For want of a better title: Curry Rain

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Curry Rain

50 bloody cents

Met up with my Godpa today for food at Samy's Curry along Dempsey road. In the freaking rain. Got so wet trying to get from the car to the place. And then I had to pay 50 cents to get in. Not so bad really, until I found out this evening that I could have avoided the rain and the 50 cent charge if I had gone to Marina Square instead. Samy's opened up a branch there. Gosh darn it! I should've read Sunday Times yesterday and not tonight.

Talked alot with Godpa. I hope he's right about me. [hi mom. see someone thinks i'm doing alright] Otherwise I'm going to be poor and jobless. Heh... Mom asked how much i'll need a year. Worried that if i ask too much she'll balk, but if I ask too little I'll be broke. Sigh... Can't wait to start working so i don't need to depend on my parents for money. [hi mom. still need your love and care]

Dinner at CHIJmes with Boston Beuaty was uneventful. But we had mexican food. Not bad. Actually not too bad at all. Tex-Mex is usually oily, but this one was pretty good. So i guess i got my tex-mex fix.

Hung out with my lady love a little this evening. She was definetely grumpy, but I still love her. =P (take that all you anti-mush folks). She kept looking at cars that went by...

Congrats Sandra for becoming the chio-est (is that even a word) femblogger. I'm hurt the ST chikopek *ahem* reporter didn't even bother asking me anything. So hurt... If you get deals, don't forget me. You know how rappers who make it big look out for their posse. Sama sama, ok? Don't end up like G-unit and 50cent. Us having a shoot out is not a good idea.

Sounds like alot of folks had fun at the blog con. Heh... I guess I got a picture of the evil *ahem* ST reporter. And Ms Linda Chia stole my picture and never give credit. I am very hurt Ms Chia. You were definetely the belle of the ball. All the horny *ahem* nice male barflies were drooling all over *ahem* paying rapt attention to you. See take one sexy photo, and your blog becomes famous. So unfair. Fembloggers have a massive advantage. =P

Right-O. Time to catch up with my weekly reading. =) May the farce be with you.


  • At 7/18/2005 10:58 PM, Anonymous FF said…

    I think you'd have paid more for parking at Marina Square. So good move!

    Ask mum for slightly more than you need. She'll balk, and give you less than the figure you asked for, but sufficient for survival. Win-win situation. The art of negotiation.


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