For want of a better title: Probably the best

For want of a better title

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Probably the best

Read Mr Sng's post on Carlsberg. The funny thing isn't the ad, but rather their motto: "Probably the best beer in the world." That's funny, they're not sure if they are the best, but they guess they are. Makes me want to think of other slogans companies can come up with... So here's my top ten list of how not to market yourself:

(1) Tiger Beer: Probably as good as gold around the world. Or are we Silver... Let me go check.
(2) SIA: Fly the sort of friendly skies...
(3) Nike: Just kinda do it...
(4) Goodyear: More kinda ok years ahead.
(5) Budweiser Beer: The Crown Prince of Beers?
(6) McDonald's: I'm sorta liking it.
(7) The Body Shop: Feel kinda ok - naturally.
(8) Burger King: Maybe have it your way.
(9) KFC: Possibly finger lickin' good.
(10) Firefox: Maybe rediscover the web

Heh... silly tagline. I wonder how much someone got paid to do that.


  • At 7/21/2005 5:20 AM, Anonymous ff said…

    They can't say they're the best beer in the world, or the other beer companies will make a big hoo hah out of it. Can kena sue also right?

  • At 7/21/2005 1:11 PM, Anonymous Slimey said…

    they USED to say The Best Beer in the World, they got sued, etc. you can say the world's favourite airline though.

    the word 'probably' is not a 'not sure' thing though, it's a more self-deprecating thingie going on.

    you haven't seen beer advertising until you've seen this:

    just click yes when they ask you to

  • At 7/25/2005 4:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    how bout u guys/gurls see it this way, maybe what they're trying to imply is "hey we didn't bother to check, do a survey or even compare but we still confidently declare we're the best." Probably the best because they didn't even bother to do a study... if they said "probably a nice-tastin beer" then its a real bugger.


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