For want of a better title: A pod of Dolphins

For want of a better title

Tall and Tan and oh so Sexy, the boy *not* from Ipanema goes walking by...

Sunday, July 17, 2005

A pod of Dolphins

Went to the blog con today, didn't spot any gah'men types outside of our good journalists around (aren't some SPH reporters former ISD folk? Do they count as gah'men?) Only MIW I saw was this guy...


This confirmed my suspicion that Mr M has always been a MIW. I mean think about it. Mr M... Creepy...

What further caused this paranoid bunny to worry was that all the organisers were having some sort of secret discussion in their "Not admittance unless authorised" Room. I mean mb had his back facing the glass walls at all times (ed: glass walls and secret meeting?!? erm...)

Innocent Discussion??

This little wabbit's suspicions were further driven by the fact that mb was taking pictures of the audience... Hmmmm... for future reference to use in counter-libel cases? Or as info to blackmail us?


Kenny wwas interrogated for coming to Singapore. He had to explain himself to the Inquisition panel.


This poor guy was either poisoned or is popeye. I couldn't quite figure it out. I suspect that poison was it. You know murder all the bloggers while you can.


This bunny had to skip out when he saw the tanks gathering outside the place... This was too scary. i hope all of you survived...


But not before I started taking pictures of the real reason why we were all there. At least for the Cowboy Barflies (that's why they're barflies). Talking about that, strangely enough DXO had fly zappers... I guess it was to kill the barflies as well.

Main attraction


Also there was this reporter who kept asking the cute fembloggers for interviews... Hmmm... That actually sounds like a good pick up line. Maybe I should use that... (ed: erm... I think the missus would not be happy) (I know... I know... Just saying...) Ok maybe you single malebloggers could use that as a pick up line.


My sweetheart showed up and that made all things good. We had to go to our respective family dinners. I got there at the appointed time of 7, but had to sit there all by my lonesome for another 15 minutes and stare at those things...


I don't even know what they are. It was funny to sit at a table for nine just by myself and the waiter handing you the menu. Like I'm going to order for all nine. When i'm not paying [hi mom. thanks for dinner] "Yes. I'll have the shark's fin soup, the abalone and the really really expensive dish whose name i cannot pronounce." Heh... I suspect everyone was late because this was a Chinese restaurant... You got to love dinner where you talk about all sorts of shit with family friends... Like politics, and learning about family friends who you never knew were friends of your family (ed: ok...)

On the drive home, there was an accident outside the Singapore Town Club. That wasn't a problem except I almost got into an accident. you see lane 3 was where the accident was and Lane 2 of course had to avoid the spillage. I was in Lane 1. Now Mr Rubber neck in lane 2 was so busy looking at the accident, that he didn't realise that there were cars in alne 1, namely mine. So the little biatch almost crashed into me, but luckily I horned the hell out of his tiny little brain. STOP STARING AT THE DAMN ACCIDENT!! I don't know why you have to stare. Keep driving and mind your own f**king business.

Went home and looked forward to a quiet night. but the neighbours were having a party and they took my usual spot. Luckily this bunny did good parking. So no problems. But just as i settled in to blog, mom told me we were going to my second aunt's birthday chalet. Heh... So off I go again.

You miss four Chinese New Year's celebrations and everything has changed. All my second cousins had grown up. My aunt looked so old too... Wow... Things do change alot in 4 years. Cousin had to go for op... Another passed away... Just too many things... And all my second cousins my age were scattered. Plus I am a grand uncle 3 times over now...

Mum kept talking on the way back, the usual stuff. Whining about this and that... Stuff I've heard since 1989... Seriously I could repeat it verbatim. There never is a silver lining for mum.

Ok off to bed... Big day tomorrow... Have to meet some folks. Take care and I hope most of you are not drunk out your f**king minds.


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