For want of a better title

For want of a better title

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The beginning

So I guess I should blog about my trip to Hardee's (Carl's Jr) in Singapore. I forgot about it until I visited the Hardee's webpage to check out their new commercials (check out the milkshake commercial). So I sent them an irrate letter to let them know what I think of their Singaporean franchise.

Seriously I waited 20 minutes for my take away. Dine in had to wait ten minutes, but then I saw them taking my burgers out of my bag to fill other orders. They even took one out from my bag to give to some guy who just ordered. How is that right? All this time, my lady love is starving her little tum tum off. This makes me real mad... But I didn't want to create a scene on a busy friday night. Instead I complained over their heads to Hardee's HQ. Heh... We'll see what kind of stock business reply letter I get.

The other thing that gets me is that they used the West Coast Carl's Jr instead of the much better Hardee's. I mean I don't know which is the 2/3lb burger and which is the 6-dollar burger. It sucks balls...
The beginning

Heh... thanks to their infamous Paris Hilton commercial, they now have a site just for it. It doesn't surprise me, since most Hardee's commercials have nothing to do with their burgers. I remember one with college girls riding a mechanical bull and another of a guy working on his car while eating a hamburger.

Well off to go get some sushi I think. Been a while... Feel like eating nice sushi. =P


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