For want of a better title: A Sad Moment Indeed

For want of a better title

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Friday, July 08, 2005

A Sad Moment Indeed

Dear Londoners and fellow human beings,

I am so sorry to hear that you have become the latest victims of terrorism. You have always had to endure IRA bombings in the past, but in the past few years you have known relative peace. Having won the Olympic 2012 bid, you were all ready to celebrate and enjoy the fact that you have been given the honour to host so prestigous an event. My congratulations to your fair city.

Whoever did this has been decried as inhuman, and I agree that terrorists have never been very humane. Even if we get rid of this lot, there will be others who will come after and cause similar trouble for us all. They peddle in terror and fear, and they seek to keep our spirits down and hope dead.

Here's what we should do to them. Go on and celebrate the fact that you won the bid. I know you cancelled the party for fear of security and it would be wrong to celebrate so near to death. Postpone the party but have it. You must. It is important that you celebrate. In fact, the leaders of the G8 should go home and organise celebrations for London's successful bid.

Am I crazy? No. Terrorists peddle in terror and fear, hence the name. Our best weapon is not to give in to the atmosphere they hope to create. Fear, and hopelessness only makes them gloat. Instead let us celebrate life, and hope. Our greatest weapon against these heartless men is hope. When Pandora's Box was opened, in the end Hope was last, but most important for our survival. I remember being in America on September 11th, I remember the feeling of dread and fear. Yet I also remember how some folks were complaining that too quickly life returned to normal. People were not going to let terrorists stop them from going on with their lives, from doing the things they always did. We put up with some inconveniences but we go on celebrating life.

So please my British friends, go on and celebrate the good things that have happened to you. Don't forget the bad things and don't forget the dead. But do not let the terrorists win the battle of our hearts. We will use hope and creation to crush their message of doom and destruction.

Once again my deepest condolences. I wish I could do more, but anything would be too little too late. You have my thoughts and my prayers.

With warmest regards and lots of prayers,



  • At 7/07/2005 8:29 PM, Blogger BeeNuts said…

    I am worried sick, I can only contact my aunt in Copenhagen, but not my folks in London yet. The terrorists are terrible horrible incorrigible!


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