For want of a better title: Touchy touchy half time

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Touchy touchy half time

Oh wow. I'm almost at my halfway point in my time here at my home/unhome. Wow. So unreal that in less than a month i will be zooming off to DC again.

Life doesn't quite turn out as it should. I mean today I played touch rugby with guys far older than me, and guess who was the one who had to stop for rest. Heh... yes this very very unfit little bunny. Even the women can move better than me. Furthermore my shoe just went ballistic on me and now I have to hunt for new track shoes and maybe invest in good boots. Sigh sigh... Really must hit the gym and build up all that cardio. =)

You know you think you come home and all you're doing is making mom and dad happy [hi mom. you know I love you even if i never bring myself to say it], and you'd leave with no regrets. Even planning to stay away. And then suddenly you realise how much people actually want you to stay here. Even if they don't say it.

This almost feels like a pre-homecoming trip. Heh... But seriously i am such an unfit little bunny. I need to go and workout... Aaaarrggghhh... I miss my PT in Saint Louis. Sarah. She's so nice. Heh... and I forgot to pass her my farewell present so now I have to send it to her. Oh what a silly bunny I am. Stoopid little bunny...

My poor doggy keeps giving me the "i demand your time and attention" look. Heh... I think he really misses me. Another reason to come home I suppose. Heh... silly little doggy. Don't go dying on me until I come home for a while. =)

Lunch with parents and grandparents was quite fun. I love it how my mother tries to force feed her parents. [hi mom. they said they were done] And then my friend and then the rest of us. Heh... All my friends who visited keep commenting how she keeps feeding them. Heh... No wonder I am so unfit.

Oh man... my calves ache so bad right now. I just want to go to bed. Maybe I will. Sigh sigh... I have to host my buddy for one more day and then i'm going to be all alone. Well not entirely. My thesis writing groupmate's friend is actually here, so Tuesday i'm off entertaining another white person heh... But this time it's a guuuurrrllll... wwwwoooooooo (ed: erm... a little childish aren't we)(shut up you!). Maybe I can work on my game again. Heh... No thanks to YOU. Heh... YOU know I still am crushing you (truth!). heh... Oh and I must go visit my old schools and hang out with my old teachers. Especially my JC history teach. I think we're meeting up wednesday. Yay! She's special. She got an acknowledgement on my thesis. That's a great teacher for you! Woohoo!

Ok I think the aches and the total tiredness is making me delirious (ed: when are you ever not delirious or silly or just plain incomprehensible). Definetely looking forward to taking my buddy, his lady friend, my sis and her gentleman friend ( I once dated a girl whose grandma called me a gentleman friend) (me a gentleman... heh... what else will they think of next?) to a choc buffet... NOT! Good God... All that coupling (sounds like my mechanic days) and I'm going to be all alone... sob sob... (if you'd like to come let me know. guy or girl no matter. you know I love either one) (ed: erm... he's straight honest.)

Take care. I'm off to bed. I feel so old now... bed at 10.47? So un-college. =P So until we meet again, take a little advise from this bunny: "Don't break all your own rules!"


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