For want of a better title: The missing Scarlett Ting

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Monday, July 11, 2005

The missing Scarlett Ting

As most of you know Ms Gone with the Wind, has gone with the wind. There have been haters and there have been supporters, but seriously here's this wabbit's take on her sabbatical:

(1) She's actually gone to find Elvis and the Yeti who are currently in hiding. Sources have spotted her in a diner with Elvis having green eggs and ham. As well as off roading with the Yeti somewhere in the Himalayas.

(2) Ms Scarlett has actually gone off and married Mr Rhett Butler. So no more blogging.

(3) She has been abucted by aliens.

(4) Kenny Sia has chosen her and she's moved to Kuching, Malaysia to be with him. Sorry ladies...

(5) The organisers of this weekend's blog con have kidnapped her and intend to use her as a pinata.

(6) or a Microsoft pusher *ahem* promoter

(7) She's actually an alien, hence we can't take photos of her without the swirl, and has phoned home.

(8) She's a ghost, again with the photos, and so her time here is up.

(9) She's actually a Men-in-White spy, whose goal was to infiltrate Singapopo blogdom. And know she's briefing HQ about the upcoming Blog Con.

(10) I actually have her all tied up in my basement. Muahahahahaha... (ed: you don't have a basement and I think someone else might get mad).

Well have a good rest Ms Ting and I look forward to seeing your posts about how handsome and irresistable I am. (ed: erm... he really doesn't mean that. he's spoken for.)


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