For want of a better title: Classes I will be taking next sem

For want of a better title

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Classes I will be taking next sem

Because I'm so bored... Because I might forget... These are the classes I will be pretending to take next semester.

ECON-603-001Intro to Economic TheoryM05:30PM 08:00PM

SIS-683-001Congress & US Foreign PolicyW08:10PM 10:40PM

SIS-596-006Conf, Interventn & Nation BldgM08:10PM 10:40PM

I know doesn't sound like a lot. But I suspect it will be. I also know it's all night classes. I hope to use my CPT to get some internships. =) Alot of reading for sure. And alot of work too. No doubt... Sigh... I hope Intro to Economic Theory is like microeconomics. And the nation building one will be fun I hope... Not looking forward to leaving...

But on the plus side I'll be back latest December 23 ( last day of exam on Dec 21). And I only have to be back Jan 15 (Jan 17 start classes, but I'd like to recover from jet lag).


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