For want of a better title: geen favorieten

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Friday, July 01, 2005

geen favorieten

For the record, FF, I have no favourites. Don't give up yet! I am a little hurt you didn't write about me. Sob sob... How about you and I go some place quiet and get to know each other? =P (ed: ahem... do you think that is wise with the "no favorites," you might want to invite all 3)

On that note, so Romancing Singapore is still around. Which means tonnes of free or cheap shit for couples. As well as loads of ideas for all you un-romantic men out there. ( i think, i never go to that site until Tomorrow featured it, i mean seriously romance is quite natural, unless they've managed to breed it out of us) They even have a jingle. Yeah silly sounding jingle too. OMG! Go make babies, it's your National Duty. Serving National Service is not enough. GO MAKE BABIES you useless plebs! =P [hi mom. i would do my national duty but i have to be married right?]

Nothing much to do today (hint hint) except maybe meet puppet for lunch and decide to go to a birthday party. I really don't feel like it since it will largely end up as a drunk fest and too much group cest goes around that group anyway. I cannot stand that, plus puppet will be there late. Why do I keep mentioning him? Because he doesn't drink as much and we're cool that way. So we don't get f**king drunk and do silly things. So we can always sneak off to Siglap and get coffee. Because I have no woman to fill my month here. (hint hint) [hi mom. look, it's not like i'm not trying, just no one is biting]

Off to grab lunch and play with poochy. He's so cute. And so handsome too.


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