For want of a better title: Silly is as silly does

For want of a better title

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Silly is as silly does

Bumped into an old friend yesterday, Kway Png. We exchanged pleasantries and got some information. He works for the Singapore Tourism Promotion Board now. A fitting job for a man of his disposition. I think it takes alot to work for the STPB and to sell singapore. I mean three trips here and you've probably seen it all. Spend like a month here and it's all covered. So we need to constantly refresh ourselves (like how some of us keep refreshing out blogs to check out new comments every 5 minutes) and stay unique.

This brings me to the Uniquely Singapore campaign. It's a good idea, whoever thought it up should be paid ten times more than the durg-addled dimwit who came up with "Probably the best beer in the world." But here's the one thing I don't quite get. I was on the ECP this morning and I saw a cab with a "Come visit Singapore" ad on it. This of course is very strange to me. If I'm a tourist and already in Singapore, why do I need to be sold on coming to Singapore? On the off chance I am a transit passanger maybe, but few transit passangers leave our world class airport with free movies and loads of shopping. It's like having a huge signboard that says "Come visit New York" in the middle of Times Square. It would make no real sense.

I mean I can envisage banners that say uniquely singapore at our tourist traps *ahem* attractions, so the tourist will know that it is a place for them to visit. But I don't know about a huge ad campaign in your own country advertising for people to come visit... Unless... I know! It's also a "Stay in Singapore" campaign. You know to convince the migrants *ahem* quitters to stay in Singapore. And also for the leeches *ahem* foreign talent to consider becoming citizens. Yes! That must be it. So clever of them! A three-in-one solution. Team up between STPB, Ministry of Manpower (MOM) [hi mom. It is fitting isn't it. You make me clean up after myself, MOM makes bangladeshi workers clean up after us) and Minstry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

MCDYS... You'd think they'd shorten it down. You know to Ministry of the Fluffy Stuff. Or Ministry of the Touchy-Feely stuff, or Ministry of Hugs and Kisses.

ok off to do my thang...


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