For want of a better title: July 2005

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Off to Phuket with my lady love.

Hope nothing bad happens.

IfI don't come back in 4 days, avenge my death!

Also everything I own goes to my dog bubbles. Except my 4runner, that must be buried with me. I lovcve you Stella...

Ok bye bye, off to catch my plane.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Taken from Bohemia Bunny

I decided to gizzogle some of my posts.

Sum-m Sum-m Different fo` a change

(ed: he insisted on writ'n it this way today. So bear wit hizzle

He looked at hisscreen n before him lay words so deep n so touch'n, that he fiznelt tha hot tears cruisin' in his eyes. The mizzy he read, tha more those tears stood ready ta burst through they dams. Before he kizzle it, they had burst through andhe fizzle hot tears streak across mah face, like F1 nigga in a hurry ta tha checkered fizzy.

He looked bizzy on tha P-to-tha-izzast, n he knew assuredly that this was one of his firsts ridin' in mah double R. No woman had ever touched him tha way thiznat she had. He was a dawg of words; constantly clockin' his nose in books. She had touched him at his mizzy deepest, mizzost private killa. Wise men say that tha way ta man's heart is his stomach, not that this isn't true, it's jizzle tizzle she had found his heart through words . Snoop heffner mixed with a little bit of doggy flint.

He didn't need ta thizzay of how ta reply ta her soft gentle words. He didn't even need ta look at his killa as they typed whizzat his heart longed ta say dogg. As he stared at tha words messin' on his screen, behind those teary eyes, he saw tha sizzay frizzay his heart pizzy out into black symbols.

Did these symbols truly represent his deepest feel'n fo` tha woman he loved? He felt as if tizzle were inadequate cuz its a G thang. His heart promised ta love her fo` as long as it could musta strength ta bizzy. It knizzay not what came hustla death, but it knew if there was life drug deala it would continue ta sing out songs ta her

Heh... I couldn't understand half of it.

The Rules of Engagement

Inspired by FF's post on farting-

Here is are the rules to doorknob (House Rules):

(1) When someone farts, he must say "safety" only at the end of the fart. "Safety" at the beginning and middle of a fart does nothing to protect you from a "doorknob"

(2) The fart victims (or anyone within earshot range for those loud farts) may yell "doorknob" if no "safety" is yelled at the end of a fart. "Doorknobs" in the beginning or a middle of the fart do not count towards the beatings.

(3) If a "doorknob" is successful the farter must make it to a doorknob (see next point for what qualifies as a doorknob). In the mean time, everyone else may proceed to beat the crap out of the farter as he scrambles to make for a doorknob.

(4) Doorknobs must swivel. Your round kinds and the handle kinds are fine. Any door that requires push/pull do not work. The knob must turn or swivel.

(5) The knob need not be attached to a door per se, but must be used for a door. i.e. if you are a serial farter, you may carry around your own doorknob. So knobs for windows and other such things do not count.

(6) Farts in outdoor situations do not count. The great outdoors can handle the smell. It's the not so great indoors where farts are deadly.

(7) A rumbling tummy does not count as a fart. Burps are not mouth farts either.

(8) Farting in a moving vehicle means a beatdown until you get to a doorknob. The driver of the car also has the power to eject you from the vehicle.

(9) In event of a dispute, assume that "doorknob" is in play. Just run for a door, mr.farter. In a car, the driver has the final say.

(10) You may not maim or kill the farter, just bruise him/her. Unless he's lactose intolerant and purposely ate lots of beans, eggs, cheese, yoghurt and chugged milk just to release the smelliest fart known to man. Then you may take drastic action, butt plugs will be allowed in this case.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The beginning

So I guess I should blog about my trip to Hardee's (Carl's Jr) in Singapore. I forgot about it until I visited the Hardee's webpage to check out their new commercials (check out the milkshake commercial). So I sent them an irrate letter to let them know what I think of their Singaporean franchise.

Seriously I waited 20 minutes for my take away. Dine in had to wait ten minutes, but then I saw them taking my burgers out of my bag to fill other orders. They even took one out from my bag to give to some guy who just ordered. How is that right? All this time, my lady love is starving her little tum tum off. This makes me real mad... But I didn't want to create a scene on a busy friday night. Instead I complained over their heads to Hardee's HQ. Heh... We'll see what kind of stock business reply letter I get.

The other thing that gets me is that they used the West Coast Carl's Jr instead of the much better Hardee's. I mean I don't know which is the 2/3lb burger and which is the 6-dollar burger. It sucks balls...
The beginning

Heh... thanks to their infamous Paris Hilton commercial, they now have a site just for it. It doesn't surprise me, since most Hardee's commercials have nothing to do with their burgers. I remember one with college girls riding a mechanical bull and another of a guy working on his car while eating a hamburger.

Well off to go get some sushi I think. Been a while... Feel like eating nice sushi. =P

Yay! I'm a good guy

Der Resistance
Achtung! You are 38% brainwashworthy, 27% antitolerant, and 52% blindly patriotic
Welcome to the Resistance (Der Widerstand)! You believe in freedom, justice, equality, and your country, and you can't be converted to the the dark side.

Breakdown: Your Blind Patriotism levels are borderline unhealthy, but
you show such a love of people from everywhere and a natural resistance
to brainwashing, you would probably focus your energy to fight Fuehrer with furor, so to speak.

Conclusion: Born and raised in Germany in the early
1930's, you would have taken up ARMS against the oppressors. Or even
your friends' oppressors. Congratulations!

Less than 5% of all test takers earn a spot in Der Resistance!

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 50% on brainwashworthy
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You scored higher than 37% on antitolerant
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You scored higher than 72% on patriotic
Link: The Would You Have Been a Nazi Test written by jason_bateman on Ok Cupid

I'm Haram...

the Ham
(26% dark, 52% spontaneous, 38% vulgar)
your humor style:

Your style's mostly goofy, innocent and feel-good. Perfect for parties
and for the dads who chaperone them. You can actually get away with
corny jokes, and I bet your sense of humor is a guilty pleasure for
your friends. People of your type are often the most approachable and
popular people in their circle. Your simple & silly
good-naturedness is immediately recognizable, and it sets you apart in
this sarcastic world.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Will Ferrell - Will Smith

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 5% on dark
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You scored higher than 68% on spontaneous
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You scored higher than 66% on vulgar
Link: The 3 Variable Funny Test written by jason_bateman on Ok Cupid

Monday, July 25, 2005

Silly is as silly does

Bumped into an old friend yesterday, Kway Png. We exchanged pleasantries and got some information. He works for the Singapore Tourism Promotion Board now. A fitting job for a man of his disposition. I think it takes alot to work for the STPB and to sell singapore. I mean three trips here and you've probably seen it all. Spend like a month here and it's all covered. So we need to constantly refresh ourselves (like how some of us keep refreshing out blogs to check out new comments every 5 minutes) and stay unique.

This brings me to the Uniquely Singapore campaign. It's a good idea, whoever thought it up should be paid ten times more than the durg-addled dimwit who came up with "Probably the best beer in the world." But here's the one thing I don't quite get. I was on the ECP this morning and I saw a cab with a "Come visit Singapore" ad on it. This of course is very strange to me. If I'm a tourist and already in Singapore, why do I need to be sold on coming to Singapore? On the off chance I am a transit passanger maybe, but few transit passangers leave our world class airport with free movies and loads of shopping. It's like having a huge signboard that says "Come visit New York" in the middle of Times Square. It would make no real sense.

I mean I can envisage banners that say uniquely singapore at our tourist traps *ahem* attractions, so the tourist will know that it is a place for them to visit. But I don't know about a huge ad campaign in your own country advertising for people to come visit... Unless... I know! It's also a "Stay in Singapore" campaign. You know to convince the migrants *ahem* quitters to stay in Singapore. And also for the leeches *ahem* foreign talent to consider becoming citizens. Yes! That must be it. So clever of them! A three-in-one solution. Team up between STPB, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) [hi mom. It is fitting isn't it. You make me clean up after myself, MOM makes bangladeshi workers clean up after us) and Minstry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

MCDYS... You'd think they'd shorten it down. You know to Ministry of the Fluffy Stuff. Or Ministry of the Touchy-Feely stuff, or Ministry of Hugs and Kisses.

ok off to do my thang...

Friday, July 22, 2005

Something Different for a change

(ed: he insisted on writing it this way today. So bear with him)

He looked at hisscreen and before him lay words so deep and so touching, that he felt the hot tears welling in his eyes. The more he read, the more those tears stood ready to burst through their dams. Before he knew it, they had burst through andhe felt hot tears streak across my face, like F1 drivers in a hurry to the checkered flag.

He looked back on the past, and he knew assuredly that this was one of his firsts. No woman had ever touched him the way that she had. He was a man of words; constantly burying his nose in books. She had touched him at his most deepest, most private corner. Wise men say that the way to man's heart is his stomach, not that this isn't true, it's just that she had found his heart through words.

He didn't need to think of how to reply to her soft gentle words. He didn't even need to look at his fingers as they typed what his heart longed to say. As he stared at the words forming on his screen, behind those teary eyes, he saw the song from his heart pour out into black symbols.

Did these symbols truly represent his deepest feelings for the woman he loved? He felt as if they were inadequate. His heart promised to love her for as long as it could muster strength to beat. It knew not what came after death, but it knew if there was life thereafter, it would continue to sing out songs to her. How was he ever going to express what he felt for her? Could he ever?

He clicked that faithful button that immortalised those half-formed expression of his true love for her. And still the tears kept welling up, like a torrential storm on a hot summer's day.

What will happen next? No one knows. The chapters have yet to be written, but he said a silent prayer to God above, and hoped that there would be many long and happy chapters to go.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Classes I will be taking next sem

Because I'm so bored... Because I might forget... These are the classes I will be pretending to take next semester.

ECON-603-001Intro to Economic TheoryM05:30PM 08:00PM

SIS-683-001Congress & US Foreign PolicyW08:10PM 10:40PM

SIS-596-006Conf, Interventn & Nation BldgM08:10PM 10:40PM

I know doesn't sound like a lot. But I suspect it will be. I also know it's all night classes. I hope to use my CPT to get some internships. =) Alot of reading for sure. And alot of work too. No doubt... Sigh... I hope Intro to Economic Theory is like microeconomics. And the nation building one will be fun I hope... Not looking forward to leaving...

But on the plus side I'll be back latest December 23 ( last day of exam on Dec 21). And I only have to be back Jan 15 (Jan 17 start classes, but I'd like to recover from jet lag).

Probably the best

Read Mr Sng's post on Carlsberg. The funny thing isn't the ad, but rather their motto: "Probably the best beer in the world." That's funny, they're not sure if they are the best, but they guess they are. Makes me want to think of other slogans companies can come up with... So here's my top ten list of how not to market yourself:

(1) Tiger Beer: Probably as good as gold around the world. Or are we Silver... Let me go check.
(2) SIA: Fly the sort of friendly skies...
(3) Nike: Just kinda do it...
(4) Goodyear: More kinda ok years ahead.
(5) Budweiser Beer: The Crown Prince of Beers?
(6) McDonald's: I'm sorta liking it.
(7) The Body Shop: Feel kinda ok - naturally.
(8) Burger King: Maybe have it your way.
(9) KFC: Possibly finger lickin' good.
(10) Firefox: Maybe rediscover the web

Heh... silly tagline. I wonder how much someone got paid to do that.

The Die is Cast

Ok this is just plain mean. I mean I don't really like the Xiaxue, or really enjoy her posts, but hacking into her site. That's just mean man. Seriously... I may rib her every now and then, but please please please don't resort to such ungentlemanly tactics.

Sorry to hear about your situation Xiaxue... Chin up and keep on posting.

Strikes, Guns and Balls

Bob the bobbing head

Hello my beloved readers (if there are any). It's been a nice week so far for this little wabbit. Hanging out with the Lady Love's little brothers was fun. I also discovered something about my lady love. She likes to play games that this little bunny used to play when he was a wee lad. Yes my good friends... Bowling and Counter Strike.

I started bowling when I was 13. My dad was an avid bowler in his younger days, so we always went bowling. I remember taking classes for it too. So I picked up proper form and technique. My only problem was that I was too eager to get rid of the pall (12 pounds is heavy for a kid). Dad was always behind giving instructions like a good father and of course it's very pressurising. So if I ever become a pro bowler, dad is not going to be there. Heh... Oh and in the Army I was course mates with a national under-21 bowler, so he helped me pick out a ball and shoes, and this bunny became a serious amatuer bowler. (well as serious as this wabbit can ever be) And in the US I picked up another ball. So I have a 14 pound Beast, which is a straight ball and hook a little at the end. My 16 pound Bastard is a ball that I use to smash all the pins down. The two balls have never met, but when I come home, I hope they like each other.

We also played CS. I forgot that there's a rule about 16 and under playing on school days before 6.30pm. So the poor boys, who are not studying here anyway, could not play until late in the night. They're pretty good at it. Unlike me. I've always been bad at it. I also hate the sit around and wait kind of teams. Just chiong the hell out of them. People are so worried about money and stats that they forget even if we die chionging, we can actually take them. I should play new maps though. It was fun killing my lady love several times from the back. Heh... Wonder if it is a reflection of our relationship. Nah...

Heh... so now i have to hook her on bowling. At least there I have a much better head start on her. Plus she's uber competitive, so at least I can give her a run for her money. She always complains I offer no competition when we play games she picks. =P heh... Although I think we're evenly matched at pool. At least the one time we played she won by one ball. Heh... Must introduce her to cricket or something... Oh tennis, but she'll be much better than me for sure. I haven't played since 12.

I hope you like the picture of Bob. He sits on the car's dashboard and nods his head. It seems either he's always enjoying the music or he's agreeing with what I say. Bob is a really cool guy. He just sits there and chill. Nothing to it. No worries, no cares and he even has a little friend who sits there quietly and does absolutely nothing. Oh friends like that...

Have a good weekend my lovelies. =P

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Curry Rain

50 bloody cents

Met up with my Godpa today for food at Samy's Curry along Dempsey road. In the freaking rain. Got so wet trying to get from the car to the place. And then I had to pay 50 cents to get in. Not so bad really, until I found out this evening that I could have avoided the rain and the 50 cent charge if I had gone to Marina Square instead. Samy's opened up a branch there. Gosh darn it! I should've read Sunday Times yesterday and not tonight.

Talked alot with Godpa. I hope he's right about me. [hi mom. see someone thinks i'm doing alright] Otherwise I'm going to be poor and jobless. Heh... Mom asked how much i'll need a year. Worried that if i ask too much she'll balk, but if I ask too little I'll be broke. Sigh... Can't wait to start working so i don't need to depend on my parents for money. [hi mom. still need your love and care]

Dinner at CHIJmes with Boston Beuaty was uneventful. But we had mexican food. Not bad. Actually not too bad at all. Tex-Mex is usually oily, but this one was pretty good. So i guess i got my tex-mex fix.

Hung out with my lady love a little this evening. She was definetely grumpy, but I still love her. =P (take that all you anti-mush folks). She kept looking at cars that went by...

Congrats Sandra for becoming the chio-est (is that even a word) femblogger. I'm hurt the ST chikopek *ahem* reporter didn't even bother asking me anything. So hurt... If you get deals, don't forget me. You know how rappers who make it big look out for their posse. Sama sama, ok? Don't end up like G-unit and 50cent. Us having a shoot out is not a good idea.

Sounds like alot of folks had fun at the blog con. Heh... I guess I got a picture of the evil *ahem* ST reporter. And Ms Linda Chia stole my picture and never give credit. I am very hurt Ms Chia. You were definetely the belle of the ball. All the horny *ahem* nice male barflies were drooling all over *ahem* paying rapt attention to you. See take one sexy photo, and your blog becomes famous. So unfair. Fembloggers have a massive advantage. =P

Right-O. Time to catch up with my weekly reading. =) May the farce be with you.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Strange Tails

Blurred Dog

I tried to take a photo of my dog, Bubbles, yesterday. But he's camera shy. No seriously I think he doesn't like to get his picture taken. He knows when I'm trying to take a picture and runs away. So all my shots of him are taken with him in a hurry to get away. But he is so cuuuuuuuttttteeeee...

Watched Sin City yesterday. Heh... Good I like. My lady love on the other hand, absolutely hated it. Heh... But I told her better I watch it with her than some other man watching it with her. {hi baby. I love you} Frank Miller was inspired by Film Noir when he wrote those stories and it is fitting that the movie should be Film Noir. I absolutely loved it. And I respect Mr Rodriguez for quitting the director's guild so he could have Mr Miller as his co-director.

Also met lady love's mum, sisters and youngest brother. They are quite a nice, happy family. The brother was cute. So young... My own childhood is so far away now... But I remember those days of exploring longkangs and picking durians. Running around and playing Sega and RTK2. Heh... So long ago... My West side days.

Ended the day with this... Life seems so perfect now. I hope it'll go on for a long time...


Sunday, July 17, 2005

A pod of Dolphins

Went to the blog con today, didn't spot any gah'men types outside of our good journalists around (aren't some SPH reporters former ISD folk? Do they count as gah'men?) Only MIW I saw was this guy...


This confirmed my suspicion that Mr M has always been a MIW. I mean think about it. Mr M... Creepy...

What further caused this paranoid bunny to worry was that all the organisers were having some sort of secret discussion in their "Not admittance unless authorised" Room. I mean mb had his back facing the glass walls at all times (ed: glass walls and secret meeting?!? erm...)

Innocent Discussion??

This little wabbit's suspicions were further driven by the fact that mb was taking pictures of the audience... Hmmmm... for future reference to use in counter-libel cases? Or as info to blackmail us?


Kenny wwas interrogated for coming to Singapore. He had to explain himself to the Inquisition panel.


This poor guy was either poisoned or is popeye. I couldn't quite figure it out. I suspect that poison was it. You know murder all the bloggers while you can.


This bunny had to skip out when he saw the tanks gathering outside the place... This was too scary. i hope all of you survived...


But not before I started taking pictures of the real reason why we were all there. At least for the Cowboy Barflies (that's why they're barflies). Talking about that, strangely enough DXO had fly zappers... I guess it was to kill the barflies as well.

Main attraction


Also there was this reporter who kept asking the cute fembloggers for interviews... Hmmm... That actually sounds like a good pick up line. Maybe I should use that... (ed: erm... I think the missus would not be happy) (I know... I know... Just saying...) Ok maybe you single malebloggers could use that as a pick up line.


My sweetheart showed up and that made all things good. We had to go to our respective family dinners. I got there at the appointed time of 7, but had to sit there all by my lonesome for another 15 minutes and stare at those things...


I don't even know what they are. It was funny to sit at a table for nine just by myself and the waiter handing you the menu. Like I'm going to order for all nine. When i'm not paying [hi mom. thanks for dinner] "Yes. I'll have the shark's fin soup, the abalone and the really really expensive dish whose name i cannot pronounce." Heh... I suspect everyone was late because this was a Chinese restaurant... You got to love dinner where you talk about all sorts of shit with family friends... Like politics, and learning about family friends who you never knew were friends of your family (ed: ok...)

On the drive home, there was an accident outside the Singapore Town Club. That wasn't a problem except I almost got into an accident. you see lane 3 was where the accident was and Lane 2 of course had to avoid the spillage. I was in Lane 1. Now Mr Rubber neck in lane 2 was so busy looking at the accident, that he didn't realise that there were cars in alne 1, namely mine. So the little biatch almost crashed into me, but luckily I horned the hell out of his tiny little brain. STOP STARING AT THE DAMN ACCIDENT!! I don't know why you have to stare. Keep driving and mind your own f**king business.

Went home and looked forward to a quiet night. but the neighbours were having a party and they took my usual spot. Luckily this bunny did good parking. So no problems. But just as i settled in to blog, mom told me we were going to my second aunt's birthday chalet. Heh... So off I go again.

You miss four Chinese New Year's celebrations and everything has changed. All my second cousins had grown up. My aunt looked so old too... Wow... Things do change alot in 4 years. Cousin had to go for op... Another passed away... Just too many things... And all my second cousins my age were scattered. Plus I am a grand uncle 3 times over now...

Mum kept talking on the way back, the usual stuff. Whining about this and that... Stuff I've heard since 1989... Seriously I could repeat it verbatim. There never is a silver lining for mum.

Ok off to bed... Big day tomorrow... Have to meet some folks. Take care and I hope most of you are not drunk out your f**king minds.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Pitter Potter

Hello. Instead of talking about blog con (i haven't gone yet) I'll do harry potter instead.

QUICK QUIZ: What 1986 motion picture tells the story of a young character named Harry Potter who becomes involved in a world of good-versus-evil witchcraft?

Answer at end of post.


The world of Harry Potter has grown so large, that even long-established institutions are beginning to take note. This past Sunday's edition (July 10) of The New York Times featured a Potter-themed crossword puzzle.

After having taught the "science" of Harry Potter as a physics professor at Maryland's Frostburg State University in 2003, George Plitnik is continuing the effort this fall when he teaches an after-school remedial class of eight-grade science students. He feels that kids' fascination with the stories will evolve into a desire to learn and perform better in their studies.

Box office watchers have decided that they won't judge the new film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on its opening weekend. The movie, geared toward a nearly identical audience as those who will spend the weekend reading the new Harry Potter book, may suffer from low sales when it opens as a result. Whereas almost all films have their strongest ticket sales in the first week, Charlie may be an exception.

As with the previous book in the series, environmental organizations are requesting that "Harry Potter" fans purchase their copy of the new book from Raincoast Books, the company that prints the novels in Canada. The reason? The edition from the Great White North is printed on recycled paper, unlike the U.S. release.

Troll , written and directed by John Carl Buechler. The film focused on a kid named Harry Potter, years before J.K. Rowling used the same name in her book series.

Friday, July 15, 2005

A Fictional Tail

Did it ever occur to you that in most quests, the hero has to go to some like castle in the deep dark corner of the world to save the world? How come the quest doesn't involve him going to some beautiful meadow with flowers and a babbling brook to pick up some buns? I mean think of it...

"Mealanus, you must complete this quest."
"Yes, Oracle. I will to the best of my ability."
"Mealanus, you must travel to the next neighbourhood and go to an open meadow. In the meadow there is a little babbling brook."
"Ok, meadow and brook in the next burgh. You sure I don't have to travel to {insert evil sounding name} and fight the evil dragon lords?"
"Nope. Just go to the little hut next to the brook."
"How about the Fire Kings of {insert fiery sounding name here}"
"NO! Just go to the hut, and pick up the buns on the table."
"Oh ok. You sure? I can head off to {insert silly sounding name here} and kill a few monsters. It's only another day from the next burgh."
"NO! Just do as your told."
"Oh and pick up a Decaf Low fat Latte from Starbucks while your there. Thanks."

That would be a real adventure. You could read all about the heroes trouble with traffic.

"Would you please move your cart?! I'm on a quest!"
"You and every other young adventurer here. So wait your turn!"
"Now listen here! I am a paladin of {insert silly sounding god's name here}"
"Yeah!?! I'm the King of Sheeba. Wait your turn."
"Move the damn cart!"

And then you can hear how he deals with the local law enforcement after he gets road rage.

"So you threaten to attack an unarmed baker?"
"Erm... He was not cooperating. I'm on a quest."
"Oh really? Can I see your riding liscense please?"
"Really. The Oracle sent me on a quest."
"Can I also see your questing liscence? And your sword liscence?"
"Sir, I'm sorry but you'll have to come to the station with me. The baker is pressing charges."

Now that would be some adventure. Heh...

So the NKF issue is being resolved. I never donated money to them. I prefer to do what my family has always done since my great grandpa, and that is to donate to catholic charities. They usually aren't part of the community chest, and alot of the times, the people who run it are not well paid (trust me, priests get an allowance of like $200 a month). Yet they still keep on doing it because they love the work they do. Better my money goes to Boys' Town and the Missonaries of Charity. Don't stop giving to NKF though, they do good work. Or if you must give to the KDF. Same work, but maybe the other organisation is better.

Anyway... Off to munchies. Take care my loyal followers *ahem* readers.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top 10 on 10

Hello my lovely readers. I hope ed's post didn't get too many of you down. =P I'm back in the writing seat so no more sappy stuff. I was looking at the Google Zeitgeist and it's very interesting that most users come from the US. It almost seems like either the rest of the world versus the US is much smaller or each country's search isn't counted into the google zeitgeist. This week's top 10 searches are:

1. hurricane dennis
2. noaa
3. elly monaco
4. tour de france
5. national hurricane center
6. weather channel
7. lil kim
8. fantastic four
9. london
10. jessica alba

Their monthly lists have not been updated but it's good to know that the of the top 5 tv shows searches I watch 3 (no square pants or singers for me).

1. american idol
2. family guy
3. simpsons
4. south park
5. spongebob squarepants

It's interesting to see what people are searching for. Yahoo Singapore used to have one for just Singapore, but no more. Alas... otherwise I get to poke fun at what my fellow citizens are doing.

Blog con is so close you can taste the anticipation in the air. So I guess I should do my bit and stick up the banner. I feel like some super star is coming and I'm holding a banner saying:"I'll always love you!"

How's that? Heh...

I hope there's good snacks at the convention. Every convention needs good snacks like curry puffs and snadwiches. Did you hear me organisers? This wabbit demands good snacks. He's only going to check hot women out (if any are there) (ed: no he won't) and eat food. Lots and lots of food. Muahahahahaha... I also want a t-shirt so maybe I should go line up at 12 noon or something. =P ONLY 150?!? Wish the organisers were richer. Heh... Should've set up a Paypal system and taken orders. But I understand though. Too much of a hassle and most of them are working.

I've also noticed that as we get closer the organisers have slowed down in their blogging. You guys put in so much work. So here's my challenge to all the little bloggers going. Let's bring them presents! Yay! Little presents. Big presents. Weird presents. Silly present. Scary presents. Naughty presents. Hand made presents. =P

Also lets go to google and keep typing singapore blog con and see if it makes next week's list. Off to go do that now. 100 clicks to go... =P


I originally wanted to post a mushy post with some artsy fartsy po mo kind of theme. But something happened tonight while I was with the woman I love... (in other words ed is taking over)

I think we hit our first snag. i guess i just wasn't thinking straight... and now I think she doubts we'll survive for too long. I really believe we can last. It takes time and adjustment... But I guess the doubting has begun and it really saddens me... It saddens me because there's doubt in everything we do... We second guess ourselves and allow cynicism into our lives...

This really isn't just about me and her... this is about my life. I read what she had to say to me, but she just didn't say it to me in person. I just want her to know that I love her with all that I've got. I love her to the best of my abilities. And I know that I fall short. I'm not that complex but I'm not simple either. We learn to adjust to one another, afterall we're not perfect.

I've realised that I have always had the utmost confidence in myself. Except when it comes to women. Then I keep second guessing myself and slipping up along the way. Like tonight... and today I suppose. Here's my reason why...

When you meet a woman who completely fills you up. Who covers the areas where you're weak and furnishes your soul with delight. How can you not doubt and worry that some better man will come take her away?A woman whose very sight causes your heart to leap for joy; who makes you feel like the luckiest man around. How can you not doubt yourself. Maybe deep down I am scared as hell of her leaving me... maybe that's why i'm not thinking straight... Maybe I'm imagining things...

Emotions are so complicated and they get more complicated when you fall so madly and deeply in love with someone. I wake up smelling her even when she isn't around. I simply adore this woman...

I feel that I made a mistake. I didn't quite put it right. And now the relationship has to readjust to the new reality that she no longer trusts the idea that we can survive a long distance relationship. It hurts quite deep, but I know this is my fault and I must start building the trust up.

I'll be honest and I say i really want this relationship to work out. I want this to be the last one. This woman is so wonderful... So absolutely amazing. Almost unearthly. She's the first woman who I can honestly say that I want to be with for the rest of my life. I know she hates to hear this but to me she is perfect, and I really do adore her and love her. She doesn't think people can be in love after such a short time. But like the first time I ate chocolates, i fell in love with them. So too when i first held her hand in mine, I fell in love.

Maybe I don't truly know what love is. What agape, eros or any other kind of love is. But I know this feeling of fulfilment, of completion. I also know the passion and obssession that attends to such love.

So forgive me my inequities my most dearest, and believe that I truly want this relationship to work. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Mysterious driving

Was driving in rush hour traffic this morning. You want to know why? Here are several possible reasons:

(1) I enjoy driving
(2) I like listening to morning talk radio and morning talk radio just isn't the same when you're in bed
(3) I want to rub it in that I can do the morning commute. It's a choice, not a necessity
(4) I now send a special someone to work occasionally.
(5) I just nuts

Whatever it is I heard FlyingDutchman on Class 95 stating for the record that he is against blogging. heh... Oh no... The media is turning against us. I kid... But quick let's flame FD. I kid as well... Heh...

mr brown is everywhere. Although the article today about Faith is sweet. Good to know mb is using his celebrity to push very important issues. Way to go old man. Happy Birthday by the way.

Planning to go on holiday. (well technically it's a holiday from a holiday) not sure where to go. Any suggestions out there? (wait for it... wait for it)(ed: what are we waiting for?)(echoes you idiot)(ed: oh ok)

Man I need headphones. No speakers in Singapore. Sob sob... Want to watch my DVD. Sob sob... Boo hoo hoo hoo... Must go buy later...

Lady love commented that I looked good in baseball caps. Honestly i only wear the cap because I love the St Louis Cardinals. Team with the best Percentage in the NL and overall second in the Major League. And you have to acknowledge that NL Central is one of the toughest divisions, alongside of AL East. World Series this season.

Looking forward to the blog con. I want to play guess the MIW. =P

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Goo Goo Ga Ga

Can't stop thinking about her.

Heh... Today dad showed me the things he had to study for the boating test. OMG! I thought driving was tough. The lights on boats. That is one hell of a test. I dread when it is my turn. My dad said the test in on computers and so he's kind of worried since he is not a computer person. Outside of Solitare that is.

Keep losing to her when it comes to playing games. But then again she chooses the games to play. So heh... I just suck at games when she plays. And she can be very competitive about it. Heh... It's ok Mr Ego, we can do other stuff to make you feel better (like erm... reading my thesis again).

Heh... Trying to set my friend up with her friend. So funny. Her friend is extremely shy about it and she thought I was joking. While he doesn't quite know what's going on. She asks all these random quesitons. Like if he's nice or cute or if he's good in bed. I don't think he's supremely cute, but then again different girls have different tastes. He's definetely super nice. As for his bed manners, i wouldn't know. We hang out alot, just not in bed. And I'm not going to call him and ask: "Hey, are you good in bed?" That'll end the friendship faster than squishing an ant.

My theory is if they don't hit it off, they can still be friends. Nice guys are generally friends with other nice guys and so eventually she'll meet a nice guy she likes who likes her back. Heh... Or so the theory goes anyway.

Ok off to get shit done. Catch you peeps later.

The Inquisition

Heh... Spent the weekend away from home and mum decides to ask questions.

Mom:"Where were you?"
Me: "Friends place." (hand at door, looking tired)
Mom: "Your LOCAL friends, right?"
Me: "Yes." (Exit stage right)

Of course local friends. What other friends do I have in the vicinity but local friends. My mum is weird. She thinks I must consort with Albanians and Czechs (ed: he actually would like to visit the Czech Republic).

Funny how you spend so many months away from home and suddenly you go away for three days and they think you're consorting with Russians and Poles. Funny part is i already told my dad I'd be at a friend's place. Sigh...

I think I need to move out of the home when I return for good. I will miss the free laundry service and cooked meals. But I suppose I already live without that in the US, I can survive in Singapore without it. Plus that way I can bring my special someone back to my place without worrying about extra questions from parents. I also have to remember not to give mum house keys.

Dad is learning boating. I hope he gets his liscense. One more reason for him to prove that 71 is the new 21. Heh... or something like that. Also gives him a good excuse to flee from mom. I really pity him. How does he stand her? Especially when me and my sis are not around. We both might be abroad in 2006-2007. So that would be a miserable time for dad. Poor him. Get in the boat and stay at sea. Mum always gets seasick.

I realise if it was just dad in the house, I'd be cool about living in the house. But Mum can be quite a drag. Especially when you grow older and need more personal space. I mean I'm on holiday. And even if i'm not it really shouldn't bother her too much especially since I already notified a parent. It's not like I ran away from home or something. =P

Alright to bed. So tired.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The missing Scarlett Ting

As most of you know Ms Gone with the Wind, has gone with the wind. There have been haters and there have been supporters, but seriously here's this wabbit's take on her sabbatical:

(1) She's actually gone to find Elvis and the Yeti who are currently in hiding. Sources have spotted her in a diner with Elvis having green eggs and ham. As well as off roading with the Yeti somewhere in the Himalayas.

(2) Ms Scarlett has actually gone off and married Mr Rhett Butler. So no more blogging.

(3) She has been abucted by aliens.

(4) Kenny Sia has chosen her and she's moved to Kuching, Malaysia to be with him. Sorry ladies...

(5) The organisers of this weekend's blog con have kidnapped her and intend to use her as a pinata.

(6) or a Microsoft pusher *ahem* promoter

(7) She's actually an alien, hence we can't take photos of her without the swirl, and has phoned home.

(8) She's a ghost, again with the photos, and so her time here is up.

(9) She's actually a Men-in-White spy, whose goal was to infiltrate Singapopo blogdom. And know she's briefing HQ about the upcoming Blog Con.

(10) I actually have her all tied up in my basement. Muahahahahaha... (ed: you don't have a basement and I think someone else might get mad).

Well have a good rest Ms Ting and I look forward to seeing your posts about how handsome and irresistable I am. (ed: erm... he really doesn't mean that. he's spoken for.)

Villages and Delays

This morning pissed me off. It started off good. But I got home and discovered despite having two printers, we're entirely out of ink. And this throws my plan off. So I'm now not leaving until 12 August 2005. Heh... Alot more time to sit around in Singapore. Heh... Filling up the forms can be very tricky. Like countries I've been to in the past 10 years. I dunno. Can't remember. So I just had to think real hard and wrote them down.

i realise I go to Malaysia quite a bit. Never to Johor though. That's like going to Tijuana. Tioman is like Cancun, KL like Mexico City and Penang, well Penang is special. You go there for the food. I remember once I went there for a wedding. i was introduced to teh-peng. heh... Funny how the two folks getting married met in NUS Law, but were both from Penang. Best part was they lived two or three streets apart and didn't know until they first went up to Penang as a couple. heh... They probably passed each other a dozen times a week for years without knowing it. So strange. That was also when I coined the phrase "kor-cle" and "jie-ty" heh. I was 11. They weren't quite kor or uncle, jie or aunty, so I guess my genius of a mind (who is still on holiday in the Carribean) made this up (know you know why we had to let him go on "holiday").

Talking about holidays and beaches I remembered going to Tioman once and getting stuck in a 36 hour black out. It was actually fun. The local sundry shop became the hub with their generator. Went out to the beach after the rain had stopped. Relaxed and talked to friends. You could obviously tell the highly wound up folks from happy-go-lucky folks like me. Some people were complaining about the heat or yelling at management for power. I figured the power lines got cut and management confirmed my hypothesis. so we sat in the dark, under starlight and moonlight. Quite romantic until one of my female friends started hollering from her hut. We ran to her hut and she was yelling about a cockroach. So armed with cellphone lights (this was back in the old days of 2004, when phones weren't equipped with powerful lights){I love my new phone} we tried to kill a cockroach in the dark. Not very successful, and she refused to sleep in her hut for the night. heh... Silly cockroach.

Last time I went to Tioman before 2004 was when I was 8. Yes 1988. We went fishing. I remember seeing flying fishes hit the boat. I also remember showering outside in a little shower hut. Heh... and shitting in an outhouse with no flush. Those were good times. I think my appreciation for rural life comes from my youth. I remember living in my first maid's village somewhere in the Philippines. Feeding chickens and hanging out with her nephews and nieces. I'm glad my parents always made sure to expose me to kampung life. That's why i love the rural life quite a bit. The slow pace, the relaxing, the lazing about... Heh... It may also contribute to me being so lazy.

Talking about little villages. Been to Holland Village a few more times. Honestly I like Siglap more. More relaxed and so much more sea breeze. But I will say that Holland V is better to pretend that the street is your grandfather's road. At Siglap the buses will show you quickly whose road it is. Sad to learn that Joo Chiat has gone to the dogs... Oh well... I guess my traitor of a dog would like the place. I still cannot he'd betray me for a little girl time. Human girl too... Talking about Holland Road I think i read once that the road was named after a Mr Holland. This helped confirm my suspicions all along. Firstly Singapore never had a large Dutch population since the English would never have allowed too many Dutch (their rivals) into Singapore. And why would the British name the damn place after the very folks they were trying to run out of business.

Heh... Ok need to get stuff done. =P Must be done by 5.30pm.

To Build a Better Mousetrap

So today I had the pleasure of going out with friend, who I will name hesitant shopper (HS). It's really funnyhow you really want something, but you're shy about buying it, or you keep thinking it's too expensive. I'm guilty of it too. But HS was really funny about it. We walked into the store twice, SMSed another mutual friend, who I will name SMS Friend (SF) about getting it, and eventually decided that she would get it with SF without me. Something about male company and not quite being the same. =P

Watched months old SNL tonight. Boring... I really pity TV watchers here (like my sis). Everything is old and local dramas can sometimes be so trite and similar. So sad indeed... One more reason to think about coming home. I need Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and Comedy Central. Oh and Sci-Fi Channel and Tech TV. I miss South Park and the all new Family Guy. Aaarrrrggggghhhh...

Oh well sticking to my books. Heh... Philosophy to dull the senses and befuddle the mind. Was talking to a friend today and tell her that having a BA means that now I'm a certified fool. My Masters would make me a Master Fool. Heh... It's just a piece of paper. I'm no smarter than you or anybody else. (well ok, it's arguable, there are zombies out there). I just like getting a PhD so when anybody asks: "Is there a Doctor in the house?" I can say:"Yes but I don't save lifes, I just confuse them."

Also talked to my goodsis about teaching. Heh... I realise I can be very sadistic, so those of you going to poly in about two years should keep a look out for the sadistic lecturer. Pop quizzes for the entire class if anyone sleeps, SMS, or talks in class. A D-grade will be like 170/300. Heh... And a C-grade would be 200/300, a B-grade would be 250/300 and an A-grade will be 270/300. Heh... Of course I am sure the head of department will ask me to revise my grade scheme.

Alright got to go now and pretend to grade some papers and build myself a better mousetrap for those poor kids.

Ah... July 10th... a day to remember.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Mushy posts

Ok ok FF, no more mushy posts. Jeez... You put one up and everyone is up on your case. I think I'll need to claim the one free beer from you.

Heh... Well some interesting things I've observed this past few days. The staff at Rouge are really friendly. I've never seen such polite bouncers in my life. I mean a friend of mine did something and usually i would expect a gruff statement of how you couldn't do that, instead the bouncer politely told my friend he couldn't do it. With apologies for having to tell him off.

Also my dog, Bubbles, is a traitor. A regular Judas Iscaroit. My godsis came over and he just kept hanging out with her. When my guy friends come, he runs away. Little traitor. You're voted off the island, you're the weakest link, our pack doesn't want you anymore. Little horndog. =P

Spas are nice. Wraps are great. And the concept of a neighbourhood spa is wonderful. Balik Kampung. Nice...

Ok got to go, catch you slaves *ahem* readers later. =P

Friday, July 08, 2005

You know it's for you

Her voice was like a Siren's call,
Like a moth to the flame I am drawn to her.
I try to pull away,
But each time I get sucked right back.

The sight of her face,
The smell of her hair.
Those doeful eyes,
That precious smile.

Every time I step away from the brink,
I'm brought right back to face the abyss.
Each time I tell myself no,
Another part of me screams yes.

This union cannot be,
Father Time would not favour Lady Luck.
Like Romeo and Juliet,
Just without the poison and fueding families.

And yet I dream of her,
Those alluring looks.
I think of her,
my Helen, my Aphrodite.

Luck picked my lot for me,
and Love handed me a lemon.
Yet I still go on,
pinning for my Siren.

A Sad Moment Indeed

Dear Londoners and fellow human beings,

I am so sorry to hear that you have become the latest victims of terrorism. You have always had to endure IRA bombings in the past, but in the past few years you have known relative peace. Having won the Olympic 2012 bid, you were all ready to celebrate and enjoy the fact that you have been given the honour to host so prestigous an event. My congratulations to your fair city.

Whoever did this has been decried as inhuman, and I agree that terrorists have never been very humane. Even if we get rid of this lot, there will be others who will come after and cause similar trouble for us all. They peddle in terror and fear, and they seek to keep our spirits down and hope dead.

Here's what we should do to them. Go on and celebrate the fact that you won the bid. I know you cancelled the party for fear of security and it would be wrong to celebrate so near to death. Postpone the party but have it. You must. It is important that you celebrate. In fact, the leaders of the G8 should go home and organise celebrations for London's successful bid.

Am I crazy? No. Terrorists peddle in terror and fear, hence the name. Our best weapon is not to give in to the atmosphere they hope to create. Fear, and hopelessness only makes them gloat. Instead let us celebrate life, and hope. Our greatest weapon against these heartless men is hope. When Pandora's Box was opened, in the end Hope was last, but most important for our survival. I remember being in America on September 11th, I remember the feeling of dread and fear. Yet I also remember how some folks were complaining that too quickly life returned to normal. People were not going to let terrorists stop them from going on with their lives, from doing the things they always did. We put up with some inconveniences but we go on celebrating life.

So please my British friends, go on and celebrate the good things that have happened to you. Don't forget the bad things and don't forget the dead. But do not let the terrorists win the battle of our hearts. We will use hope and creation to crush their message of doom and destruction.

Once again my deepest condolences. I wish I could do more, but anything would be too little too late. You have my thoughts and my prayers.

With warmest regards and lots of prayers,


Thursday, July 07, 2005

Once a Cheater, Twice a Cheetah

So I went back to my old school today to meet up with teachers. It was cool. Nice to know that former Colonels are being sent to schools now. So instead of going to GLCs and making wise decisions about investments, they can now make decisions affecting the youth. Only problem is they don't get runner in schools. Think of it, a new movie Dude where's my PA? It can be directed by Jack Neo. My Chinese teacher actually thinks my chinese has improved (thank you. thank you very much). Oh yeah my old teach gave me a book with nice sentimental words in it. She and many other teachers in my life are the reasons why I want to mold young minds.

Dad was nice today. He asked if I needed to buy stuff before I went back to the US. I do need to get my visa done though. But a Visa would be nice too. *wink wink*

So met up with some friends. One of them actually danced on the table for S$60. Sponsored by the rest of us. Heh, she got paid more for less work than a hooker in Geylang. She spent less than 15 seconds up there (although it is arguable that some men take less than 15 seconds). I wish I get paid $60 for 15 seconds of work. It means I get paid $240 for a minute and $14400/hour. Wow. I can work like 4 hours a day and be rich.

So I'm completely bowled over by one of my friends. Like totally infatuated. You know the early signs. Sweaty palms, "steady my beating heart" sort of jazz. Actually not that bad (here's look at you kid), but something like that. Everytime I see her I feel like just holding her hand and giving her a soft peck on the cheek (if you are her ignore this). I barely know her, but what I see I like and I want to know more. Unfrotunately like the evil wizards of lore there's a massive barrier called practicality and reality. So we live in this sick sad world. Heh... Just gonna keep wishing and hoping. =P And so we live out our humdrum lives.

Hokay, need my beauty sleep for beach time tomorrow. Maybe I might swim. Big if. Salt water and me are not the best friends. =)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Phone. Yipppeeee!

Feel better now. New phone. Nothing like retail therapy to make you feel better.

New Camera

The Box

Yay! So now I get to take more pics. With my 1 gig memory stick. =P

One for the Road

Quick post for now. About to run off soon. Just talked to sis. Wow! Cramps are bad for her, so bad she can't drive. Heh... She works for a theatre company. Well as an intern. Go sis go! Lucky they're a theatre group. Their conception of work and time is not very good. As long as you put in 8 hours a day they're ok with you coming in at noon. Heh... I think both me and my sis abhor 9 to 5 (8 to 6) jobs. Hence we're both aiming to teach at some level. She's got a good head. Can't make money off of theatre alone, so might as well teach at the University. You get a steady income, prestige of people calling you doctor at least (usually professor) and you can still be active in the theatre scene.

Excited about visiting my alma mater. Wonder how it has changed from the last time. I heard alot of changes. Sigh... getting old when your former classmates are teaching there now. Heh... Ooooo... teacher fantasies may actually come true. Yay! (ed: erm... ok... sigh)

Alright I'm off my duckies. If all goes well i may also get the Sony Ericcsson k750i. Yay! New phone with camera. i can take loads of pictures and post it here and bore you with my entirely boring life (ed: like right now?)(shut up you!)

dieses ist das Ende mein Freund

Ok firstly via a friend who does not want to be revealed. Xanga makes a good point why the East is cool. Honestly nothing good comes out of the West. So take that all you West side people. East is best. We've got culture, we've got beaches and we've got cool people. Plus I live in the East. 1000 points for the East. I must warn you a little brutal and honest. So if you're the Politically Correct type or the supremely left wing bleeding heart type, STAY AWAY from the post.

Saw Neil Gaiman. So many hot female fans. Wow. Makes me want to write deep philosophical and also mythical stuff. Gosh darn it! He got to it first. Also got interviewed. Unfortunately I had 5 seconds to prep and so I think I sounded like an idiot. Could have come up with a better answer. Bought tons of books from Kino. Heh... And I got YOU what YOU wanted. Here's a reading list (in no particular order):

1. The Economist July 2nd - 8th
2. Foreign Policy July/August 2005 (must renew subscription in the US)
3. The Social Contract by J.J. Rousseau (ISBN 0-141-01888-7)
4. Lucifer trade paperback 8 (I love my comics)
5. Either/Or by Soren Kierkegaard (ISBN 0-140-44577-3)
6. A Treatise of Human Nature by David Hume (ISBN 0-14-043244-2)
7. The Future of Freedom by Fareed Zakaria (ISBN 0-393-32487-7)
8. Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner (ISBN 0-06-073132-X)

Plenty of things to keep me occupied for now.

Talking about books, here is a list of books you should read in college and a list of most dangerous books in the past two centuries. (via Imprezzions)

For those with short attention spans I have taken the liberty to summarize.

10 books you should read in college are (drumroll)...

1. The Bible (read that one)
2. The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison (ditto)
3. Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville (read snippets)
4. The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (not yet)
5. The Republic by Plato (snippets)
6. The Politics by Aristotle (nope)
7a. Nicomachaean Ethics by Aristotle (nope)
7b. City of God by St. Augustine of Hippo (read this one, 7 is tied by the way)
9. Confessions by St. Augustine of Hippo (read this too)
10. Reflections on the Revolution in France by Edmund Burke (nope)

My score: 4/10 plus snippets from 2. Hmmm... Maybe I should go back to college again. Oh wait I am. (ed: ha ha, very funny)

10 most dangerous books in the past two centuries:

1. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Freidrich Engels (read that)
2. Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler (i refuse to read this)
3. Quotations from Chairman Mao by Mao Zedong (snippets)
4. The Kinsey Report by Alfred Kinsey (nope, but someday I will)
5. Democracy and Education by John Dewey (nope, don't intend to)
6. Das Kapital by Karl Marx (started, but gave up halfway)
7. The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan (nope)
8. The Course of Positive Philosophy by Auguste Comte (nope)
9. Beyond Good and Evil by Freidrich Nietzsche (nope, won't really read it)
10. General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes (maybe someday)

Score: 1/10 with snippets from 1. So I guess I'm not dangerous. =P So come on down and arrange for a date ladies. [hi mom. I try]

Note: These lists were compiled by a conservative newsletter.

This just in: sis is taking car tomorrow. No car for me. Aaaaarrrggghhhh... I'm so spoilt. (ed: yes you are)

Ms Molly Meek (I love the girl, someday she will be mine, all mine *cue evil laughter*) has a very funny post. i love it. She is so funny. I'm in love i think (ed: don't bandy such words around unless you mean it) Fine. Not in love. She's just so funny though. I had to "tomorrow" her.

Sob sob... Scarlett Ting has gone on a sabbatical. Come back soon my dear. I miss you already.

Went out with Boston Beauty to Dempsey road. Roy was on duty as manager tonight. I like the guy. Mild mannered and soft spoken. I think Boston Beauty was hitting on me, but then again it could just be my desperate-ness (is that even a word?). [hi mom. see what your nagging has done, you've driven me to desperation] (so that's the word. not desperate-ness) I need a "hit-o-meter" so i know when I'm being hit on and when women are just being friendly (ed: go invent one). I think women complain alot about that and I completely understand. I am clueless with these sort of things. So hard to tell sometimes. =P

Off to go visit my alma mater tomorrow. It should be good. But no car... so I guess it's the taxi companies then. Unless i try to drive manual. Not that I don't know how. Just that I haven't done so in 6 years and it's a mercedes too. Big and chunky. Aaaahhhh... Taxi it is. (this means I can also drink like a mofo and not worry about sobriety checks)

Hope your cramps get better sis. I'm glad I'm a guy and i don't have to go through that hassle. Also i get to pee standing up. but i can only orgasm 3 times in a night (on average anyway, and not that I had to... ask me how many times i did it one night if you ever meet me) =(

Decided not to shave my moustache today. Just shaved the bottom. Wonder how it'll turn out. I do look like my dad when he was my age, only fatter. (yes i have many chins my 3 sexy sirens)

The bed awaits. Time to snooze. Must be up in 7 1/2 hours. Correction 8 1/2 hours. (one benefit of not going to school/work is i get to determine what time i wake up) =P

Monday, July 04, 2005

Unholy Gambit

I feel like shit. Under the weather. (ever wonder where in the world that term came from, under the influence of the weather maybe??)

I had to say no to a gorgeous babes for evening outings. HOT BABE!! I hate this place. I've never felt so sick so often as when I am home here. Must be the water. (i mean drinking other people's piss may not be quite right)

I'd like to apologise to hot babe, ms f**k, for having to turn down your company. I really wanted to. But it is getting late and I feel like crap. Also i guess i should sleep early. If I want to be anywhere near healthy to see neil gaiman tomorrow at kino. =(

I hate my life. Off to my bed.

An unexamined life

Well everytime I meet a new blogger I get a question about if I'm the only person blogging and who ed and ture/lie are. I know I explained it as a literary device but it's more than that. (ed: indeed) I'm not schizo. It's more like a dissection of me, as a person.

Ed here is the voice of reason. The reasonable part. Caution. Safety. Security. Absolutely dull but absolutely trustworthy (ed: not sure if I should feel praised or insulted) That's a side of me. The side that puts calculated in calculated risk. Dour, sedated and very normal.

true/lie is conscience I suppose. Sometimes I say things and it may be a lie (true!). Human relations requires that we lie to maintain certain illusions. We all do it all the time. true/lie is the part of me that is sick of such lies. My conscience. The thing that pricks you when you know you are not doing what is right. (look i don't care if you have a moral compass, I do)

You know Plato indicated that an unexamined life is not worth living and I do examine my life daily. I always take some time out to take a look at it. I see it and I like what I see. I see areas that need to be fixed and areas that I should keep in the face of the world. I'm an idealist in the end. But I can be a pragmatic idealist. There are somethings I will give up but there are others that I won't (ed: that's telling them) (true!)

It's nice that this little pink blog has fans and haters. You don't have to like me and you don't have to hate me either. This is who I am. Deep down inside this is me. Why pink? Because I dislike the colour intensely. So why not. All that pink is, is a colour.

Today a friend, who I was having dinner and drinks with, was telling me that a guy, whom she had gotten to know recently, told her he loved her. Despite the fact that he had no intention of leaving his girlfriend. Jeez... Men do suck indeed. I will admit it. Sometimes I catch myself doing shit like that too but ed is there to rein me in (ed: yay! final credit!). How much more dishonourable can this world be. Hedging your bets, sir? Puh-leeeese...

Here's my two cents, any man who tells a woman he loves her, must act upon those words. He cannot hope to be fishing for a favourable reply. It's all or nothing. Either we put our money where our mouth is, or we not bother trying. This smells of bullshit. Why am I so angry? I don't quite know. Maybe it's because there are some very ugly parts of humanity that I hate with a vengence. And i mean hate.

This leads to the perennial question of is man born good or bad? Confucius thought Man was born good and Mencius thought Man was born bad. I'm not a philosopher and I cannot come to an answer for that. I believe Man is born good, with a conscience. But over time we can overcome that inherent goodness. In time bad acts can become habit. An old friend once told me that our sense of morality is like a triangle in our heart. It pokes us everytime we do something that is ethically wrong. But we can ignore it and over time the poor triangle will wear out its sides and in the end it'll become smooth all around, a circle. And so it will poke no more. What state is your triangle in?

I lie. I will not deny that (true!). But my life is not one built on lies. I cannot live a life built upon lies. In my life I value honour above all else. A man is only as good as his word. If my word carries no weight, then I am worthless. I'm glad that my promises still have currency amongst friends.

So this is my examined life. At least so far. I like what I see. I know the places i must fix and I must come face to face with the things i refuse to see. I also see areas which I must preserve, upkeep and make new again. Life the never ending project...

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Onions and Me

I'm sad. Why? I won't really say, but allow me to carry on... (ed: hmmmm...)

I've come to realise that no one quite knows who I am. Everyone wears masks and what not, and yes we've all heard the cliche. Yet there is a holistic me. A whole me. It's just that people refuse or do not see the whole me. We always choose to see in a person what we want. It's not that a person presents merely one facet of him/her self, but rather we pick and choose the parts we want to see. From this blog people will assume I am schizo, yet on my other blog (whose name will not be revealed) you would think I was a bleeding leftist. Too often people look at me and see only a son, my father's son, a smart student, a witty conversationalist, a quiet boy, a rich man's son, an arrogant bastard, a poor man's son, an obedient child, a thinker, a socialist, a brother, a wise friend, a silly friend, someone to sponge off, an ex-boyfriend, a lazy person, and any other face they want to see. Not even my parents really see the whole me.

I am judged in so many ways simply by the clothes I wear, the car I drive, the friends I hang out with, my parents, what I say, the way I act. I walked into Gucci today with my first love and no one paid attention to me because I was in shorts, t-shirt and a baseball cap. My friend's mum doesn't bother talking to me, because she's a social climber and she doesn't know who my parents are. Waiters treat me well because I have a non-singaporean accent. Some people think I'm a poser because I have a non-singaporean accent. Even people who've had longer conversations with me have come to judgement quickly. I have seldom judged someone quickly It usually takes a long while to form a concrete opinion of someone. I am weary of how people assume I must be a certain kind of person just because.

If you think I'm sad because of this, I am not. I am sad over an entirely different reason. Ever feel like quitting? A very good friend once said I was the kind of person who would throw everything into something I loved, but I could also throw everything away, give up and just walk away. I think I've sort of reached that point in my life. I'm ready to just throw my hands in the air and walk away from it all. Sick and tired of it all. It's all fake, all artificial, all unreal. What am I talking about? I'm talking about eros love (see earlier post you lazy f**ks). The silly games we play. The silly angles. The silly tricks. The silly moves. I'm quite ready to quit. Is it really worth my time? Should I even bother? Another good friend warned me that local women are materialistic and I agree. But which woman isn't? In the final picture it is about security to ensure the survival of offspring. Love? We make it up to justify security.

Now I am free and without pressures of adulthood. When the responsibility of being a grown up catches up will i even have the time to partake in the masquerade? Will I have the energy to care about the silly games? Will I even want to dance that never ending tango? Because it doesn't end until the day you draw your last breath. On and on we go. Will I be able to handle it all?

Then again, can i spend an entire lifetime alone? Can I override my natural inclination to perpetuate the species? Who will be my foil? Who will I confide in? Can I truly be alone?

A wise man once told me that we cannot plan for all things and some of the most important things in life just happen. Indeed. But right at this point I really feel like throwing my hands up and quitting on life. (No i won't kill myself, that's just silly) Is life really that dismal and bleak?

(ed: but aren't there also the good times? remember all the times when you enjoyed the sun on your back, working on the lot. remember the joy that filled your heart when you recieved compliments. remember the first touch of lovers. remember those quiet moments when shit is just happening all around you. remember those sunsets. remember little babies. remember those tears when a love affair ended. remember the warmth of human relations.)

There really is no conclusion to this. (ed: rightly so. Life is a book that has been written, is being written and will be written) But maybe someday my Zen moment will come. When all things become clear. Or perhaps they are clear, I just refuse to see it. Who knows...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

el soltero

You know that cole potter song? What is this thing called love?

What Is This Thing Called Love?

I was a humdrum person
Leading a life apart
When love flew in through my window wide
And quickened my humdrum heart

Love flew in through my window
I was so happy then
But after love had stayed a little while
Love flew out again

What is this thing called Love?
This funny thing called Love?
Just who can solve its mystery?
Why should it make a fool of me?

I saw you there one wonderful day
You took my heart and threw it away
That’s why I ask the Lord in Heaven above
What is this thing called Love?

What is this thing called Love?
This funny thing called Love?
Just who can solve its mystery?
Why should it make a fool of me?

I saw you there one wonderful day
You took my heart and threw it away
That’s why I ask the Lord in Heaven above
What is this thing called Love?

Love is a very strange creature isn't it. I remember the first time I ever went out seriously with a girl. I wouldn't call her my first love since I was still on training wheels. I just jumped on the opportunity to have a girlfriend (I blame my all boys school education). Looking back the pairing was not the best or brightest. And so I ended it. But I suppose I ended it in guilt when I started considering other women. We lasted about 1 year. I realised then that my understanding of love was evolving...

My next girl friend was a very sweet girl, but then again I was a very sweet guy. I guess we ended that relationship because we were both quite practical. She was off to university and I was in the Army. It wouldn't have worked. My best friend pointed it out that there are more eligible bachelors in the university. And true enough she's totally attached to this engineer, who by the way she complains is unromantic. That's what you get babe for dating a man with no soul. (ed: a little bitter are we?) I began to realise that love was a word often bandied seldom understood. What is it?

I don't think I want to bore you too much with the evolution of my conception of love. I have reached this place where I begin to understand that love is a feeling, but love is also an act. We can act out of love without having a feeling of love. On some days we just hate our loved ones [hi mom. you know you get on my nerves sometimes], but we continue to be patient, kind, caring and generous even on their most unloveable days and on our worst days.

The Greeks had several words for love. Eros is what we'd call romantic love or desire. This love is of course obsessive, lustful and very very blinding. Too often we confuse the two, or are not honest enough to admit that we lust after someone and not love them in any other way. Philia is love between two people who have no familial bonds. Friendship. Platonic love. Where there is not sexual component to it. Like me and FA. We have a very platonic love. We enjoy each other, but do not lust for each other. Storge is natural love. Love that subsists between sons of the same mother and between parents and children. The love of family. We also have Agape love this is unconditional love. As a Catholic I believe that God loves us unconditionally (you can argue if you want, but I'm sticking to the theology). I try my best to emulate that, but it is indeed difficult. Everything we do is lined with agenda, it may be good or bad. But remember the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Why do I mention the Greek conception of love? Well I guess because I am a Greek (fraternity man) but also because alot of modern western culture is rooted in the Greeks (no I haven't abandon my Chinese culture, they just don't talk about alot of love). In my life I have known all four kinds of love. Right now I am experiencing all four right now. Sometimes I can experience several of them in one person (ok not storge and eros, you sick f**ks).

I have been thinking about romantic love, I know it makes the heart beat so fast. It gives me butterflies in my tummy and it just drives me crazy with desire. But I always remember the flip side of desire is despair. Twins (thank you neil gaiman). Same emotions. Just different conclusions i suppose. Sigh... Desire and Despair... so similiar. So cruel both...

Alright... off to bed again. Need more sleep. Hope I've bored all you people to death. =P

I have never...

Went to dinner with the three sexy sirens, Finicky Feline, Scarlett Ting and Sassyjan. How can man choose between three such beautiful women? So diffcult a choice. Also met up with William again. Luckily he was there to deal with the women involved. And so once again this little bunny managed to escape the all important question of who to choose.

Came home to my sis watching TV at 4am and telling me my parents were quarreling. Which would explain the phonecall at 2am from home. heh... My mum loves to drag me into their quarrels, despite me always telling her i don't want to be involved. [hi mom. seriously your relationship problems are not my problems, don't drag me into this hoping to make me take sides] Mum always does that. And I always try to explain to her that she can choose to stick it out or quit and leave. Either way me and my sis will still be her kids, just as we will be my dad's kids. Oh well... That silly thing called marriage.

I'm considering what exactly love is... And to be honest, it's hard to describe it. It's extremely liberating, yet wholly confining. It's supremely wonderful, yet entirely horrid. I can definetely feel the beginnings of these feelings right now. Heh... Not getting into anything in this last month that I am here. Not worth the hassle and the trouble. Well that's what I say anyway. (ed: and we all know what you say usually doesn't hold true).

FF asked me about my accent today. Like I said before it's like new me and old me. You really wouldn't like the old me. the singlish speaking me. So very un-inspiring or funny. Plus it feels quite alien now. Heh... But if you like I can switch... or try anyway... I promise I'll end up back with my new accent.

Ok off to bed. Need the sleep. I'll dream the dreams that Morpheus will allow.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Poiché non sono voi

geen favorieten

For the record, FF, I have no favourites. Don't give up yet! I am a little hurt you didn't write about me. Sob sob... How about you and I go some place quiet and get to know each other? =P (ed: ahem... do you think that is wise with the "no favorites," you might want to invite all 3)

On that note, so Romancing Singapore is still around. Which means tonnes of free or cheap shit for couples. As well as loads of ideas for all you un-romantic men out there. ( i think, i never go to that site until Tomorrow featured it, i mean seriously romance is quite natural, unless they've managed to breed it out of us) They even have a jingle. Yeah silly sounding jingle too. OMG! Go make babies, it's your National Duty. Serving National Service is not enough. GO MAKE BABIES you useless plebs! =P [hi mom. i would do my national duty but i have to be married right?]

Nothing much to do today (hint hint) except maybe meet puppet for lunch and decide to go to a birthday party. I really don't feel like it since it will largely end up as a drunk fest and too much group cest goes around that group anyway. I cannot stand that, plus puppet will be there late. Why do I keep mentioning him? Because he doesn't drink as much and we're cool that way. So we don't get f**king drunk and do silly things. So we can always sneak off to Siglap and get coffee. Because I have no woman to fill my month here. (hint hint) [hi mom. look, it's not like i'm not trying, just no one is biting]

Off to grab lunch and play with poochy. He's so cute. And so handsome too.

Sie hörten es hier zuerst

Well tonight I plucked up what courage I had and went down to Holland Village to hang out with Finicky Feline, Scarlett Ting and friends. I also met Vamp Jie and Jane Doe. Along with Mandrake. And my old sci fi pal Aberwyn. It was such a big gathering. it was much fun. (ed: glad you had fun)

I must say Holland Village has changed alot since I last went (about 5 to 6 years ago). I'm not much of a Holland V type of person. I am an Eastern boy at heart. I hang out at Siglap and Joo Chiat, Pasir Ris Park and Changi Village. Tampines and Bedok are my stomping grounds. Heh... So of course Holland V had changed to the point I don't recognise it.

Ok before you hear it from FF, Janice, or ST, I do not have a favourite yet. All three of you are equal. I just got Ting the flowers because she was upset about other girls having bouqets. I seriously do not have favourites. (at this point I'd like to keep my options open) (ed: Should you even be saying that in public) (quiet you) [hi mom. what can I say]

I am very surprised that guys don't buy any of you flowers. You'd think folks would be lining up trying to dump flowers on you three. Well i guess the men you hang out with are no fun. I love flowers. I used to keep a vase with carnations in my room. By the window sill. Just so I had something beautiful and natural to look at everyday as I read or typed. Tsk tsk... bad singaporean men... BBBBBBAAAADDDD!!!

Yes Lancerlord... I am desperate for groupies to adore me. Know of any? I could use the recommendations. (ed: ahem... groupies? What next? Sex drugs rock and roll?)

Ok off to bed. To the gym tomorrow. FF said I had a belly. =( Must work out.