn't break much of a sweat. Woo hoo...

So anyway in that short ten minute walk I discovered a few things (no not America... That was Columbus). I chanced upon two young boys, no more than 19 talking about their impending enlistment, as well as their future. One of them said he wanted to retire at 40. My jaded mind said, that would be impossible unless you worked in investment banking. And all of a sudden, alarm bells are sounding in the more sensitive side of my mind (yes ladies I do have a sensitive side). I'm like, good goddess, if a 19 year old sounds like that to me, I should sound like that to a 31 year old. Jeez, I must be really boring company. All this talk about the future and stuff. Worried about this and that and all the uncertainty.

I met a 30 something today and she was taking a break from work. She called it her midlife crisis. Heh... I guess my complete confusion over my future must be like yesterday's news to her. Heh... Hope you have lots of fun volunteering during your free time, I know I do. Keep up the good work!

Another more minor thing I learnt today is that birds snore and it's cute how they snore. Like a reverse chirp. So cute. One of my neighbours probably has more birds than I have fingers. And they were all snorning. Too bad I don't snore like that. Heh... Otherwise I would have more company in bed (not you Bubbles, you love me inspite of myself).

Found my great granddad's tomb today. Impressive. 11 sons, 3 daughters. Man... He must have worked hard at it. What begs the question though was how his wife could stand it all. I know you'll say that he had concubines, but we were Catholics even then, and only one wife is listed alongside all the sons. So my great grandma must have been in and out of labour faster than casino *ahem* integrated resorts are built.

I realised some of the root causes of my blue funk. Be prepared... Sit down first...
1. The need for intimacy, just someone to love and love me in return
2. Just a red blooded male, horny as a bull in mating season
3. A feeling of displacement, not quite here or there
4. Wanting to just settle back into the groove, but knowing that I can no longer do that
5. Wanting to just get on with life

Yeah... well, none of these can really be solved right now, but in time all will be well.

What do i fear anna? That's too long to list, but I suppose I do fear that I will grow old all alone. That is one of my biggest fear.


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