For want of a better title: A Fictional Tail

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Friday, July 15, 2005

A Fictional Tail

Did it ever occur to you that in most quests, the hero has to go to some like castle in the deep dark corner of the world to save the world? How come the quest doesn't involve him going to some beautiful meadow with flowers and a babbling brook to pick up some buns? I mean think of it...

"Mealanus, you must complete this quest."
"Yes, Oracle. I will to the best of my ability."
"Mealanus, you must travel to the next neighbourhood and go to an open meadow. In the meadow there is a little babbling brook."
"Ok, meadow and brook in the next burgh. You sure I don't have to travel to {insert evil sounding name} and fight the evil dragon lords?"
"Nope. Just go to the little hut next to the brook."
"How about the Fire Kings of {insert fiery sounding name here}"
"NO! Just go to the hut, and pick up the buns on the table."
"Oh ok. You sure? I can head off to {insert silly sounding name here} and kill a few monsters. It's only another day from the next burgh."
"NO! Just do as your told."
"Oh and pick up a Decaf Low fat Latte from Starbucks while your there. Thanks."

That would be a real adventure. You could read all about the heroes trouble with traffic.

"Would you please move your cart?! I'm on a quest!"
"You and every other young adventurer here. So wait your turn!"
"Now listen here! I am a paladin of {insert silly sounding god's name here}"
"Yeah!?! I'm the King of Sheeba. Wait your turn."
"Move the damn cart!"

And then you can hear how he deals with the local law enforcement after he gets road rage.

"So you threaten to attack an unarmed baker?"
"Erm... He was not cooperating. I'm on a quest."
"Oh really? Can I see your riding liscense please?"
"Really. The Oracle sent me on a quest."
"Can I also see your questing liscence? And your sword liscence?"
"Sir, I'm sorry but you'll have to come to the station with me. The baker is pressing charges."

Now that would be some adventure. Heh...

So the NKF issue is being resolved. I never donated money to them. I prefer to do what my family has always done since my great grandpa, and that is to donate to catholic charities. They usually aren't part of the community chest, and alot of the times, the people who run it are not well paid (trust me, priests get an allowance of like $200 a month). Yet they still keep on doing it because they love the work they do. Better my money goes to Boys' Town and the Missonaries of Charity. Don't stop giving to NKF though, they do good work. Or if you must give to the KDF. Same work, but maybe the other organisation is better.

Anyway... Off to munchies. Take care my loyal followers *ahem* readers.


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