For want of a better title: You take the high road

For want of a better title

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

You take the high road

Looking at mr b's site today and his most latest post on the CTE sign board. It got me thinking about something I saw the other day and something I experienced last night.

Last night the PIE was closed from 12MN to 5AM, which isn't such a wierd thing really. I mean I say a police escort follow a huge truck taking a massive looking cement cylinder up the road. Now that seems ok, you know road construction, refurbishing old bridges and what not. Anyway the PIE was only closed between the Eunos to Tampines stretch. So no biggie. I take Upper Changi Road home. But... A few days ago the CTE was also closed for a similiar duration of time. 12MN to 5AM... Now that got me thinking... I wonder if the AYE, ECP, BKE, TPE or SLE will be closed anytime soon. Whatever it is, the two main highways of Singapore have been closed for about 5 hours each and a large cement block was being transported on one of them. Get's you thinking...

Any theories out there on the highway closures?


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