For want of a better title: The Inquisition

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Inquisition

Heh... Spent the weekend away from home and mum decides to ask questions.

Mom:"Where were you?"
Me: "Friends place." (hand at door, looking tired)
Mom: "Your LOCAL friends, right?"
Me: "Yes." (Exit stage right)

Of course local friends. What other friends do I have in the vicinity but local friends. My mum is weird. She thinks I must consort with Albanians and Czechs (ed: he actually would like to visit the Czech Republic).

Funny how you spend so many months away from home and suddenly you go away for three days and they think you're consorting with Russians and Poles. Funny part is i already told my dad I'd be at a friend's place. Sigh...

I think I need to move out of the home when I return for good. I will miss the free laundry service and cooked meals. But I suppose I already live without that in the US, I can survive in Singapore without it. Plus that way I can bring my special someone back to my place without worrying about extra questions from parents. I also have to remember not to give mum house keys.

Dad is learning boating. I hope he gets his liscense. One more reason for him to prove that 71 is the new 21. Heh... or something like that. Also gives him a good excuse to flee from mom. I really pity him. How does he stand her? Especially when me and my sis are not around. We both might be abroad in 2006-2007. So that would be a miserable time for dad. Poor him. Get in the boat and stay at sea. Mum always gets seasick.

I realise if it was just dad in the house, I'd be cool about living in the house. But Mum can be quite a drag. Especially when you grow older and need more personal space. I mean I'm on holiday. And even if i'm not it really shouldn't bother her too much especially since I already notified a parent. It's not like I ran away from home or something. =P

Alright to bed. So tired.


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